Friday, January 04, 2008


It's all very well having lazy days, but do they have to be so boring? I would love to go and buy some canvas's and do some painting, but as Stew said, I shouldn't get all that out again cos we are trying to move eh? I suppose I could bloody knit!

Griffin has his first night with no night nappy (bloody boy's 6) and ... he was wet. So, have to 'do' his bed today... and probably tomorrow.... yadda yadda yadda. The only good thing about his being wet was he got up and changed himself, got dressed etc... usually in the mornings I have to yell at him a dozen times to get changed into his clothes!

Stew is going into his old office today and packing it up....

This afternoon the people are coming to pick up Griffin's old bed...

I will pocket a few hundred bucks.....I do have plans for it !.....

Evil plans.....

ha ha ha


  1. I agree totally...just about going out of my mind with bordom, and that leads to walking the kitchen searching the cupboards for food bad food, evil food lol....never thougth I would be pleased to say "can't wait for monday to get back to work" only so much lying around I can do......hope you find something enjoyable to to fill in the day with...have a good one :)

  2. Well I sure hope Griffin is out of night Nappies real soon.. my son was a bit slow with catching on to that one.. but he was about to turn 4 when he came right... my daughter was 2... day trained on her 2nd birthday and never looked back! Mind you my mum used to say... "i had all of you out of nappies by 18 months of age..." yeah right mum... I would to if I had four friggin kids close together and was using cloth nappies on all of them!!! Have a top day... and try not to spend too much...

  3. Hope you find something to do today, i'm SURE you will!!

  4. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Oh the joys of motherhood, wet mattresses in the morning. I have so much to look forward to!!!

    Im intrigued as to what you are planning to buy with the money from Griffens bed? Any clues?

  5. Yes can appreciate the boredom stuff altho I have been busy applying for jobs online sheesh some want an interview in the job application to mobile phones i mowed mine once oops

  6. Anonymous1:47 PM

    hehe i agree that might be a great investment while Stew is in another city

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Im sure he will manage lol. Although if he doesnt it will make the reunion all the sweeter ;)

  8. Anonymous2:46 PM

    hehe glad i have made you laugh. Ive had another thought, perhaps you could get one of those fancy sexy costumes and that can be his treat when you catch up again.

  9. Anonymous3:11 PM

    lol good for you ;)

  10. Well done for finding the phone strap!
    I would get the paints out to!!

  11. Your artwork is awesome! Clever thing!

  12. Happy New Year! Looks like you've been busy over the holidays. Sorry to hear you're glum. Now with the Chistmas holidays over hope you find a buyer for your home.

    Ahhh chocolate, I had a run in with that myself. Pure evil.

    Hope you find something fun to do and the kids aren't driving you crazy.

    All the best for 2008.

  13. Sorry you're a bit stir crazy at the moment! Hopefully, you can bust out those supplies and let the creative juices flow!

    Ah, bed-wetting... the things I get to look forward to! ;)

    Hang in there, chick and lay off the chocolate, would ya! lol

  14. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Ooo, it would be great if you were to get your painting materials out again. I'd love to see some of your work ;-)

    Also, good on you for pocketing a few hundred bucks. You should have a great shopping splurge with that lot!

    Sorry to hear you've had a *sh1tty* day eating-wise. Me too!!

    Back on track tomorrow, huh?


  15. Thanks for posting the pic, Chris. I will have to search for one that fits my cell phone. Hmm, don't know why I didn't think of using one before. I always have my camera with me in the nappy bag....just didn't click!


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