Sunday, January 13, 2008


Right, we all know how much today means.... as with every Open Home we have... we pray for a buyer with cash!!!!

Yesterday.... we did buy a rug for the lounge:

It is pure wool, thick and sumptuous.... perfect for snuggling on.

While we are having the Open Home, Izzy and I are visiting Anne, she is probably going to 'adopt' Izzy.... where we plan on moving to in Auckland the sections are tiny!! So Izzy will be going to a new home too, just not with us. Anne has a gorgeous Golden Retriever boy named Toby, Izzy is going to LOVE him! So, it will all come together eventually, one step at a time.

Right, time to get going on the vacuming, bread maker on etc.


Cleaning... cleaning...... my BACK IS BLOODY KILLING ME!

Open Home: only 1 couple through, but according to the Agent they were quite "keen"... we will see.

Been to the supermarket and bought stuff for my nephew's Birthday BBQ tonight.... and a cake! Am NOT baking ! Too bloody tired. Might just have a wine or two tonight too, need to wind down.

Anne and Peter just love Izzy, and their dog Toby thinks she's kinda alright too!!!! He started out not too sure about this chick on his property, but by the time we left he was in love with her I reckon! Anne has a fantastic farm property, Izzy loved it there, she even ran with Toby into the Dam (bloody big pond) chasing a stick.... she has never ever been off the lead like that before! So... it looks like Izzy is going to become a farm dog... I am so happy for her. She would have been miserable stuck on a tiny section in Auckland. We are doing the right thing.

Here we have my nephew Deon and his 30th Birthday cake:

We got him the obligatory coffee mug with "30" on it.....

And some shirts, aftershave, bottle of bubbly and the best of all.... 3 lolly pops, but he had to share those with Griffin and Brylee!

And just to make his day.... we have the movie "Finding Nemo" on the telly, and he's actually watching (and secretly enjoying) it!

End of Day: packed a lot into it.... darn tired now.

NSV: well none today, I had cake! Was nice too. nite nite.


  1. How said you have to leave Izzy least you found a good home! Good luck with the open house!

  2. Hi kiddo, just managing to pop in - the rug looks fantastic - hope there's some serious buyers out there today. Izzy will be so happy with Anne - it's always such a worry - but this is a gem of a solution. Fingers, legs, and everything else crossed for you. Love Z xx

  3. oooooh....your room looks nice. I dig that rug!

  4. the rug looks great!
    I hope the house sells today!

  5. Good luck for the open home :):)

  6. Thinking Sell SEll SEll for you today............

  7. Got me fingers and toes crossed and am sending positive vibes your way...heres hoping :)

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I know!!!!!1 we are on the other side of buying a house and it can be bloody trying to say the least!

  9. Fingers crossed that they are genuinely interested! That is sad that you have to leave Izzy behind, at least you know she'll be going to a good home.

  10. Hope someone buys the house!

  11. fingers crossed for a sale...
    I have to wait to hear from the cardiology dept before I get the monitor... I will be fine.. nothing serious I am sure..
    something to do with the electrical current miss firing or something...
    Didnt stop me from having a skin full of red wine last night with friends and a ripper hangover today...eeekkkk.... didnt get out of bed til well after lunch...

  12. Sad to hear Izzy wont be going with you tho... But I am sure she will be happy where she is going...

  13. Toby whimpered for a little bit after Izzy went - know he looks kind of confused. Our kids think it is great and if any puppies eventuate I know our daughter wants one!

  14. Izzy will be happy with Anne, always a hard decision, we are taking our crazy nut with us to Aussie, it will cut down our rental options but the kids would just be gutted if she didn't come.


  15. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Sounds like Izzy will be so happy!

    PS - That is one good looking 30 yr old!

  16. Happy birthday! Great pics!
    And good luck with the open house, my fingers are crossed for you!

  17. Poor Izzy. She'll miss you so much.

    Now I don't know what the market is like over there but in Australia it's a fair bet that if your house hasn't sold in 4 weeks it's overpriced. If it's the correct price and you have a decent agent it should have sold by now. I would be looking for a new agent and pay for a professional valuation which should cost around $100. (Do the valuation first and then ask the agents. Also you may find out who is best at selling houses from the valuer cause they do this all the time) Tell the agents Nothing.

    Take it or leave it as you please but I hope this helps.

  18. Hmmm happy birthday to the cute guy.... ;o)


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