Saturday, January 05, 2008


Brilliant start to the day, Griffin didn't wet the bed. Now to some this would be 'so what'? But to me its awesome, cos I felt for sure he would be wet .... hope he keeps it up!

Got a bit on today (thank god).... Stew and the kids are going to Otaki to pick up his suit trousers, and I am going into town for morning tea with a girlfriend. I think I will have..... fruit salad and bloody water again! Oh can't wait, I'm sure.

And I'm going to the library to get some reading fodder, and post some parcels, and shop for something 'entertaining' for me to use while Stew is away. * shaking head, can't believe I'm gunna do that * LOL.

So, it's 8.38 in the morning and we are still in bed...better get our butts moving me thinks.... OH AND IT'S WEIGH IN DAY!!!! Hope my hissy fit and chocolate last night hasn't totally ruined any loss I was gunna have.....{hanging head in shame}.


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Awww, well done, Griffin. I hope that he continues this way. Bless him!

    As for you, it sounds as if you have a busy day one way or another. I hope you enjoy your *morning tea* with a girlfriend ;-) I hope you manage to get all your chores done...

    Good luck with *The weigh in*. I'm sure that you'll be fine!

    As for me, I'm sure of a *gain* come Monday morning. Still, it serves me right!

    Take care chuck...

    LL x

  2. Thats great about Griffin, cross fingers for another night.

  3. Wooohooooooo Go Griffin....
    He must be pretty proud of himself..
    As for "toy " shopping for yourself.. want any tips??? ;o)
    Ask Mellisa... mhahahaha I would Know nothing about them.....*angelic flutter of eyelashes here*
    Oh speaking of angelic... just heading out on a romantic night with no kids... to another town on the north west coast for a night in a luxurious spa suite.... woooohoooooo

  4. oooooooo yay all round, non bed wetting and scales!!!

    p.s LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your art work below you are sooooooooo clever!!!

  5. well done Griffin, and great for you, one less job you will have to do this morning :o)

    500gm is a good loss, so well done you. Better a loss than an a gain, you wee graph is going down so all good matie :o)

    Toy shopping can be a lot of fun, very daunting, but very enlightening he he he.

    sandie bee

  6. Hiya Chuck,

    WELL DONE YOU! On the loss this morning and WELL DONE! Griffin.

    Enjoy your morning tea hun.

    Hugs to you xx

  7. Toy shopping - love it!!!!!

    Check out the Joanna G website.

  8. Thats great for Griffin...and you!!

    Good on you for your first weigh in, 500gms is excellent:)

    Have a great day 'shopping'...*winks*

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Congrats on the weight loss thats fantastic.

    Good on you going shopping and not being embarassed there is definately no need for a red face. Have fun with them hehe

  10. hey chick, don't get to upset about the bed wetting thing. Lauren is 7 and she is still in nite pull up-just in case. she sleeps so deeply, and i have tried everything , waking her up all nite etc, but if she wets she wets.

    Might just have to go 'toy' shopping myself . LOL. enjoy

    good on you for your weight loss, any loss is good.

    You can send dirty txts to stew all day on ya mobile, then he will be raring to go as soon as you see each other again....he he he.

    Not enjoying the moving thing at the moment, but looking forward to moving on. love ya. K

  11. Well done on the loss mate, it's in the right direction. Great news about Griffin, my brother was a bed wetter until he was 7, so I know what your going through.

  12. Sounds like you've had a great morning. Dry kid, a good loss on the scales and 'toy' shopping.

    I love the photo of the black bag. Aren't you going to show us what's in the bag??

  13. Hun..... non of this just 500 grams... 500 grams is 500 grams BLOODY HELL WOMAN... you lost and that is fantastic.

    Love Chubbymum

  14. well, well, well....the little black bag! That should be fun!
    Good on ya for the weight loss-don't ruin it by eatin' them cholates! Just through them in a really grody bin so you aren't tempted to dig them out -LOL!

  15. OOoops I forgot all about the Beach pics, oh well, I will get them at some point.

    Hugs to ya XX

  16. Yes well done Griffin!
    And your weight chart looks great!

  17. Go Griffin ....

    .... and goodonya with the loss....well done !!

    Leave those choccies alone Chris, concentrate on that "black bag"

  18. Hey - this line is going in the right direction! I started WW on Thursday. Has been a shock to the system - I'm hungry!

    BTW: I wet the bed until quite late. Can't remember what age I was when I stopped - maybe 8? Yay to Griffin having a couple of dry nights!


  19. Ohhh Toys....mwhahahahahaha

  20. Oh and well done on the 500g loss..that awesome!!!
    I am back to work tomorrow..bohoo.... SO back on track for that... weighbridge starts back on the I have 10 days to do some damage control.....


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