Sunday, January 20, 2008


Let me bore the shit outta you! It's going to be our "usual Sunday" of cleaning and getting the house ready for Open Home... how riveting !

Well come on! What else would I be doing? Our neighbours are also selling their house, but they are selling on their own, no agents... the cheeky buggers just put out all their OPEN HOME signs when WE have an Open Home... so they are 'using' our advertising to get their house looked at! I think that kinda sucks. Nothing I can do about it though....

Except... I can stand on my front lawn and hand out my home brochures to anyone visiting their house eh? I will be doing that! They have their house OPEN much longer than we do... so tit for tat. Ah gotta love neighbours. *evil smirk*, I'm a nice neighbour... REALLY I AM.

A good Open Home, several groups through today, and we have another one Tomorrow. Fingers crossed we get some good feedback and maybe another offer soon.

Lovely day out there, but horribly windy today.... I hate too much wind, makes me crabby! Right... time to go check out some blogs...
HA HA HA... WANNA... YOU ARE RIGHT.. everything does make me crabby!!!!! I am just one huge CRABBY TART. Don't ya love me???
End of Day: busy again.. and expecting tomorrow to be as well.
NSV: was bang on track... till dinner..... oh errr. nite nite.


  1. all the best for your open home today Chris... all's fair in love and selling houses LOL by all means use THEM as they're using you LOL

    [yawn] I'm off to bed, got caught up watching both Roger and Hewitt at the Australia Tennis Open, absolutely fantastic, but Hewitt's game only just finished around 4.30 am !!!!!

  2. Good luck again! Very good idea to hand out your brochures to their viewers-no reason not to!

  3. those buggers! Pretty sneaky though- made me smile! Not a bad idea really.

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Good Luck with the Open House

  5. Can you advertise yourself and sell privately if someone is interested... then you cuold organise from the ad in the local newspaper for people to come thru also???
    is that possible or are you contracted to the real estate???

  6. I hope it goes today!!!

  7. Glad your open house went well.
    Our veg patch has almost 50 plants in's a very big patch. That shot was taken about 2 weeks ago-so they are actually thicker looking now.

  8. Hi Chris, Thank you for dropping by my blog. I haven't been hiding, just dont come out much LOL. Yep I read other kiwi blogs. There are some amazing people out there that have endured heaps during their weight loss (like yourself).

    Your weight loss is awesome. Keep up the great work Chris and before long you will be back to where you want to be. I was down to goal, but have slipped slightly, but working on it coming off again.

    If not in the Mt are you still in the Bay? From your blog looks like you are moving on. We are in Papamoa.

    Take care
    Cheers Lyn :-)

  9. Definitely do that!!!! Two can play that game!

  10. Oph bloody hell Chris... the WIND makes you crabby.. everything makes you crabby.. mwhahahahaha

  11. all the best with the open home, I hope someone with the $$ comes along real quick.

  12. Chris, I don't really know much about Bowflex equipment. It may be OK, I don't know. The thing with home gyms thorugh is that they're usually a huge waste of money because most people only use them for a couple of exercises. Also machines in general lock you into a set movement pattern, which may not be natural, plus you recruit less muscles than you would using free weights.

    Free weights are better value and give you a lot more options. The only extras I want/need are high and low cables (mainly for back exercises - you're pretty limited with free weights) and something to make heavy lifting saker. Hence the power rack....

    That said, I have a few clients who actually use their home gyms, along with free weights. Me, I wouldn't waste my money. I want maximum versatility and minimum space taken up.

  13. eeeeeeeeerrrr till dinner....what was for dinner....anyways always another day tomorrow, ya might not be as

  14. Of course I luvs ya... i wouldnt visit 5 times a day if i didnt... hahaha

  15. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Blimmey,what cheeky neighbours, LOL. Still, you can use THEIR *viewers* to your advantage too!

    Hope all goes well, Chris. Fingers crossed!

    LL x

  16. Chris, if Wanna lived in NZ she may understand our fucken wind issues. As I sit here the day is perfectly still at 7.18am but by 12 it will be blowing, yesterday we could barely drive up the way to Amberely for lunch as we were being blown all over the road, mate down from WElltington couldn't believe it, but it is nearly an everyday occurence and I hate it with a passion, one of the greatest things i'm looking forward to on the sunshine coast.


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