Sunday, January 27, 2008


Just when you think.. YES Stew's home, I can finally have a sleep in ... the friggin teenager forgets to set his alarm and his employers ring the house at 6.20 am to ask where he is!!!

I am NOT IMPRESSED .... now I am wide awake and there is no chance of getting back to sleep. He will keep....

Don't have a lot to do today to get ready for the Open Home... it's all done.... might get some hot bread baking...

Stew is going to take the kids to lunch then a movie today, so I am going to get a break from the constant "Mum can I?, Mum look at this, Mum he's done this......" oh god I'm sick of being called MUM.

Even Stew does not call me "Chris".... "Darling" is nice though!



  1. Awwe....My OH always calls me Darling also, or lovey but usually Darling.

    As you said the other day also, my OH never stops me buying what I like, when I like.
    He is always helping me i.e. wont let me carry bags....he is such a love.

    We are lucky with our OH's eh?

    Enjoy your day
    Hugs xx

  2. Izzy is fine! Very tired girl last night, she had two swims in the afternoon! The kids are here and they've all gone for a walk with the two dogs. the kennel is nearly finished but they shared one last night:-)

  3. Teenagers eh!! Mine comes home this arvo and its been a nice break!!

    At least his girlfriend has been trained well!!! you are evil!!lol

  4. They always say..." No rest for the wicked" ..hahaha

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Oooo could you share just 1% of your self control? what's the secret?

  6. I hope you get good news on this open house! *crossing fingers*

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    How cute is the little herb garden! And love your evil mother in law ways!

  8. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Good Luck today with the open house. Hopefully that other family will come back today to take a 2nd look.

  9. The herbs look great.
    Fingers are still crossed!

  10. Ahh teenagers forgetting to set their alarms. Thanks for reminding me to take my birth control today. :)

  11. Teens, who'd have em! Eh?

    I'm not surprised to hear how tired you are right now what with all this frantic tidying and cleaning you constantly seem to be doing in order to present your home to potential viewers. I really do hope that someone snaps up your beautiful home soon! Trust me, if I win the lottery, I WILL buy it!

    Have a great Sunday, Chris...


    LL x

  12. Hi Chris, just popped over to say how much I enjoyed reading your comment (household tips and kids) on Mother of Shrek's blog ... fantastic!

    I laughed my socks off and can so relate to the teenage stuff ... I have two daughters, one almost 14 and generally a whirl of unruly hormones, and one of 16 who is great now having put us through a couple of tough years (she was arrested 17 times the month she turned fourteen and that was just the start of the madness!)

    I love your blog!


  13. Lol @ Mike's girlfriend, sounds like she knows you well!

    That's the hardest part about buying or selling real estate, there's always a "subject to" in the sale making it far more complicated!


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