Thursday, January 03, 2013


Well... today Russ, Tess, Joshua, Haylea, Sienna and Bodhi go up to Whitianga for three days.

As that is where Joshua lives, he will go back to his Mum's house when Russ and Tess come back here.

So... things will be a bit quieter around here for a few days.

ABOVE:  Miss Sienna loves her shoes... she loves her shoes so much she slept with them yesterday.

I'm going to miss her cute antics while they are away.  But I don't think I will miss her temper tantrums.
She's entered the Terrible Two's a bit early, and is quite a handful. 

Our plans for the day?  Well I'd like to go out SOMEWHERE... so might give it some thought ... maybe a picnic at the beach?  Wonder if I can tempt Bex and Steve to take baby Dante out?


MARIA:  YEP, we had already thought of that.  WHEN they get up outta bed we will see what they want to do.

Yaaa... we are ALL off to the Outlet Shops in Onehunga.  Time to get outta the house for a little while... even though it's not going to be the picnic I would have liked, it's still going out.  It's a cloudy, overcast wet day...

 ABOVE:  gorgeous Bodhi, I'm sure he's grown heaps since they arrived 4 weeks ago!  He didn't have any teeth when they arrived, now he has TWO... AND he can roll over now too. 

ABOVE:  Coco doesn't care who she lies on... what a hussy.

 ABOVE:  Coco checking out Dante, all was going well until Dante moved his arm and touched Coco on the head... that was enough for Coco!  That little human thing was a bit of a worry.

ABOVE:  welcome to the world of baby bags, car seats and prams Steve and Bex.

 ABOVE:  doesn't our girl look fantastic only two and a half weeks after having a baby!  She is doing well.
AND I might add... she is eating really well too... with lots of lollies, biscuits and nuts thrown in for good measure.

After braving the crowds at Dress Mart, we headed off to Sylvia Park for lunch.

 ABOVE:  No problem getting a park today.

ABOVE:  Mike loved these t-shirts, but at $60 a pop, he didn't get any, but did want me to take a photo of them so he can get them replicated down in Palmy.

BEC:  I sold it before we came up here... couldn't imagine riding a scooter in Auckland traffic!

I found something out this afternoon that sent me into a big downer... I was really, really upset so took myself off to my room to try and calm down.  Some people just take the cake... *shaking head*.   Feeling like I've been kicked in the teeth. 

But... in a while it will not matter... I just have to accept some things will happen that I don't like... and move on. 

You have gotta know PEPSI has been updated eh? 
End of Day:  whoops!  forgot to do it!  Oh well...
here's a belated nite nite!


  1. That will be a nice break for everyone. Dante is growing so fast!

  2. hope they have a good time away...dont like your chances of a picnic today rain rain rain. enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.

  3. Cute photo of Miss Sienna having a sleep with her shoes :)
    And I really do hope that you guys get to go out somewhere for the day and relax as you sure do deserve it!

  4. Bloody rain!! We planned a picnic too.

  5. Enjoy the little bit of quiet you might get lol

  6. I did love the Shoes photo Samuel used to sleep with little black gumboots on and wear them with everything!!!

  7. We planned to go to one tree hill for a scooter and a walk etc. today but alas, the rain has changed our plans too. Bloody freezing today!! Housework and crafty things instead (which suits me - I might try some sewing time!)

    Have a nice "breather" anyway whatever you decide to do.


  8. Don't try and talk them into taking Dante got out. Let Steve & Bex and Dante stay home and have a little alone time!

  9. Have a great day whatever you decide to do!

    Just curious...does Joyce not like having her picture taken? Would love to see a picture of her or her and Mike together.


  10. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Hi Chris - I have been following your blog for a couple of years and was wondering how the blog started. So I went back to 2006 from the beginning and read a couple of years worth of your life. At 1.30am this morning I realised I should stop considering I had to be up for work lol. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is amazing, reading about how many times a day you went to the gym and seeing the kids so little and adorable!! Anyway I love your blog but missed something - what happened to the scooter? Take care and thanks for the oppportunity to see into your world. Bec

  11. $60 for a T-shirt??? REALLY?????

  12. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Hi Chris, that stinks that your day has been upset. Bex is looking great!

    When you get a chance can nosey hear have an invite to Pepsi I stuffed the first one up.


  13. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Often see it ,but what is Pepsi ?????

  14. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. Had stumbled upon it and found it quite intriguing, interesting and full of excitement, drama and well just every day living thru someone else's eyes. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thank you for taking time out of your day to post this blog..

  15. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Sorry Chris about your lovely day out with family was spoilt.Sit back and take a deep breath.

    Can you send me your Pepsi update AD again.Had major computer meltdown and lost everything on it photo's everything not happy.

    Southgirl x

  16. that pepsi blog must be awesome!! LOL!
    Hope things get better!

  17. Cool shirts but those prices are crazy!

    Love the pictures of Dante and Coco, and Coco and Russell. Bex is looking terrific! Bodhi is such a beautiful baby - he looks like he should be in commercials!

  18. I like the shirts. $60 is crazy though.

    Hope you get through this family stuff without it killing you! take care xx

  19. It's no wonder people buy things from the states from over there, even with shipping tons cheaper!


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