Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sometime last night while I slept, or today my STATS COUNTER, which records how often my blog is visited, will roll over to 1 MILLION views!!! NEVER in my wildest dreams did I envision my blog being looked at that many times.

It's taken about 5 years... the first year I had my blog I didn't have a Stat Counter, but way back then I probably only had half a dozen 'followers' any way... lol.

I still wonder what the hell draws people to read my blog... our lives are rather 'normal' (if ya don't count floods, car crashes etc!).

In the past 6 years of blogging we have gained 7 more grandchildren, taking our total (so far) to 11, with no# 12 due next month.

We have moved from Palmerston North to Auckland, making this our 6th home since we met 27 years ago.

I stared this blog hoping to garner support to lose 15 kilos I'd gained.... but somehow that has not happened.

I've gained almost all my weight back ... and I am resigned to being a yo-yo dieter for the rest of my life. BUT, I will never give up on trying to find the right balance, where I am fit, healthy and happy.  I am my own worst critic, so don't beat me up verbally, cos I already FEEL LIKE I'm a miserable failure.

SHIT happens.  But we can rise above it... if we try hard enough.  I do keep trying.

We all have our foibles in life.  Mine is emotional eating.  Thank God Stew loves me ... NO MATTER WHAT, And I adore him ... NO MATTER WHAT.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has ever visited my blog,  and/or left a comment.  It means a hell of a lot to me.

NOW... just for fun... can you leave me a few words, saying what draws you to read my blog?  It could be interesting reading the reasons?

I took some photos of Stew and Dante a couple of nights ago...

ABOVE:  it's so lovely watching our little man grow... he is changing all the time.  Before we know it he is going to be smiling at us and coo'ing.  Can't wait.


999972....It's nearly there!!!!!

AND sheesh!   I have to thank ALL MY FAMILY for allowing me to share our lives with 'the whole wide world'!  They are amazing too.

ABOVE:  There ya go!  One Million hits!!!!  I had hoped to 'catch' the 1000000 on the dot, but I missed it.  Never mind... Me blog hit the MILLION.   

Off to finally get dressed to face the day. It's wet today.  We are expecting the Insurance Assessor soon... best I have me clothes on for that eh?  lol

I am a naughty, naughty little cuddly KIWI... As I left the room I flashed me bum at the kids and Bex... poor Bex!  She isn't quite used to me doing that yet, she scurried off to her bedroom ... ha ha ha!

If I ever need a 'pick me up' all I have to do is ask you girls and guys why you like me blog!  I haven't smiled so much in ages... It's good for the soul.

The Insurance Assessor arrived, took photos, measured floors, did wetness tests here and there... and said :
- total new floor
- possibly total new stairs
- new skirtings
- new back wall in the garage

So, pretty major work involved.
We can expect two building companies to come out in the next few days to assess the work and submit their quotes.
Then the Insurance Company will choose one of them, then the work will begin. (hopefully)

It could take a few months.  OH YAaaaa.  

THE BEST thing ... she is getting all the blowers and dehumidifiers removed this afternoon.  Apparently, if 'it' ain't dry by now, it's not going to dry!  LOVELY.
Our ears are over the constant NOISE.
Mine actually HURT!  

~ANNE~... I copied and pasted your comment onto today's post... cos it was an answer to me question today.  LA LA la la... you crazy cracker lady!

Teddy and Coco have BOTH been worrying their ears lately, and I kept saying I should take them to the Vet.  So, now that the drama has settled down (for now) I took them just now.

Teddy has an infection in his left ear, and Coco has the same in her right ear.  Weird dogs.
We have ear drops for them, and in a week their ears should be all better.

ABOVE:  safe and sound at home again.  Poor things are so hot... I am tempted to wet them with the hose outside, but then they would have to stay outside, and they wouldn't like that, nope, not at all.

All the blowers and dehumidifiers are GONE GONE GONE.  Thank God.
I can hear myself think.  BLISS.

