Monday, January 14, 2013


I took some photos LAST Sunday and posted them the other day, but then I pulled the post due to the 'flood'... so now I will post them... (bet you are confused Karen Jones!) :   

 ABOVE: Mike and his nephew Dante.  Dante was exactly 3 weeks old, and yesterday he was 4 weeks old!  Wow where has the time gone?

ABOVE:  Stew with Steve, Mike and grandson Dante.

 ABOVE:  Our wee man Dante slept right through the 'photo session' ...

ABOVE: it was hard restricting myself to only posting A FEW of the photos!  I liked this one because Steve stopped slouching.... even though he blamed me because I wanted Stew and Mike's arms around him.  Whatever Steve.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Look at Steve and Dante's fingers.. ET go home-ish!

 ABOVE:  they all turned to look at someone, and I got this photo... look at all those identical noses and chins!

ABOVE:  when I mentioned the noses to them, both the boys did something... Mike re-arranged his nose and Steve made Dante give me the finger!

Steve wanted to get a particular photo of him, his Dad and his son.... this was HIS IDEA...

 ABOVE:  Father holding son... who was holding HIS son.
Yep... only Steve would think of this.

 ABOVE:  Another one!
Meanwhile, Dante sleeps on.... and on.... and on.

ABOVE: Yes Dante, your Dad is an idiot!

ABOVE: the last one ...  of the guys holding Dante.  ♥♥♥ special moments ♥♥♥ 

JACQUI:  You are welcome to post a comment and call us 'SHIT MAGNETS'... we don't mind, nope, not at all... if the shit  shoe fits... lol!  And ya know we loves ya... no matter what.

TODAY:  well hopefully the Insurance Assessor arrives and gets the ball rolling towards getting our floors replaced... and I am hoping there is no structural damage done to our walls?
And the stairs.  And down in the garage.  *sigh*

At least the weather has been on our side, we used exactly 30 towels to mop up some of the water the other night....

ABOVE:  yesterday we finally got them all washed, dried and put away!  
I did have MORE towels I could have used, but we really needed a few for showers eh?

I read a friend's blog last night (my god probably one of the few I have managed to visit in over a month!)...and I am pinching one of her ideas! is keeping a "Happy Memory Jar" for the year... you can read more about it on her blog.... so... now I have to find a nice jar... dumm dee dooo....


ABOVE:  I found me jar.... it WAS my coin jar... but now it's me "HAPPY JAR"... and I've already put one happy memory in it.  ON TO IT!

*sigh*... still waiting for the Renovation guy to get here and hopefully turn off all these machines.  The noise is deafening and I am ready to scream.

Heard from AA Insurance, everything is ticking along well there, they have approved the storage of all the garage gear for a full month, so we will get reimbursed for that cost.
We can expect the Insurance Assessor either today or tomorrow.  

If ripping the flooring up makes our home uninhabitable for any length of time, AA will put us all up in a Motel!

AND they are going to cover the cost of the excess power consumption caused by the blowers and dehumidifiers too!

AA Insurance, you are a legend.... and I will be singing your praises to everyone who will listen.

BUGGER & YAAA... bugger cos the noisy driers and dehumidifiers have to stay on... and yaaa cos our stairs are drying well... meaning they won't have to be de-constructed.  
There's still a few wet places in the corners and under the stairs, but in all the drying process is going well.
We MIGHT be able to get the dryers etc gone by Wednesday... if we are lucky.
I'm keeping me fingers crossed for Wednesday.

Yaaaa... just heard from Alison, who is our Loss Assessor, she's coming tomorrow at 11 am.  It's all coming together .... feeling positive about the whole process so far.

To be called a shit magnet means we attract shit!  'Shit' as in ... trouble, drama etc.  Somehow it 'fits' us right now!  Or maybe it applies  90% of the time around here???  NAH... maybe 50% of the time.

End of Day:  another noisy, hot and humid day.  Luckily though, it's been overcast and we even got some light drizzle which has helped cool things down a bit.

Little Dante is feeling the heat, poor wee bub is quite unsettled tonight.  I hope he finally goes to sleep and has a good few hours before he needs to be fed again.  Bex is feeling tired, baby has been up 'snacking' for over 4 hours already.
Ahhh the joys of having a newborn!
nite nite.


  1. Great photos Chris!

  2. Awesome photos.... that Steve seems like a real dork - good to have around at stressy times I bet and a heart of gold to match.

    Here's hoping for a non-event filled day for you. At least it's a bit cooler today!

    I'm tidying up after an impromptu "get together" last night - bottles, bbq and bodies (alive and well!) to clean up.

    Kate (444)

  3. lol it doesn't take much Chris to confuse me ! do love the photos though. Dante is a good sleeper.

  4. Great photos Chris - love the memories jar - I have seen others people have done and it does sound like a great idea!

  5. I'm glad everything is working out so well with the insurance company. Love the photo of Stew, Steve and Dante!

  6. Great photos your Harvey Boys! :) Love the ones with Stew holding both Steve and Dante!
    We are with AA but haven't really had to use them so am pleased to hear that they have come to the party for your flood!!

  7. Great photos wondered why I couldn't see them but decided to say nothing as I knew your day was stressful enough without having us all say hey why no pics/ or post!!!
    Love the Stew Steve Dante and love the sideon Harvey men too.

  8. Loving the pics of Stew, Steve & Dante :-)

    Glad the insurance company is performing well - as they should be.

  9. Chris, pardon my ignorance but what is a shit magnet?

  10. I'm glad you like the jar idea. I hope we both have very full jars at the end of the year!! I've got 2 in mine so far.

  11. Such fun pics, Steve is such a goofball!

  12. So pleased the Insurance is al coming together.
    What a nightmare for you all though just when you should be relaxing.
    Hope those machines can be turned off soon....I know how noisey they are :(
    Take care

  13. Simple, I read cause you always make me smile, you're honest, unique and a good friend, even with everything going on in your family's life, you still care about your friends and your readers

    Anne (cracker lady)

  14. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I am also doing a happy memories jar Chris I think its an awesome idea. And have lots of lovy memories in it already

    Xxx hope yours is overflowing with good memories