Tuesday, January 01, 2013


So last night we all got a bit 'happy'... I was given some Jagermeifter... it was mixed with RED BULL... but it was yuk that way, so I had a bit straight.... much better.

But... sadly for the family, I did not get drunk.  I don't like getting drunk, so I didn't.

Then the boys reckoned our wee Keera looks like Chucky...

ABOVE:  well.... I can't see it!

Bet ya didn't expect to see THAT on me blog!

 ABOVE: me giving Dante his bath last night.  He wasn't impressed with me.

 ABOVE: Bex's brother Chris holding Dante, her other brother Matt didn't want to, in case he 'broke it'! 

ABOVE:  Steve and Dante in their singlets.

ABOVE: Sienna giving Dante a love...

ABOVE: we are lucky to live in a quiet street... but I have told them they have to go down to the school next time they are throwing balls etc to each other... don't want the neighbours to get crabby with us!

TODAY :  up in the air.  Not sure what is happening yet...
Back later.


This morning has not gone how we expected, not at all.  Russ has fallen ill and has been taken to hospital.  All going well he should be recovered enough to come home by this afternoon.  Bit worried.

Went up to the hospital to get Russ and Tess, but on the way home he felt ill again, so we did a 'U' turn and took him back.   They are staying for more tests.

Came home to help out with the babies/kids etc... and await another text from them when they are ready to come home again.

Steve just offered me some 'Iced Tea' in a bottle... and I told him there was no way I would like it!  But he insisted ... so I took a mouthful.  OMFG... I almost vomited on the spot!  Who the hell drinks that shit???

Russ is on his way home from the hospital... hopefully with some answers to this morning's episode.

A bit of the puzzle today.  Too much Carbon Dioxide is in his blood.  Something else to get checked out when he gets home.

Because Russell is a New Zealand Citizen, his visit to the hospital is free.  His travel to the hospital via St John Ambulance will be free too,  as Stew and I have been members of St John for about 25 years and our membership covers all family members in our home.  And Russell is a family member.

So they should not get a bill at all.

End of Day:  well Russell is feeling the after effects of having several mini seizures this morning... the next couple of days will be spent quietly coming right again.
Quite a different day than what I was expecting, that's for sure. 
I'm glad in some ways though, cos it gave us a chance to 'mend' some things.
nite nite

Very happy too... I managed to get around and visit most of the bloggers I read, and wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
If I missed you... hell! Let me know!


  1. Yay to 2013!! Lots of 'firsts' for your family this year as in first steps, first words, first birthdays for the new babies. You will be in paradise celebrating those milestones xx

  2. Happy New Year Chris and family!

  3. Happy New Year Chris, Stew and family! 2012 sure was a big year for you and the 3 new grandbabies arriving! Lets hope you have a great 2013 and get some time for just the two of you!

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Sending the best of wishes for Russ to have a speedy recovery.

    Also, that you, Stew and all of your family, have a wonderful 2013!

    Ky Girl

  5. Of my God I hope Russell is OK.

    I didn't see all of the stuff on blog yesterday, but from what I can workout commenters were disappointed that B & G didn't go out on the trip. Just thinking about it from R & T's side they don't get to see Joshua very much and probably just wanted to have some family time with him, without B & G.

    I hope everyone has calmed down after yesterdays events. Thinking of you and praying for peace and health for you and yours.

  6. With all you have had going on I would say a wee nip is in order. I hope Russ is sorted out and feeling better very quickly.

  7. Oh my gosh keera is so not chucky lol poor we mite :)
    Hope Russ feels better soon
    Try to have a good day.

  8. Hope you had a good one. I didn't get drunk last night either. From what I've seen online today, we might have been the only ones.

    Hope Russ is okay.

  9. Very envious of you and your cul de sac where the kids (big and little) can have so much fun! But yes definitely safer to be in a bigger area for ball throwing! Been there done that as a kid when neighbours windows (on cars) were broken!
    Hope Russell is ok *Hugs*

  10. Keera so doesn't look like chucky HER hair might but not her, Well Russell I do hope he is feeling a little better, Dante is a screamer alright in that bath, good set of lungs.

  11. Hugs and prayers for you and the family.

  12. Glad russell is ok ...hope the rest of your day goes well

  13. I'll never bathe another baby again. It's scary even tho' I've 2 kids. Always afraid I'll hurt the baby somehow. Hope your son gets better.

  14. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I hope Russ feels better soon, not a great way to start the New Year. Steve reminds me of an actor from a movie called She's all that & Scooby Doo. I have a link here that shows you a picture http://www.exposay.com/matthew-lillard-the-perfect-score-movie-premiere/p/8334/1/?f=Matthew+Lillard - wonder if you can see the similarities? Happy New Year, Bec

  15. What a way to start 2013.......I do hope the day has ended better for all.
    Pleased to hear that there wont be more bills. :)
    Hope you and Stew can get some time for just the two of you at some stage even if it's just a drive :)
    Happy New Year wishes in abundance coming your way :)

  16. Hi Lovely lady Happy New Year, glad to hear Russell is on the mend.

    I hope 2013 brings lots of great things to all of us.


  17. Every morning I wake up and think, "I hope Diet Coke Rocks has a pic of Keeria fixed up like Chuckie." Today I got my wish.
    I like the tea in cans.
    Happy New Year and the best of everything to you and your family!


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