Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We are totally in 'holiday mode'.... no plans, no expectations, no hassels! It's great!

I'm even finding the kids OK, they sleep in, and when they do wake up they piss off to the lounge and play the Wii ... I love that thing!

Yesterday I lay in the sun for an hour, everyone around me was getting a bit of a tan and I was still bloody WHITE! So I


  1. Oh my god was I sick today... bah! I hope I wasn't too much of a silly twat on the phone last night! haha... I dont really remember much of what I said... did I talk to Stew too??? lol.

    Dont worry about not getting a tan, I havent had one in 6 years! No sunshine over here... well not enough anyway... my legs look like milk bottles I am so white! hehehe. Have a good day! HAPPY 2008! :) xox

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Have a great relaxing day!!! i gotta go back to work grrr oh well it had to happen!! but its good for my eating etc i dont have time so i cant heheh

  3. Make sure you use a sun blog.

    Enjoy your day hun xx

  4. I mean like.....durrrrrrr sun blog.


    Hugs to ya xx

  5. At least you did not burn. I am SO pasty...I can't be in the sun for more than 2 minutes without turning a lovely shade of pink! :)

    Happy new year!

  6. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Enjoy the sunshine, Chris!


  7. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Oops, *anon* was ME, LOL

  8. I have been spending 10 minutes a day in the sun and for the first time since I was like 8 or 9 years old I have a tan on my legs he he he... still quite pale compaired to others but hey it is great for me.

    I love playing the baseball on the wii it is great... a friend of ours has one fun fun fun.


  9. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Sounds like a perfect relaxing day

  10. Im bored tooooo, I hate the hols.
    Im gonna sunbake to this year, I know its bad and all but it looks better..:)

  11. I had the same kind of relaxing day, but we cranked the heat. NO sun here....BOOOOOOO! =P

    Happy NY to one of my fave bloggers!! xo.

  12. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Well done on resisting the cheescake :)

  13. Well now there's an excuse if ever I heard one - if you're not tanning as quickly that simply means that YOU need more time in the sun and THEY need to spend more time doing the housework - seems like a good idea to me! Well done on deciding not to have the cheesecake - the scales will thank you for it.

  14. I hope Stew enjoys the workout... you crack me up.

  15. Okay, so I took off the 'too tight pants'. Happy now?! ;) You crack me up!

    Keep up that "diet" missy. You'll be in those snug pants of yours soon, too!

  16. Hope the holiday mode continues!

  17. I misunderstood what you meant up top "holiday mode"... holiday=vacation here though it also has the same meaning as in America though ... ooo well to put it in a nutshell you say tomato I say tomayto

    (other way round)


  18. Way to turn down the cheesecake girl!

    As for your comment on my blog... I'm certainly not 100% satisfied with my body... but realistically, is any woman EVER 100% satisfied with her body? I don't know any! =)


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