Friday, January 18, 2008


This is my workout routine:

- swiss ball squats (holding 4kg weights), 2X15 reps
- Walking dumbell lunges (holding 4kg weights), 2X20 reps
- Swiss Ball wide squats, 2X15 reps
- Single Leg Press/Hip Raises, 2X15 reps
- Single Leg Raises on Swiss Ball, butt raised, 2X10 reps

-Dumberll Flys (holding 5kg weights), 2X15 reps
-Swiss Ball Press ups, 2X10 reps
- Dumbell Side Raises (holding 5kg weights), 2X15 reps
-Dumbell Bicep Curls, 5kg weights, 2X20 reps
- Tricep Kickbacks, 4kg weights, 2X20 reps
- Bent Row/Press, 6kg weights, 2X20 reps

- Superman's on swiss ball, 2X15 reps
- Bench Knee Tucks, 2X12 reps
- Swiss Ball Crunches, 2X12 reps
- Pelvic Tilts, 5X10 reps.

- 30 mins Treadmill, speed 6km/hr, incline 25-30 %
- 30 mins Exercycle, av. speed 21-25 km/hr.
That's about it! Any comments/recommendations appreciated.

I am coming to love Fridays, Stew is flying home tonight.. and flying back on Monday morning.. so something to look forward to today.

Last night I fluffed around in the lounge again, did some rearranging of furniture, kept me busy: It's all about DE-CLUTTERING:

YOU probably can't tell the difference, but I can! MAN I will do just about anything to present this house better so some bugger will buy it!

And, it's 4am and I'm awake....

BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST... I bought some paint yesterday to 'touch up' a couple of scraps on walls, did the dining room patches last night, and in the light of day.... the bloody paint is a slightly different shade ... so I'll have to repaint the entire wall , goddamit. Oh yeah, good morning! Couldn't get back to sleep after taking Griffin to the loo at 3.30am, that's why I was awake at 4 am updating/reading bloody blogs!

Been shopping... bought a rebounder.... I hate trampolines (too dangerous) so thought this would be the next best thing... the kids LOVE IT and it gets them off their bums... all good.

Very quiet afternoon, Brylee has hardly gotten off the little rebounder all day! She's in heaven... Griffin bounces every now and then, but really doesn't love it like her. I havn't had a turn yet...Mike did and hit his stoooopid head on the ceiling! Not long now till we go out to the airport and pick up His Nibs....

End of Day: Stew is home safely... kids are rev'd up, sending them to bed shortly! Tired.

NSV: NONE that I can think of, except I have been exceptionally busy... that's exercise eh! nite nite.


  1. What on earth are you doing up at this time?

    Yep I have been known to rub a brow off....teehee and as the day goes on, if it is a hot day they come off also....I want them tattoed on but it costs such a lot of money and they have to be topped up.

  2. Go back to sleep, you're going to drive yourself crazy waiting for Stew. Lounge looks nice. That's quite the workout! Hope you do not spend your whole day watching the clock. Take of that back! Have a fun filled day.

  3. I beat you there - I was awake and reading blogs at 2am!!! Thanks to a 22 month old bed hog ... lol

    And there I was starting to think that your house was always this immaculate - have a great weekend!

  4. Omg... I need sleep.. I struggled to get outta bed at 6.30am!!! haha.. the weeks are seeming to fly by.. doesnt seem long since Stew was on his way....
    how is he liking his new position/area???
    Oh and plz eamil me as to what was happening to Steve for him to need the operation???

  5. Will try to take a photo of NZ as we fly over... at least I can say I saw it... lol

  6. Looks like a good workout!

  7. Awesome routine!!! Your house always looks immaculate, really puts mine to shame!

    I bet the kids love that trampoline, mine would love one but all I see with them is broken the mini is a great substitute:)

  8. Anonymous11:15 AM

    gooo team! good on you chris baby! i havent posted much lately but still watching! xx

  9. Anonymous11:16 AM

    YAY its friday and Stew arrives home. You must be feeling pretty excited today and hoping the day goes faster.

    Love the rebounder

  10. TeeHee...


    that tickled me. It does cost a fortune, as far as I know it cost OVER £400, depending on where I would go and the reputaion of the person/company and of course being eyebrows I would want a blummin good job done, as anyone would. The top ups cost around about £200 AND....teehee they don't just tattoo two lines....teehee they tatto the feathery hair like lines so they look like real hair.

    Hugs xx

  11. god girl, glad you got your routine sorted out!! Hope you don't pull up too sore after doing them :) Don't you hate that when you go and get paint and its slightly different colour that happened to me when i was painting our old house!! Its frustrating

  12. Ohh i love bouncing.. I bought the kids...ooops I mean santa got the kids a big round trampoline with the saftey net round it for kissmass... they love it...

  13. Enjoy the rebounder when you can get to it!!!

    Have a great weekend,


  14. Definitely sounds like you had quite the busy day. I bet the kids are loving that little rebounder. I would probably break one if I got on there. And hit my head on the ceiling!

  15. See you survived the day. Hope you're enjoying the weekend with Stew.

  16. Wow, that exercise routine sounds fab!!

    I HATE painting - I feel your pain on that one.

    As for the rebounder - on 'You Are What You Eat' the nutritionist frequently recommends these little trampolines as exercise - might be a fun way to squeeze more movement into your day. Cool purchase!

  17. Decluttering! Oh, that is a cruel word for me. I love visiting decluttered houses but I shall never be able to apply that process to mine. I just work on making the house look decluttered without doing it.

    That bouncing thing - I am sure I had one stored under my bed many years ago.....

  18. Anonymous5:56 PM

    My kids would love a trampoline, but I agree with you -- they're too dangerous. Especially with my kids. They're dangerous w/o a trampoline.


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