Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night, like many many nights lately... I have struggled to get to sleep. Too hot, got the 'itches', toss and turn, mind going, drives me NUTS !!!

Any one else get "the itches"???? I feel an itch on me arm, then me leg, scratch scratch, two seconds later... an itch on me back, me foot, me other arm... gawd it's enough to drive ya bonkers. What the hell causes itchiness???? I don't have bites, I don't have a rash... NOTHING. Grrrrrr.

So, I think I finally got to sleep around 4am...... and Stew got up at 6 to do some exercise... wonderful. Not feeling very positive about the day.

WE still havn't heard from the 'potential buyers' from Wellington, I think I'm giving up on them. I am not too happy about them saying they were quite positive they would be buying the house, then not even turn up. BASTARDS. It really plays on your mind, constantly. And it sure does nothing for one's mood.

So, what to do today? I'm thinking, go check out the Hospice Shop! Who knows, I might find a 'bargin' or two! It's been a while..... well, I will have to wait a while, my van is still in the garage! Just remembered that.... darn.


  1. Sorry about the potential buyers flaking out on your guys.

    I am totally empathetic about your no sleep situation. I did the same thing (with out the itches). I tossed and turned last night and managed about 2 hours of sleep. I am quite the Bitch for it today. As my co-workers and kids are feeling.

  2. I hate it when the car has to go into the garage, and the cost....oh noooo that is worse than doing without the car for those few hours/days.
    When I walk just knowing the car is there if I want to use it feels good.

    I had a Dyson vaccuum before the vaccuum I have now but I vaccuum so much I wore it out, I vaccuum every single day.

    Enjoy your day
    Hugs xx

  3. Awww, Chris,

    I really feel for you not being able to sleep. It's horrible when your mind just won't shutdown. As for 'itchiness' - I wonder if it's because you were feeling too hot? I often itch a lot more during the summer months. Other than that, maybe it's just your mind/body be supersensitive through lack of sleep?

    I do hope that you manage to catch up tonight....

    As for your 'potential buyers' - what a bunch of time wasters! Grrrrr. You really don't deserve to be messed about like this :-(

    I hope that you cheered yourself up when visiting the Hospice Shop and that you managed to pickup a bargain or two!


  4. One thing I learn't was do not get excited till it has gone conditional. Lands agents will always talk like there is someone really interested...

  5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I used to do a lot of my shopping in the Thrift store when we first arrived here. I couldn't believe the stuff that people 'chucked' away, sometimes they still had the original price tag or dry cleaner tag!

  6. Bummer about no sleep... maybe a bacardi before bed?? ;o)

  7. I'm not sleeping well at the moment either, must be something in the air.

  8. I can soooo totally relate to your prob with so-called buyers! We had this guy come and spend at least 2 hours telling us how much money he had-and how he quite liked the place and if the wife liked he'd buy it...so he brought wifey up and we served them tea and talked for another f***in two hours at least...and she acted like she loved it...then he had to bring some other family memeber up another f***in hour wasted (and oh yeah we had to spiffy it all up each time-and this is not a small property to spiffy up!) only to be told no they changed their mind!!!!
    Similar instances happened with a couple of other so-called money bag buyers-I swear it's like they just come up to try to convince as many people as possible that they are loaded-to impress us...I ain't impressed unless you are putting money in my hand thank you!
    I feel for ya' I really do!
    And total bummer on no sleep-yuck!

  9. How frustrating about the buyers!

    I hear you on the lack of sleep... Well, my situation isn't as dire as yours, but I only managed to sleep 4 hours last night - I woke up wide awake at 4am, tossed and turned (no itches, thank goodness!).

  10. Insomnia is the pits! but those symptoms you're describing matched mine when I started to go through (a rather early) menopause... otherwise, maybe you're just hot, anxious and irritated by being messed about with 'tyre kickers'!! good luck!!

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  12. I itch. Have done for the past three or so years. Drives me insane. I can get on top of it and then it starts all over again. Doctor says I have an allergy. I take antihistimine tablets and it works. Loratynde (sp). Christ I'm just hoping I'm not allergic to Col. Methinks it also is related to menopause.

  13. Shame about those 'buyers' - waste of time and effort for you!

    The itches - Peter gets the twitches - keeps me awake!

  14. Not sure about the itches...or the menopause part but seems like it could happen. Or it could be bed bugs or reaction to the hot wax? Or your detergent you wash your linens and clothes in? Just throwing out some ideas.

    Come to think of it my mom has been having the itches for a long time now and not they think it's from the meds she's on from high blood pressure or other ones she takes causing a reaction.

    Hope your itches go away soon! And a bummer about the reluctant buyers. Hope you get some serious interest again soon.

  15. I also have itchy problems which is related to my diabetis, maybe you should mention it to the doc next time...
    I'm still under offer to 22nd Feb, and I know in my heart its not going to go thru.....



  16. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Thats a bummer about the so called buyers, what they playing at?

    Dare i suggest the itchiness is from the sweetners in diet coke? *runs off to hide* hehe

    I would take a couple of antihistamines at night time and you will be able to stop the itch and have the bonus that they knock you out.

    Hope you sleep better tonite

  17. gosh, I was just thinking how much Brylee looks like her birth mother, when I continue reading your post and see your comment about your neice. lol (still could see her mother in that pic though). Griffin is sure going to break a few hearts when he is older, will be one of those super good looking guys that all the girls seem to love.

  18. Sorry to hear about the potential buyers...can understand why people do that lol atm cant understand people tho ...itching well my legs have been itchy but I put that down to them seeing some sun while away ...great looking kids both of them

  19. My itching is from the dry weather. It drives me crazy during the day.

  20. I get the itches - but usually when I think about bugs then it wont stop... Or if someone talks about a spider eeeeek!

    Love the changes on your blog - your pics before and now are gorgeous! Love the description of NZ as well hehe :) Yip some people seem to think it part of Oz - maybe because there is so many of us kiwis over here Ha!

    Good luck with the house - something will come up soon x

  21. yeap I have been told the itching is a menapause thing too the joys of maturity hehehe

    sleepless nights and cranky days u isn't telling me nuffin i dont know about already.

    bummer about the house

    Griffin does look like he is enjoying that choc cake

  22. Anonymous11:29 PM

    sometimes just staying at home and watching tv is just what a girl needs!

  23. You've got alot of things on your mind keeping you awake. Hope last night went a bit better.

    Looks like the kids had a good time in town. Staying home at catching up on your favorite programs with your DH sounds like a nice relaxing evening.

    All the best.

  24. Damn them - they don't deserve the house! I don't imagine it's easy though, after going through this for so long that seemed like such a positive option!

    I hope you can get some sleep soon - i'm wondering if the insomnia and the itching aren't both stress related regarding the sale of the house?

    I can't relate to the itching but can to the insomnia (hence the reason i'm writing this at 2.45am).


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