Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Steve and Bex must have decided early on that they were going to 'share' their baby in almost every way with Stew and I!
I have had a turn to bath Dante, and last night it was Stew's turn...

ABOVE:  I don't think I can remember the last time Stew bathed a tiny baby!  Probably when Griffin was an infant!

ABOVE:  he forgot a few of the 'fundamentals' ... like wash the baby's face and head FIRST... then move on down the body.  But, Dante didn't seem to mind.

ABOVE:  see how gentle he handles Dante?  Special.

ABOVE: notice the 'Parental Posse' watching over the whole process?  lol ... I'm sure they weren't too worried. Dante didn't cry at all.

 ABOVE: time to get out.  Look how laid back the baby is, just gazing up into his Granddad's face. Awwwww.

Unfortunately, when Russ and Tess arrived back yesterday, Russell was feeling really ill.  Some sort of bug that has knocked him for six.

ABOVE:  Russ and Sienna sound asleep on the couch... it wasn't long before both of them were in bed (at 6 pm)... I hope he's a lot better today.  

They have a busy day ahead, packing, returning their hire vehicle, flying to Melbourne and lying over there until tomorrow for their flight to Perth.

THEN Russell has to drive back to Kambalda, a 800 km trip!

Well... I will just have to wait until he's up to see how he is.  Until then...


Well... haven't seen Russell so far today, he's still in bed.  I hope he is well enough to fly!

1 pm and Russell is up, but just lying on the couch, he's really ill.  Poor Tess is having to do all the packing on her own.  Russell will have to go to the Dr once he's back in Perth for sure.  His throat is very sore, possibly he's picked up a bug from swimming in the waterhole in Whitianga?

5.15 pm ... and our Aussy visitors have less than an hour before they start their journey home.  Russell has rallied a bit and had something to eat, so he should be OK to fly (hopefully!). 

It is going to be hard to see the babies leave, we probably won't be seeing them again for a long time.

End of Day:  family have left... Russell seemed quite a bit better after having something to eat. I still don't envy them the long haul home.
I hope the babies don't get too grumpy on the plane.  
I'm still up at 11.15pm waiting for the next load of washing to finish so I can hang it out... it's so NICE hanging washing out late at night! It's lovely and cool, no sun beating down on ya head and no hot concrete burning ya feet.
nite nite.


  1. You might want to wash that baby again... there's a little tan circle right by his privates

  2. I hope it's not anything you are all going to catch :(

  3. Grandad looks very confidant. He sure has a way with babies. What a wonderful time you're going to have watching your babies grow up,

  4. Anonymous8:11 AM

    You got one very special man Chris - he is the most lovely gentle (giant) in every possible way! When family stuff is hitting the fan just hold on tight to your man!!

  5. Love the pics of Stew and Dante-you can just see the love! So Sweet!
    Hope Russell is feeling better.

  6. Beautiful pictures to the start the day funny parents do hover don't we I guess it is all instinct Dante or any baby wouldn't be short of love and affection at your house that's for sure!!!!!!!!

  7. Great Photos and I see the birthday boy is loving his shirt -wearing it the first oportunity he can!

  8. Hope Russell is feeling better today and the others don't catch whatever it is. Pity they didn't book the direct flight through to Perth, would have saved messing around in Melbourne especially if he is feeling bad.
    The pictures of Stew bathing Dante are just lovely.
    Hope you all have a great day.

  9. I see Stew is wearing his new shirt - nice one!

  10. Oh that is a shame Russell is not feeling well - I hope the kiddies don't catch it!
    Not a good way to spend your last day with family

  11. Oh wow. This vacation didn't work out as Russell hoped I'm sure. Hopefully for everyone's sake he can fly AND not spread his germies.

    I love those little Dante pictures. Seems just yesterday his parents were pestering you with that pregnancy test stick... ha ha!!

  12. luv the pics of Stew bathing Dante they will become treasures :)
    Hope Russell feels ok to fly and they have a good trip home....
    Have a good day and enjoy those aussie kids while you can :)

  13. Dante is lucky to have such hands on grandparents.

  14. Maybe Russell should take a trip to the doctors before he flies? I was flying to Thailand while sick once (UTI) long story short flying made it worse and I and ended up in hospital in Brunei of all places, worst experience of my life! Infections can be scary. Hope he feels better soon :)


  15. Sad to say goodbye to your wee babies but it will be nice to have your house back and relax a bit.

    Hope it wasn't too sad to say goodbye.

    Kate (444)

  16. always sad to say goodbye--I love seeing Stew with Dante so sweet and gentle. If you didn't already love him you'd be falling pretty hard.

  17. Grandad did a great job washing the baby. Hope your guests get home without too much trouble.


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