Think.... I might just sit down and watch some mindless TV... before starting on dinner.
DINNER.... I'm making Butter chicken for the majority, and Sweet 'n' sour chicken for me.
I don't like homemade Butter Chicken.

LYNDA: I am sorry our initial friendship has been BUMPY.  We are two very different personalities and sometimes it is better to just agree to disagree on certain things in life, which is what we have done.  As for our on going friendship now... there is no reason why we cannot be friends with differences!  All 'friends' can have differences of opinion.  We are both very passionate about some aspects of our lives, and there is nothing wrong with that!
How about a coffee/diet coke one day soon at the mall?

MRS F WITH 4:  Really!  How many animals do you have?  I could TRY to have as many as you... do puppies count?  Even if they have left home???  lol

JO:  your blog was the very first one I ever read, and it was your blog that inspired me to do my own!  I am so happy that after all this time we still read each other's blogs, so much water under the bridge!

WOW!  Clearly I am doing something right on me blog... it's been really lovely today reading all your comments, and it is a good feeling to know that the daily 'doings' of my family are not  too mundane!  It would appear I can put almost anything on here and someone will get a smile out of it, or feel their life isn't the only one that goes to shit sometimes! 
That's life eh?  Some good times, some bloody crap times... and lots of stuff 'in the middle' too. 

End of Day:  gotta go, I've got me eye on a shelving unit for Griffin's room on Trademe, and I want to spend the next 40 minutes watching how it goes.  Fingers crossed I get it!
nite nite.


  1. Hmmm, why do I read your blog??? I think there is an element of jealousy - you have a wonderful big family who provide lots of love and laughter (and a few dramas)and its amazing watching the babies come and grow. I don't have that! And....like me you are an emotional eater - I get that. You write well, and honestly and your blog is a pleasure to read :-)

  2. Your awesome personality and truthful reality ;)....Oh and ..... just a few words :)
    luv the pics of dante and stew

  3. You're a millionaire! Well, sorta.

    You're a great friend, you're honest, you're funny and you always have something interesting to say! :)

  4. Congratulations on this huge milestone Chris! I think we originally connected because of our dogs. I keep coming back because I feel in a sense that we are kindred spirits. We both struggle with our weight, both love our families intensely, and both go thru so many ups and down. I look forward too hopefully meeting you one day down the road. Until then, I'll keep reading. xoxoxo

  5. I can't get up till I've read your blog Chris. It's so real and unique it makes me feel like you're so close. Like just around the corner! A bit of the days of your life's but never boring and the photos are priceless you let us into your World. And silent babies are lovely to look at!

  6. I love your blog, mostly because you tell it as it is. I think we are very alike but I am not always confident enough to tell people exactly what I think. I know it doesn't always work for you but I am sure you have a lot of respect from most people for bing so honest. You get kicked in the teeth but you recover and come back having learnt from the situation. I love your love of your husband children and grandchildren a huge force to reckon with. Type 2 diabetes sadly we also have in common plus those bloody annoying extra pounds

  7. I came and read because you are a an amazing family, even with the dramas. I have only a small immediate family and we hardly see each other.I wish I had known you better in Palmerston North.

  8. Hi Chris; I receive your blog via RSS so don't often come to your site, but seeing you asked specially for a comment ;-).... I subscribe to your blog because I love reading about your life, simple as that! (And happy new year - best wishes to you and your family)

  9. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Hi I visit your blog everyday - have done for about 4 years....but never commented (sorry!) I love it and look forward to reading your news each day. I am in a similar boat with regards to weight - love how honest and real you are and how you are willing to share your family life with us. Thank you! x Lucy (UK)

  10. Happy millionth hit!

  11. Hi Chris

    I started reading your blog in 2007. You were still in Palmerston North. I started reading your blog because I searched the internet for people who had a tummy tuck and came across your blog.I also had one. I read it almost every day. I have commented a few times, but I don't comment often. I think I even sent you a card from Cape Town, South Africa when you requested your readers to from around the world (can't remember the year). I enjoy reading about your daily happenings. Keep it up!

