Monday, December 31, 2007


How weird, I make a weight loss chart and it makes me all rearing to go! I can't wait till next saturday to put my next red dot on it! And it will be LOWER than the first one ..... I am sure.
Yesterday was a scorcher of a day, and all our teenagers got sunburnt at the beach, dorks. Stew got some too, he worked all afternoon on our needed rewiring and so on. It still isn't finished but I'm sure he will get it done today. We will need it to move all the 'stuff' the moving company doesn't touch, like paint, petrol, gas bottles etc.
As per normal, I'm sitting up in bed awaiting my latte.... that will change next week eh? darn, wasn't going to think about that today!
Today : might go into town ... Stew wants to get some new business shirts.... maybe I can find something to buy yet?


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Oh, I am soooo glad to hear that you are feeling all fired-up about getting back on track with the healthy eating once again. What ever it takes to spur you on! ;-)

    Also, I am really envious to hear about the "scorching weather". My gawd, it's freezing here...

    Have a great New Year hun!

    LL x

  2. Can't believe you have not bought anything yet!!!! Mind you, nor have I!!!! Maybe in the New Year...LOL Have a great day for the last day of 2007 and a really super new Year 2008. :)

  3. Happy New Year and good luck with that chart - I think we'll be following your lead on that one. About the weather on holiday it was really windy - in fact a cyclone was coming through as we left. It rained and was not hot - warm but not what you expect from Gold Coast. The beaches were closed the last two days there, how bad is that? Mainly the wind ruined it though the entire time.

  4. Vile remarks??? what is wrong with these people. They are just jealous!

    Your chart will keep you raring to go alright, it is a great motivator!! Get your poster done too:)

    Enjoy your day and buy big:)!!!

  5. I have no idea why people take the time to leave nasty remarks...
    Have a top day chickee... and spend up for me wont you...
    I might slip into town after also.. but the prob is both my kids hate shopping... unless it involves a trip into 1 particular shop that serves chips and gravey for one of them and another bakery that sells mini quiches... and it ends up costing me $10 before I even start!!

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Im envious of the scorching weather all it does here at the minute is wind and rain, *stupid sunshine state hehe* All our beaches are closed as well so no sunbaking unfortunately.

    Hope u find something lovely in town to buy.

    Have a great day

  7. Don't you just love this weather - NOT! I think I read somewhere that in my part of Adelaide (northern suburbs) it's going to be 43 degrees today - WTF????

    Congrats on being all fired up - I am so the same as we head towards 2008 - we can do it - look forward to seeing that progress on your graph.

  8. Don't stress about the gain - you've probably gained 1-2kg of fat, and the rest will be fluid from eating too much processed carbohydrate. Now that you're back on track, it'll shift quickly, just you watch!

    What's your plans for exercise, now that your iron levels are getting back to normal?

  9. Happy new year!
    Have a great night and glad to hear you are all fired up for 2008!

  10. I can relate to the heat. This is our 3rd day over 40 deg. Thank god for the pool.

    I think the New Year is a so good for the motivation. Start afresh and don't look back.

    Have a great New Years. What are you doing? We're having a pool party here.

  11. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Mate you are on a roll... you are going to do this and so are we all... 2008 is going to be our year.

    Love Chubbymum

    Man some people have nothing better to do than be mean on a blog aye... how rude...yukky people.

  12. Happy New Year to you and yours...cant wait to see the red dot moving you are awesome :)2008 watch out !!

  13. Happy new year, I bet a few of us will be joining you with the chart thingee...

    Best of Irish Luck


  14. YOu sound truly motivated to exercise. Unfortunately, all I am motivated to do is shop and eat...ok occassionally sex lately.

    Can't you figure out a way I can burn thousands of calories while I am doing those things?

  15. Omg..I do believe Chris has found her mojo... ;o)
    Bet it feels good to have it back... now if I can just find mine.... I know I put it here somewhere.... probably in the back of the pantry behind all the good food....

  16. Send me some sun. please!!

    Happy New Year my bloggy pal. xo.

  17. Happy New Year to you too CHRIS!

  18. Happy New Year hun
    Thank you for this year and I am glad we met up...


  19. It's absolutely motivating to hear another person fired up in their belly.


  20. WOW! Now that's what I call a beautifully made up bed! I am envious Chris! Love the fur at the foot of the bed too... nice touch! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! I am inspired by your weight loss chart... think I am going to make one too to motivate myself too! :)

  21. Happy new year!
    Glad you bought yourself something at last!
    Have fun!


    Love and hugs to you and yours from the UK xx

  23. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Been lurking for a few months. Thanks for a great blog which you update everyday. Wishing you and your loved ones a Great 2008.

    Take care
    Dominique x

  24. I LOVE getting new bedding! Towels too. It is some sort of nesting disease I believe.

    Congrats on your new chart-y motivation!

    I'm green with envy over your sun exposure.... The rain hasn't stopped around here!

  25. Anonymous3:53 AM

    who is the jerk who is giving you hell.. i will bash them.

    grrr... oh wait... no.....

    i am a whimp!

    lol.. comment mod is great.. i did one step further and went PRIVATE whoot!