Thursday, January 10, 2008


Last night I found the perfect way to avoid nibbling on evil food.. I fluffed around de-cluttering, moving furniture etc. It was fun! And tiring.

Oh, and I did some cleaning too. ... seeing as I wasn't allowed to do any yesterday afternoon (thanks to Janene)... ha ha ha.

Today's plan? More fluffing around, it's good for the soul. I want to present the house at its VERY BEST on sunday... positive vibes people.... we NEED a sale.

And I would like to just say TOYS can NEVER replace the REAL THING. That is all.

I went to town to buy a White Table Runner for the dining table... and I got the runner...

And a fish dish, white stones, candles.......

And two white cane baskets for the clutter on my computer desk ........

And a white cane laundry hamper for our bedroom.....

And some pretty tea towels too. Well that was fun!

I better get on to some more serious fluffing now.....

Why do so many people say "I crack them up"??? I ain't trying to be funny, really I'm not! lol

Here's a little funny story for ya though:

The other day I decided to shave 'everything' down there, so I did. Stew liked it..... anyways... next Monday I have to go see the Gynaecologist (something I forgot while I was a-shaving)... now how the hell do I explain the baldness??? Maybe a New Year's Dare? I'm still thinking about that one~!

I forgot to mention the Napkins I bought eh? Looks pretty. I'm totally on track today... had a salad for lunch... was OK. And.... My darling is coming home for the weekend! How cool, I didn't expect him to come home this weekend.

End of Day: It's been fun, got lots done, happy with how the house is looking.. ....

NSV: Well kinda lost the plot tonight and had fish and chips for dinner. Bugger! nite nite.


  1. You're up early. Looks like life has been hectic for everyone these days. Good for you holding off on the ice cream. Hope you get the real thing soon.

  2. hahaha... are your teeth chattering today Chris??? better put your toys in low speed for a while then... hahahahaha. You cheered me up :) xox

    PS- did you know fluffing means 2 other things?

    1. Farting.

    2. It is what they do on the porn sets, they have special girls called fluffer girls to keep the men... you know... while they are off cam getting ready for a scene...

    hehehehe :p

    I hope your fluffing really does refer to cleaning! *wink wink*

  3. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I HAD to comment on this post Chris - you really made me laugh!!!

  4. TeeHee toys...*wink*

    See, you make us laugh, you couldn't possibly stop blogging.

    Hugs to ya xx

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh hahaha I love Amandas refrence to fluffing... rofl...
    I knew about the farting one... but not the other one...
    Maybe there is another side to you we dont know Chris.... hahahaha
    Have a top day "fluffing" around...
    Some of us actually have to go to work... boohoo...

  6. Anonymous9:45 AM

    *fluffing* sounds good! LOL...

    And hey, *I* for one will be sending positive vibes your way when your next batch of viewers arrive!

    Have yourself a lovely week, Chris ;-)

    Enjoy your toys! ;-)

    LL x

  7.!!!!!!!!! love it!!! classic true!!


  8. I agree, but toys are better than nothing!

  9. Absolutely love that centre table setting!!! Fingers crossed for ya for this weekend!!

  10. Stop buying!! More stuff for you to pack!

  11. You crack me up! :)

  12. Hell, don't be embarrassed about being shaved down there!! Most women shave or get rid of the hair down there nowadays. If fact I'd be more embarassed if I was really hairy down there!

  13. Your cracking me up too! The toys, hmmm we had some somewhere but where did they go. We are so boring, ha.
    Good luck on your open house!

  14. Had to laugh about the shaving... well, just tell them that you were having a bad hair day and it needed to go... had to laugh at what Amanda said about 'fluffing'... here in the US it doesn't mean what I think of it as... 'farting'... hehehe...

  15. Those purchases look great. Where did u get the runner & the little pebbles. Need some myself :) See ya Saturday :)

  16. guess there will be little or no updates over the weekend u will be
    'busy' hope u can farm the kids least for an hour or five. enjoy girlfriend

    ps thanks mate

  17. I bet you go out for milk and come home with an entire grocery shop ... lol ... fingers crossed for the sale this week!

    As to cracking us up - you're just naturally witty, a good thing I say. Have a great weekend.

  18. I did the same thing once, I shaved down there and then two days later I had to go to the Dr for a smear test. I just said nothing and hoped the Dr did not notice!

  19. Anonymous6:24 PM

    i lurve your fishie!

  20. Well at least you can replace your 'toys' with Mr C this weekend!!! what a nice surprise!!

  21. ohh oooh, forgot to say I love all what you bought:)

  22. Gawd, I couldn't stand the itching when it grew back. At least it wont be as bad as a friend of mine who sprayed glitter hairspray on her fanny thinking it was Femfresh!!!

  23. Tell the doc you just got a new modelling job and it requires a brazillian! (you are on the cover of "vogue" after all-LOL)
    Well, looks like you won't need the toys this weekend girlfriend!

  24. ohh look at all your cute shopping! its very cool!
    as for the gyny - dont say anything, you dont need to explain yourself!!

  25. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Love the new goodies you've bought! I unleashed my inner shopper this week. The ONE decent thing about working is I don't have to feel guilty for some little pretties!

  26. Fluffing and shopping! Didnt you do well!!

  27. Love your purchases :) I really love the white cane baskets. And your dining room table looks lovely!

  28. Just caught up with the rest of your day and I have to say, that is the second time I have had a good ole belly laugh this morning.

    I like the bad hair day excuse for the gynae or just say you are suffering with a touch of alopecia

    Enjoy your day hun xx

  29. Anonymous12:28 AM

    i so lost you! I have seen you commenting all over the place and though that I had better come and visit - but when I got here i realized that I have been here before - so I must have lost you - but now i have google reader i am set - won't lose you again.

    I love the fish bowl by the way - nice!

  30. So I'm reader this in google reader (because Im lazy like that) and my eyes read ahead (because I'm clever like that) I see the part about the toys, my eyes skip straight to the picture and all I see are a trio of white phallic shaped objects cause I'm dirty like that.

    I was relieved to discover it was your new table centrepiece instead. Phew.

    Your gyno seriously won't even look twice. The majority of the brazillians we used to do at work were on women over 40. He'd be too busy looking behind the curtains, not at them. LOL

  31. Nice shopping extravaganza. I'm sure the DR has seen plenty of cleared vegetation, seems to be quite popular these days. Have a fun day.

  32. Anonymous5:42 AM

    You have great taste Chis. I love all the new things you bought!

    And I bet the Doc sees shaved you-know-whats all the time!
    I did it once, but it itched like hell growing back in! (or maybe that was just me *blush*)

  33. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Awww, I hope you and Stew have a great weekend and catch up on all the important things *wink*

  34. Aww babe I wouldn't worry about the gyno. Most women are bald or nearly bald down there these days with the prevalence of brazillian waxing anyway. It's nothing he probably hasn't seen 10 times that day.

    I love the fishbowl and candles set up. Looks awesome. nice styling.

  35. You are going to have some serious itching with regrowth......!


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