    Take care
    Dominique xx

  12. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Hi Chris I read your blog twice a day, why, because I admire you. You put it out there and share your good times and the bad. I love how you say it how it is. You are very protective of your family and an amazing mum and grandmother.you have a lovely family
    Gem xxx

  13. For me Chris, it's because you're so honest. About everything and anything. You don't try to sugar coat sh!+. You just lay it all out there. Plus, I'm amazed at your craft skills and I love your photos.

  14. Comment # why I read your blog.

    It's full of energy and living. Initially I picked it up as a weight loss buddy blog. I continue because I care about you and love the joie de vivre, the abundance of your life.

    # you wrote "I am my own worst critic, so don't beat me up verbally, cos I already FEEL LIKE I'm a miserable failure."

    Do you need to do some work on your attitude toward self?

    I ask because that sense of failure is a real killer.

    One thing that totally floored me was discovering I had a hidden secret, death wish and that was one of the reasons I struggled to lose weight.

    Your life is so full I know there's not much time for self but maybe you need to look more closely at this again. I know you have been seeing a counsellor but has it really helped where it matters?

    For me the beginning of getting things right was letting Jesus become
    Lord in my life. That was the beginning of nearly 40 years of adventure. I'm not going all religious on you here so I'm giving you some of the key steps as I learned them.

    Along the way I discovered I am worthy, not a failure per se, even if I fail often. I discovered that self love is good so long as it remains tempered by humility.

    I learned the freedom of accepting my flaws and admitting my faults and mistakes. Next came forgiving myself and others and that is not always easy but is the key to everything.

    I've also discovered the need to change and willingness to change, the willingness bit was really hard. I'm learning not to be an 'all or nothing' person. Big changes come by stringing together a long sausage link of small changes. When it breaks just pick up from there and continue. Making changes in small steps or stages works ... who knew?

    I'm still learning, I think this might be another major key to success.

    As you know we are far from a perfect family and there's been heaps of emotional stuff to work through but I like to think I've grown in wisdom and good old common sense through it and as a result I'm a nicer person to know than all those years ago.

    I often feel concern for you and wonder how you cope with it all. You really need to make yourself a space where you just sit and think about what you really want from the rest of your life even if 2 am is the only time you can be free of all the living going on around you.

    Being busy is great but you need to stop and take stock of where you are and where you want to be and how to get there. Ancient advice, I know, but that's what it takes. Try writing down 10 years time, 5 years, 3 years, this time next year, 6 months, 1 month. Sorry if you are already doing this. *smile*

    Congratulations on building a popular Blog. And apologies for my lengthy comment but I care about you and want the best for you. [[[hugs]]]


  15. I read you because you're REAL, you're HONEST, you're FUNNY and you inspire me! I check back several times daily because everything you write is INTERESTING and I've grown to care about all the happenings in your wonderful family! Don't change and please don't ever stop blogging ...there is nobody out there like you!!! YOU rock!

  16. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Hi Chris,
    I've been "secretly" reading your blog since Day 1. I too read your blog daily with my morning coffee and living in Aussy I feel like you're not really that far away! Your wicked sense of humour cracks me up, I love seeing your purchases cause I too am a retail therapy devotee and your lovely family and all those beautiful babies is such a treat. The fact you always add heaps of photos always makes for an interesting read. Congrats on over one million views!
    Ilona in Sydney

  17. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Wop Wop Shot Ma.....and I read it because..well even though you do live just down the road and I see you 4-5 times a week so I already know whats going on, this blog of yours is just so dam adictive, I read it even when Im @ yours on my lappy lol... Keep it up Ma.
    Loads of Love Lacy & Keera xoxox

