Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I borrowed these words from my friend Karen.... 2008 is an even number, nice and smooth with no rough edges, may the year be the same! 8 is also Stew's favourite number... his birthday is on January the 8th... he will be in Auckland this year for his birthday!

I have much to look forward to this year:

- move to Auckland, buy a new home!

- See Stew settle into his new job.

- Regain my fitness

- Lose 20 kilos

- Lose my uterus hopefully!

- Turn 50 without sinking into deep depression!

I'm sure there will be heaps more .... but that will evolve over time. I think this year will be exciting! I am determined to have a blast.....life is for living and by god, I am going to live it.

Wow, I've been 'quiet' today! I took Izzy for a walk this morning, it was already really hot at 9 am. I have done the washing and now I'm onto pruning the hydrangeas! And it's friggin hot here today! Ok, maybe not as hot as the Aussy girls get, but still hot for us.

See this mad as tart? Well I am talking to her right now... and she is pissed as a chook!!!! And it's 4am in the morning there!!!! More to come... fuck now she's singing to me. And now she's blaming me for her being pissed~!!!!!!

Now the silly tart has talked to Stew too, he thinks she's a nutter/pissed as a chook Australian too ! But she's really lovely!

Sadly after yakking with the delightful Amanda for an hour (!) I had to say 'bye bye' and start preparing our dinner..... it was really really lovely talking to you Amanda, thank you so much for thinking of me in your inebriated state!!! I do hope when you finally get to bed you can lie down without the room spinning after all the grog you have drunk ! LOL. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR'S DAY.... when ya wake up!

End of Day: got lots done around the house and yard, Stew got the trailer fixed.... not shopping at all!

NSV: still on track!!!! Bloody hell that's great eh? nite nite.


  1. Hear Hear Chris! I just love your enthusiasm! It is very contagious!
    Happy New Year and i certainly h ope my first day of 2008 will be as cheery and positive as yours have started!

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Yeah, it sounds as if the year 2008is going to be one of HUGE change for you and your family. A daunting prospect, but quite exciting too!

    Have a great one!


    LL x

  3. another new grand baby.

    Chris Stew and family-hugs

  4. Happy New Year Chris to you and all the damily XXCathy

  5. Happy New year to you too! It should be a great 2008. And your right, live life, don't wait for it to happen.

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    a busy 2008 for you!! im sure you will get through that list!! cause you rock look where you have come from!!!

  7. Wooohoooooo happy new year ... and hey..I havent got a hangover!!!!

  8. YOU CAN DO IT CHRIS!!!!!!!!!! GO GIRLFRIEND! :) I am cheering you on all the bloody way! Love ya! Amanda :) xox

  9. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Happy New Year, may this year bring you and your family nothing but good health, happiness and everything your heart desires.

  10. I would love to talk to you in person!!! whats your number i will give you a new years phone call?!?!?!? i am a bit bloody tipsy... lol... your fabullus chirsh! :D

  11. Happy New Year!!!!
    Looks great for your things to look forward too:)

  12. You are not looking to me like you are near fifty at all.

    I'm 38 and you look younger than me.

    I'd be mad at you if I didn't like you so much. :-)

  13. I'd agree, it does sound like a quiet day by your standards! Hope it's a good one and you cope ok with the heat - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  14. EWE are fabulous!!!

    ik hou van jou~~~~ xoxoxox

  15. still talking gorgoues! hahahaha\

  16. So much to look forward to. Happy New Year Chris :)

  17. haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa thank u chris! your fabulous~

  18. Hey chick happy new year, and thanks for sticking by the little fat one last year, looking forward to this new year. I appreciate your comments and you taking the time to care about me, and I look forward to every comment you leave , you are such a wonderful person. good luck to you and stew and family this year, and take it easy. K

  19. Hi Chris,
    Its great to have things to look forward to in a new year isn't it!
    Happy new Year,

  20. Yes much to look forward to! Hope it all goes according to plan!!

  21. Happy New Year Chris H! You have set some great goals for the year, I am sure you'll be un-stoppable!

  22. Well done for keeping on track re: food. Thanks for commenting on my post too!

    Happy New Year!

    PS: What does NSV stand for?

  23. Happy New Year gorgeous!

  24. Happy New Year sweetness!!!

  25. Yeah, you totally busted me re: Jan 2. It's just that I like to post my daily meals in advance so I know what the family will be eating and what should be on my grocery list.

    Grocery shopping with a two-year-old is v. stressful, so I like to get in and out FAST!

  26. Anonymous3:52 AM

    happpy nudeee yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



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