Friday, January 18, 2013


So... today I am giving  you a little video of Steve yakking.
It is a 'test run' ... using the webcam on my computer.  I want to see if I can do a video and post it here.

Here goes:

Now... IF it's there, it worked!  I think it worked?  LET ME KNOW?

Once I know it works, you MIGHT just get a few more little videos... I will make sure I have me makeup on though!  Can't have you all saying I look haggard or some such!  *smiles*

AND... AND...AND... I can post all sorts of stuff... like the kids yakking to ya, Dante coo'ing, and of course... me yakking too!


Now... today. 


FIRST UP... our grandson Bodhi is having a little operation in Perth today ... all going well.  He was born with one of his fingers in a bent position, and it does not flex straight, so it has to be broken and straightened.  As he's been sick with the flu I wonder if he will be operated on today at all?  Time will tell... they are 5 hours BEHIND us so I won't know till much later today.

NEXT: Stew is taking Lacy and Keera to the Super Clinic to have Keera's little lump on her chest checked by a Paediatric Surgeon.  I was going to take her but I was lucky and managed to get a hair appointment for lunchtime today, so Stew gets to go instead.  

One must do what is necessary to look semi-decent eh?

My re-growth is horrific.  Bex is getting her hair done after me, that way I can look after Dante while she's having her hair done.  Yaaaa.

I think that is all we have on today?
My memory is a bit like a sieve right now... so much is going on, so much to try and remember... grrrrr.

Thank god Stew and my kids are so good at 'helping' me remember stuff... well them and notes.  Lots of NOTES.  I'm just so busy keeping all me ducks in a row I forget when something is thrown into the mix unexpectedly!
Oh to not be so busy keeping track of everyone/everything!

 ABOVE:  ya gotta love sticky notes eh?  

ABOVE:  I bought this 'MENTAL BLOCK' cos I thought it was funny, it's not often I have a 'mental block' when it comes to what to put on me blog... hell... I will post about anything!   But, I got Steve to drill some holes in the top so I could put me pens into it... works a treat too.


And yes, there is something else happening.  The Plunket Nurse is coming today to check how Dante is doing.  When your Midwife stops visiting, the Plunket take over.  

We are very lucky here in New Zealand, Mum's get all the support they need for free.

Plunket Nurse came ... all is EXCELLENT with Dante... he is now 10 pound 8 ounces... not long until he is as big as Steve was at birth! lol

So, I went to the hairdressers, had me hair done ... it took 3 hours, then Bex arrived and I watched over Dante while she had her hair done.  Dante slept the entire time which was great!

5 hours after I got there, I got to leave.

I'm happy with my hair... it is exactly the same as this morning, only with me re-growth sorted and about an inch off the length.  Majda, my hairdresser, wanted to take about 4 inches off!  But I told her if she took off more than I wanted I woudn't pay her.  She took off 1 inch.  Clever woman is Majda!  lol   She knows me well enough to know I meant it too.

 ABOVE:  it's still a bit wet... I never get it totally dried at the salon.  I like it to dry naturally.

It looks like she has made my fringe (bangs) a bit deeper too.  

I am loving the webcam... I took these photos with it.  It gives very 'sympathetic' photos... ya can't see as many of me wrinkles, this is a good thing.  *smiles*

Once Bex has fed Dante I will get a photo of her hair too...

End of Day: been distracted by dinner/American Idol... so have not had a chance to get a photo of Bex yet.... oh and they are in their room watching a movie anyway... best not to DISTURB them!  
nite nite.


  1. The video loads and views fine :-)

  2. Love the mental block! I will have to watch the video later, forgot my headphones at home.

  3. It works and I love it. Bet you don't even think you have an accent!! I know I don't have one!!!
    Hope you like your hair.

  4. Thanks for the address for the hospic shop - i hardly ever go along the GSR so didn't realise it was there.
    I need notes as well - I have to carry my diary with me everywhere and check it all the time before committing to something!
    Argh hate having to change plans when already committed to someone as I hate it when someone does it to me - feels like they got a better offer (LOL)
    Have a great day

  5. Yep the video works!

    Ugh - I have a cold now (sucks for the holidays)... maybe too much swimming in the pool yesterday??

    You have reminded me to call the hairdresser to get an appointment - see I need reminding too! I was meant to do it from Auckland!

    Have a happy weekend.

    Kate (444)

  6. Ha ha! He calls it "shet!" It leads me to wonder what creative way NZ people say their other cuss words.


    It worked great!

  7. Just stuck a not on my computer about something I have to do tonight....thank goodness I got a reminder call.
    The video looks great.

  8. Video works! I love hearing your tell Steve.

  9. Happy Elf Mom, I went back and watched again thinking "how was Steve being creative in the way he used his cuss (swear) words?" and he wasn't! Than is how I thought people said it even in the US? Is it really that different?

    I have just moved from NZ to Australia and on previous visits here I have been hassled by my extended family for over-pronouncing the i sound rather than e - try telling your relatives you want to add a deck to the side of the house and see what they make of it ;-)

    And yes Chris, the video works.

    Penny xo

  10. Love the video. Steve is adorable, but I bet he knows that. Haha

    Can't wait to see your new hair-do.

  11. Your hair is so thick and lush, Steve lots of peole love kiwi accents!!! and yes the webcam video worked and is very clear too. How long will it take to start floor repair are they worried about mould? Just thinking of children and Dante...

  12. Can't wait to see a video from you:)

  13. Love the hair, love the blue eyes, and love the pink lipstick! You look terrific!

  14. Your hair looks great! Looking forward to seeing Bex's tomorrow, I bet it made her feel great getting it done too, something for the new Mum :-)

  15. Video works here too :) I hope that Bodhi's surgery went well today. Your hair looks great (puts mine to shame really!)

  16. Video works just fine. Love the accent! Happy weekend.

  17. You can upload to YouTube and embed to your blog, or, you can just upload to your blog. I recommend trying both. When you use YouTube, you get recommended videos after yours is done. For example, I got "bikini girls testing machine guns", which I liked, but if you upload straight you your blog, you'll get only your video without the ads.

    All of Yall talk funny, BTW.


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