Saturday, January 19, 2013


Last night I finally got around to reading and commenting on some blogs.  I will do more tonight... hopefully I will 'touch base' with all my lovely blogger friends over the next few days.  I am dedicating 2 hours a day to it!

I got a lovely e-mail from Tracy down in the 'Naki' (Taranaki) with instructions to go visit her blog... as she had posted heaps of photos of Molly... our littlest puppy from Coco's last litter (We used to call her The Hampster, cos she was so small and compact, and damn cute when she ran):

ABOVE:  Tracy's little girl Bee with her puppy Molly, who is spoilt rotten I think!  lol

If you want to see more, go to:,Tracy is a Card Maker/Designer and has a really neat blog!  

TODAY:  *sigh*.... I have to pick up Keera and take her to her Father's house ... and sit there for 4.5 hours.  Last time I took Mike and Joyce with me and the time didn't drag so much.  I am NOT looking forward to losing the best part of my Saturday... but needs must I suppose.


Keera SCREAMED the entire trip over to Henderson... 35 minutes of hell for me.  Then she screamed none stop at their house, so they put her to bed.  Where she screamed some more.  Then fell asleep.  I sat at the kitchen table and played Patience.  And talked with Jody, Keera's Aunty.  

When Keera woke up an hour later she had some food, then her Father said we could go as he didn't want Keera to get too upset on the drive home... ???  She did anyway.

It's been a quiet afternoon.  Stew took B & G to the movies, I stayed home with Keera, Bex and Dante.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight, a pasta salad and Ham.
Should be good.

Tomorrow I hope Stew and I can go out with the kids and enjoy his last day on holiday.  Sad. He has hardly had a holiday.

HAPPY ELF MOM:  Keera is perfectly happy now... she loves being here with us.  She does not like travelling in the car for too long, obviously 35-40 minutes is too long!


End of Day:  trying to think of something really nice we can do tomorrow for Stew's last day on holiday.   Hmmmm....
nite nite.


  1. 4 1/2 hours? Damn that's a long time! Hope you find some good books.

    Molly is sooo cute!

  2. Oh my goodness, those dogs are so cute!

  3. Glad your coming back to blogging.

  4. I want to see more videos.

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    How about water colouring on post card size paper, or hand sewing or knitting or crocheting or pencil drawing or writing a story, or or making a small hand quilting , reading a book, or I.ll think of something for you , where about s are you when he is with your little treasure , are you in sight of Keera , hope you like my ideas, now tell me to clear off.

    Joan x UK.

  6. Oh no poor Keera! something bothering her I wonder?
    Bummer for you as well - that is a long time listening to a child screaming.
    \Hope you have a grat afternoon

  7. I am still laughing at Steve! I don't know why but I forgot that you will have an accent when you talk! So funny! Molly is gorgeous xoxo

  8. Wow that puppy has grown out well!

    How is Keera now?

  9. the bond of these friends showed in those photos is wonderful..they are lucky to have each other...
    I know what you mean about the blogging...I have been going hot and cold lately....guess that is just how it is!

  10. Molly and her human look so sweet!! Can the visits be closer? Keera obviously is getting to know the upsettign trip and time ahead of well if she slept I suppose that's a bonus.

  11. I hope you manage to find something nice to do with Stew tomorrow (today for you).
    Loved the photos of your hair - looks great.
    Have the best Sunday !

  12. what a cutie ...
    you know how they adjust the waist band but not really the pants? well the waist band was so tight but the pants actually slightly baggy so He was ok... I did laugh a bit though.
    I will try chrome ... it seems I tried to go there before and could not figure something on it out... will let you know if I hit blocks and maybe you can guide me through. Love n hugs Laura.

  13. Is Keera teething or have an ear ache? Just wondering.

    Love your puppies wish you were NOT so far away! I am puppy sitting a shitz zu and love the little turkey. little dogs are so EASY!!!!

  14. almost forgot for Dante's caption
    "milk drunk"


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