Friday, January 25, 2008


I just realised... it is only 10 more days till school starts again... these holidays have gone so fast for a change! Maybe cos we have been so busy... organising the house, Stew off to Auckland etc.... I am going to be so relieved when they are back in school though.

Griffin's mouth NEVER stops!

Stew is driving back tomorrow... and he will be home for two whole weeks! Oh thank God, I can get some sleep! He can get up and take Griffin to the loo in the middle of the night (he gets up anyway, Woolworths bladder an' all!)... can't wait.

I did not get myself a gift yesterday... simply because I did not need or want anything! And it was just so nice to get the kids a gift... Steve has rung me twice already wanting to know what I got him and Mike.... like I'm going to tell him! No way, they have to wait a wee while!

I have been thinking... while it is going to be awful leaving the boys here when we move.... at least they can keep up to date with what's going on with their family through reading my blog! I know that my other kids do too, cool eh?

I am expecting to hear from the Real Estate Agent today, the potential buyers are supposed to be coming back either today or tomorrow.....

The kids and I are off into town, there is only so much anticipation I can take... and I am so bloody sick of waiting for the phone to ring... I'm outta here!

I can vacum/dust/polish later....

YIPEE, I bought myself something... a NEW mop head... god I'm excited.

OOO I forgot.. I bought me a nice new BUCKET too!

End of Day: a frustrating day really... no visitors today, most likely tomorrow now.

NSV: too nervous to eat almost! But I did.... on track so all good. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Aaah! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I'm impressed mate!! well done!

  3. Ohhh I hope these people are the ones that buy your beautiful home...
    And how could you even ask that question.... of course its scotch... hahahahaha
    That pic was taken a couple of weeks ago when Mark and I went on our romantic weekend away...
    I have heaps of photos..just havent had time to sit and blog them...

  4. Well lady what is wrong with you? You know what you are going to have to do now don't you? GET BACK TO THOSE SHOPS AND BUUUYYYYY SOMETHING FOR YOOOUUU!!!

    Good luck with the Estate Agents!

    Hugs xx

  5. hi ya,

    just a quick 'hi' as I feel I've been absent from blogland lately and havn't commented much. Have caught up on all the reading though so havn't missed any posts.

    Have a great day

  6. HI Chris,

    I hope everything goes well with the potential buyers, and that you manage to sell soon!! I thought trying to buy a house was hard, but Ithink selling it sounds pretty time consuming too!!

    Good luck with it all, and good to hear Stew will be back for a few weeks. I bet you miss him like crazy!!!

    TAke care!!


  7. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Stew is home for 2 weeks and u may have sold the house before this week is over! Does it get much better than this? So exciting, well done :)

  8. I still have everythiing crossed for you xx

  9. I feel good vibes here and Stew celebrating the sale of your home

  10. Hope you heard from the house hunters!

  11. 10 more days!!! We only have 3!!!!yippe yippe yay!!!!!!!

    A new mop head, now that is exciting!!!

  12. Anonymous5:52 PM

    as a teacher - I am NOT counting down the days....


    thinking good thoughts.....!

    It'll happen!!

    BUT, yay on hubby being home for 2 whole weeks!!

  14. oooh! good luck with selling the house. If they are bringing other people to view it with them, that seems like a very good sign to me!

  15. Good luck on the sale, kiddo.

    And I hate needing to by myself a gift but not being able to think of what to buy me. It happens a lot more than it should.

  16. Hi there, just found your blog through 6 degrees of separation or something. Interestingly, I clicked on your blog on someone else's blog because I also love diet coke...although I think you might have given that up now? My mom is also from New Zealand. She grew up on the North island, in a small town called Ruawai. In fact, my parents are coming down to NZ next month because all my Mom's family is down there (3 brothers, cousins, etc). We visited NZ when I was in 3rd grade...back in '86 for 6 weeks, and I still remember so many things about our time there. What a beautiful country!
    Anyway, just thought I'd say HI ! :)

  17. Fingers and toes crossed for those potential buyers!

  18. Congrats for staying on track this week. You'll see a loss for sure!

    Re: the wedding photos. Long story. Tom forgot (yet again) to put fresh batteries in our camera, so we had to borrow his Dad's and now we can't upload them as we don't have the right cord for the camera.

    I'll post them ASAP!

  19. LOL @ the countdown - this is where you wish you were an Aussie, schools go back on Tuesday here!

    Bloody phone should just ring and be done with it, funny how it never seems to do that when you want it to.

    Enjoy the next couple of weeks with having Stew home, fingers crossed that this weekend will be THE weekend!


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