  18. Congrats on your million :D!!!!
    I love your blog Chris ... I feel like I know you lol. Yours is the first blog I read in the morning and I usually have another peek before I shut down the 'puter cos you add stuff during the day :o).
    I wonder how you cope sometimes, especially with your recent flood, but you do - you're amazing. You have a terrific family, thanks for sharing your day to day life with us :o).
    Joy :o) xx

  19. I never start my day without reading your blog and can't really say why! Your normality and honesty means I can relate to your life. No falseness or shallowness to be found. Somehow it helps me face my own trials and tribulations. Congratulations Chris and thankyou. Xxx

  20. Hi Chris, and congratulations! What can I say? The others have said a lot already that resonates with me. You are very honest and have a strong personality that makes for interesting reading. You also have a large family and there is always something going on in your life, good or bad. Hopefully much more of the good in 2013 and beyond. Penny xo

  21. Your was one of the first blogs I read regularly and I'm still here so there must be something I like. You have a unique style and like everyone else I like your honesty and reality. Keep it up and congrats on the 1 million.

  22. Why do I read it???
    Cause it is honest
    Cause it is funny
    Cause of the photos of your gorgeous family
    Cause your family allow us to share their lives with them
    Cause you are always up front and open!
    Cause you say how you feeling and I like that in a person!
    Cause you are an amazing lady and even though we have only met once I feel like you are such a wonderful friend! I do hope if I get to Auckland later this year, that I will get a chance to catch up with you and your awesome family! xx

  23. You never know what you're going to get that's why. I also love to see pics of your dogs.

  24. ~ lose2live ~ has left a new comment on your post "MY HARVEY 'MEN'...":

    Simple, I read cause you always make me smile, you're honest, unique and a good friend, even with everything going on in your family's life, you still care about your friends and your readers

    Anne (cracker lady)

  25. 1 million views! Congrats! Whoo!

    I found your blog through Froggy and it's one of the very few I read. I like the down to earth way you write. And it's good to find someone as crazy as I am. Though your life does sound a tad more exciting *crazy?* than mine....


  26. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Wow,congratulations Chris on your 1million plus club.You are an inspiration to us all with your honesty and saying it as it happens(and as you feel).Love reading your blog.I even check it out early hrs of morning(when I can't sleep).
    Keep it up girl.

    Southgirl xx

  27. I first posted on your blog on 15th October 2006... not the first to comment but hey it was only your third post!

    I visited your blog initially because I too was on a weight loss journey like you. Obviously I got addicted to reading about you and your family :)

    Then you moved to Auckland and I read your blog (I thought) as a friend as we'd met several times. I had hoped to continue a friendship with you as you lived so close but that wasn't to be.

    Now I read your blog out of curiosity - I like to see where your life goes and how your family is. I love seeing Steve and Bex and Dante and also Keera and Lacy. I realise there are family issues going on too and hope things will resolve for all of you.

    So there you are - why I read your blog :)

  28. Congrats on a million views! And that has to be one of the sweetest babies I've ever seen:)

  29. I just love it! For many of the reasons above....love the photos of your family, the babies and the puppies too. I too am like a lot of the others and read your blog 1st thing. Congratulations on 1 million hits!! Hope everything goes well while the house is being restored.
    Donna. Perth

  30. Wow!! 1 million :)
    Why do I read......because you are you :)
    Have a great day and yippee for getting the Insurance sorted.
    Love the photos you have been posting. Dante is growing so fast. :)

  31. ooops, stupid ipad, while writing the comment for this post it flipped me over to last post weird.. BUT.. actually, it's cause I answered your post a day early cause us Aussies are so far ahead of you Kiwi's (ducks and runs.. .fast) :)


  32. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Love reading your blog for the handsome babies men & dogs. How is your soul now! Lol
    Love the laughs eg the Coco playing with her puppy videos & Dantes power poop My God (sorry Maggie Ann)I could almost hear & smell it.
    As I said it is better than any reality show in fact I don't think the cameras would be able to keep up
    Finally just blog love you for being you
    PS Hope the builders are NICE! Mary H

  33. You make me smile :)

  34. Because you are honest..and funny...and smart...and have a gorgeous husband, cute kids and grandchildren, adorable dogs (put the adjectives and nouns in any order you please!). Oh, and you actually have more children than me...but I have more animals...! ;-)

  35. I read your blog from the beginning, I was searching for someone and up you popped.

    I admire, and have told you this, that you are bringing up B and G in a loving, normal way, setting boundaries along the way.

