Thursday, January 10, 2013


I took a mass of photos before Russ and Tess left yesterday, so here goes:

 ABOVE:  Our Australian Family.  Russell, Sienna, Bodhi, Tess and Haylea.

I didn't feel like doing 'captions'.  The one I love BEST is the last one.  Russell and his daughter Sienna.  Both stunning.

I hope they have a safe trip home.


ABOVE:  Griffin is happy, he has his bedroom back.  

This morning I am going to dedicate to getting the house back into ship shape order.

I got most of the washing done and hung out last night, I might try doing that more often. It was so much easier than trying to get it all washed and hung out in the hustle and bustle of the morning. 

Once the house is tidy we might go out and do some window shopping.  We want to get a new dishwasher and Harvey Norman's are having a 50 month interest free promotion on right now.


WINDOW SHOPPING done.  It took Stew and I about 3 hours to choose the 'right' dishwasher, for the 'right' price... and it's sitting in the back of the car right now, waiting for Steve to come home and help Stew put it in the kitchen.  AND I  paid cash,  THANK YOU TO MY MUM for my AMAZING Christmas Present.

Well, we didn't have to wait for Steve after all... Bex and Griffin helped get it half way up the stairs, then Lacy took over.  So, Stew has got it installed and now he's looking at the instructions so we can use it tonight.

ABOVE: well, there it is, installed and already done a load of washing.  AND now I can have a mat in the kitchen without having to MOVE it each and every time we pull out a dishdrawer (the old dishwashers we had).  Yaaaa.

After dinner Stew and I did the grocery shopping, and now it's relax time.  FINALLY.

I have been incredibly crabby today, you are so lucky you don't live in my house!  I forgot to take my 'night night' pills last night, they are the anti-depressants that help keep my hot flushes at bay.  And OMG if I forget for even ONE BLOODY NIGHT I pay for it the next day.
So... I've had hot flush after hot flush today, and that has made me MEGA CRABBY.

I am now going to take TONIGHT'S before I forget again!

End of Day: we got heaps done today, and I'm rather happy about that.  The washing is almost up to date, the cupboards are stocked, and we are back to the status quo.  4 Adults, 2 Kids and 1 screaming infant, and 2 dogs.
nite nite


  1. A beautiful happy looking family

  2. Lots of beautiful blue eyes in those pictures. Great pictures to cap off a memorable visit.

  3. Sienna suits any colour and those blue eyes Russell has very blue eyes the kids are gorgeous I did however detect tears in grandmas eyes!! You are going to miss them...

  4. Great photos - love the one of Russell and his daughter! - amazing eyes! - I guess he bats those baby blues alot!!! (lol)
    Glad Griffin has his room back
    Enjoy the holidays

  5. Hey Chris - love the updated family photos you have of your children - so good to have "family" shots.

  6. It's great to have visitors, but it's better when they go I think. I hope it settles down for you now. xx

  7. Awesome photos! And like the others have said - I too am picking that despite all the stuff that has happened; you are going to miss them so much!
    Yay for Griffin getting his room back!
    Hope you have fun choosing your new dishwasher! Gotta love those interest free deals :)

  8. Yay! I would love a dishwasher... meh. That's why I do the cooking and he does the dishes... hee hee.

    Have a restful afternoon.



  9. I was thinking the same thing as the other commenters! Everyone has YOUR gorgeous baby blues. I know you have love/hate moments with your family, but they will always be family. What's that they say: 'can't live with them, can't bury them in the back yard' ?
    Maybe that's just a saying in my family...

  10. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays with Stew and the kids
    Enjoy the dishwasher

    donna @ work

  11. It looks like those gorgeous blue eyes run in the family! What a lovely Mum you have - I'm sure you are going to love having a working dishwasher again after what I'm sure has been busy dish washing days in your kitchen lately. Relax and enjoy!

  12. Lovely photos. My last guest left on Sunday and although they could have stayed forever it is so nice to clean every nook and cranny and have an empty linen bin. Problem is I also miss them soooooo much.

  13. Don't worry. Your house will instantly be filled with puppies and babies again!

  14. Great pictures! I bet Griffin is beyond excited to have his room back lol


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