    I read your blog because you are honest to the core, but humourous too.

    I read your blog because it reminds me that we are all human, we make mistakes, but you have the fortitude to own up, set the record straight and move on.

    I read your blog because altho you come across as a strong being, you are fragile too.

    Chris, I raise my glass to you( its a delongi coffee glass!!) you're pretty much an inspiration to many. And to your loved ones, you're one in a million!


  36. I read because you are open... and it's refreshing to see that someone has a crazier life then me! hehehe...

  37. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I have read your blog for about three years but only comment occasionally. I think I first found your blog when I was searching for weight loss blogs.. (I have done weight watchers several times). I love reading your blog because of your honesty and enthusiasm and unfailing love for your family. Oh and about me.. I am 25 years old, I am a PhD student doing a doctorate in Psychology and I live in Hamilton with my boyfriend and our three cats :)

  38. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I've often wondered myself why I come to your blog everyday... you live a normal kiwi life with a few twists (raising your grand-children), you tell it like it is and share quite a bit with us that others wouldn't and I think it is that you share not just the good times but also the bad times that keeps me popping back each day to see how you and your family are getting on. I originally found your blog when searching for people blogging about their weightwatchers journey.

  39. Anonymous5:58 PM

    whoops.... that was my comment but I don't think my name when on it (wwangel). I started it with "I often wonder myself why I come and read your blog everyday..."

  40. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I have read your blog for about three years but only comment occasionally. I think I first found your blog when I was searching for weight loss blogs.. (I have done weight watchers several times). I love reading your blog because of your honesty and enthusiasm and unfailing love for your family. Oh and about me.. I am 25 years old, I am a PhD student doing a doctorate in Psychology and I live in Hamilton with my boyfriend and our three cats :)

    DUH - forgot to put my name! the above comment was mine..


  41. Congrats on the million!
    I read your blog through out the day, as I love it. Your true reflection of your life, the good, bad and bloody horrid!

  42. You are open, honest and fun. Sharing the good and not so good. Also entertaining to read:-)

    And you are a friend!

  43. I can't remember when I first started reading your blog but it quickly became a daily fixture. You write honestly and never fail to make me smile. When I grow up I want to be able to quilt like you!!

  44. Congratulations on 1,000,000 views!Thats fantastic!
    Why do I come to your blog? I read your blog without fail up to 3 times a day! Your a very kind, loving, honest woman who loves and cares immensely for her nearest and dearest.I can relate to you in so many ways, I feel as though I know you, and I always look forward to the next installment! Hell, I think Ive even dreamt about meeting you in NZ!

  45. I read for the Tears the Laughter, the Love, The dramas, the highlights, The Lows, THE SHOPPING, THE PHOTOS, but most of all the honesty WARTS and ALL and all the inbetweens!!!!

  46. Congratulations!!! One million views wow! Loving today’s photos of Stew and Dante, so sweet! I love reading your blog because you’re full of love and life and I learn different things from you as you manage a growing family. I live away from my family, so I enjoy reading about yours. It’s nice the way you share your day. As I don’t blog I’ve occasionally emailed you to let you know a bit about me, compared to you though I’m boring, and one day I would love to visit New Zealand and meet you. I’ve always loved photos and you post lots of those  which is great. Your blog is alive and easy to read the way you post in colour. When you come back and forth during your day it makes me want to check in and see how your day went. Yes it’s addictive! I initially came to your blog from the days when I went to ww and have kept reading along every day; more so the past 12 months when I've been working from home and since I’ve got an Ipad.

  47. How freaking awesome for you! I love the fact that you are not selfish and you are so much about others! You never fail to catch up on our blogs and comment. Your response to Lynda about being friends with differences just shows how you look after everyone! We love you!

  48. Why I read your blog? Your energy inspires me. Your family is so funny, and so REAL!! You say it like it is and I love it. It puts a smile on my face! Keep the blog going girl! Before you know it, you will hit 2 million!!!

    God Bless~

  49. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I read your blog because I am just plain nosey and lazy, but mainly because you and yours are just lovely...dramas and all. I read because I am a teeny bit envious of all the lovely babies...Keera is just a wee pet, the hair reminds me of Sarah.

    I say nosey...because I love hearing about your family and other things, lazy because I don't pick up the phone or come visit (March that will be rectified :-) very often and envious because the grandies in our lives have been removed due to reasons I will tell you about when I see you.

    Your comments make me laugh, want to cry, hit home, make me mad (at others not you) but all in all, morning tea time I come for a "visit" - I can't comment at work as its "blocked" but can read and I don't always comment, because you get sooooooo many. So I pick and choose.

    Keep smiling, and keep tapping away...you bring more joy to a lot of lives than you realise perhaps?

    I LOVE THE PHOTOS, so keep posting :-) xxxxx Michele, PN

  50. wow a million...thats awesome.
    I love reading your blog, love the honesty,,,,its just so real.
    Onwards to another million :-)

  51. because you are honest honest HONEST!!!! that is what people love. me too!
    love robin x

  52. I don't know how long I have been reading or even how I came to start reading your blog. I love your honesty, I love how much you care for and love your family even with their sometimes exasperating behaviour.

    Through your blog I feel I know you and having met you, Stew & Bex, I can honestly say that you are all EXACTLY how you come actoss in your blog. You write how it is, you are open and honest & I thank you and your family for sharing your lives.

    Your blog has made me laugh. Sometimes antics of some have made me mad & sometimes cry - don't ever stop & Thank You:-)

  53. Anonymous11:43 PM

    I read your blog because I love it!! Your life makes me happy and I think you are such a good Mum. Your family brings me joy, I remember when you 1st commented on one of my many blogs and I genuinely felt honoured. Don't ever feel like what you write is boring Chris, it is actually addictive lol Bec

  54. Congrats!! I love reading your blog-love the photos of the beautiful babes,love when you take a tiki tour and show us where you live,love your honesty,love how you just keep it real~

  55. Wow 1 Million! Congrats. Sorry to hear about the flood, hopefully you get the insurance sorted out and everything back to ship shape soon. I like reading your blog because its real life. Take care.

  56. I think I read your blog more than oneones! I love how you update it so I always have to go back and see what I missed that may have been added in.

    I know you are just another family but you have so much going on it's almost like watching a soap opera sometimes haha.

    Plus you have adorable puppies and grandkids ;)

  57. Congrats on over 1,000,000 views !! That is a huge milestone !
    I read your blog because it is real and you tell it like it is - sometimes I wonder how you manage to keep going with everything that happens around you - but you do and you keep on keeping on.
    Love the photos that you post too.
    Have the best day !

  58. I'm off the computer for one day and your blog hits 1 million!! Congrats:)

    Your blog has drawn me in for years now. It's your humour, honesty, straight forwardness and just your whole personality that brings me back.

    How amazing that you've created such a successful blog and made so many friends from it.

    I was hoping to meet you when I was in NZ but timing just didn't allow it. Next time I'll make sure I'm in charge because I would love to meet you:)

  59. Congrats!! I love reading about your perfectly 'imperfect' family and all your dramas which you handle sooo well! I start my day with you and yours and love your shopping addictions and crafts. Keep doing what you're doing!!


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