Sunday, January 06, 2008


Today Stew leaves me.... and goes to live and work in Auckland. So, I am not a happy girl....

Our next Open Home is in a week... I am desperately hoping someone turns up and just LOVES our home and buys it so we can join Stew in Auckland real soon.

Stew hasn't even packed yet, so I supposed that's what this morning will consist of, getting him packed up and out the door for his 7 hour drive up to Auckland.

AND... there really is a lot a housework to be done.... oh JOY.

Our clever wee man Griffin was DRY again this morning.... I am so happy about that!


  1. Hi Chuck,

    TOO LATE it's all eaten, not by me I hasten to add....phew I did have some fudge though. I wouldn't care but I had stopped making it, but whilst in Asda this morning Adam went straight to the Fudge and asked me to buy him some to which I said no but the wally that I am went home and blummin made it anyway.....durrrr

    WELL DONE Griffin again, such a good lad eh?

    Don't fret pet, I'm sure someone will come along soon to buy your lovely home.
    HEY! Until your home sells just think about the times to be had each time you see saucy devil...teehee

    Hugs to you hun xx

  2. 7 hours drive!!! oh my god. You can drive from one end of Holland to the other in 3 hours then you will have to turn around and go back otherwise you would end up in the sea! haha. I hope Stew has a safe trip, watch out for the sheep that are trying to hitch a ride to the big city! lol

    I also hope that your house does sell soon so you can move there with your husband, nothing worse than being seperated from your loved one.

    Glad to hear Griffin woke up dry! Hooray :)

    Have a nice day Chris... dont do too much housework!

    HUGS Amanda xox

  3. sorry that today is going to be so hard for you and stew, but, ultimately think of the end result... selling your house and moving :) all worth it in the end..

    be strong regarding comfort eating though or you'll be kicking yourself in a couple weeks.. :)

  4. Bloody hell that is a lot of ties.

    Big hugs hun... I don't like it when hubby is away for more than a day I can totally sympathise with ya.

    Love Chubbymum

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hi Chris,

    I can imagine how hard today must have been for you waving Stew off!I really do hope that you are all able to join him soon enough...

    As for Griffin, bless him! What a good little chap he is!

    Enjoy your housework...

    LL x

  6. Yay for being dry!!! Was he sometimes dry in the naps? I do hope he is past this now. Where is Stew staying in Auck? He's welcome here for a BBQ if he's missing the comforts of home.

  7. That's a rough day, girlie. I'm hoping your house sells quickly so you can join your man. It's difficult being separated. Hang in there, love!!

  8. Yes, it's a big day for all of you. Stay strong!

    PS: I don't know if you sew, but maybe you could make a t-shirt etc for Griffin out of all those rejected ties!?

  9. I think Stew is male the equivalent of Imelda Marcos !!
    Well done Griffin - are you rewarding him or is the reward just that you don't have the expense of pull ups? hehe
    I can't believe Stew has to drive 7 hours - that's a long way.

  10. YAY for Griffin being dry! It took a while for our son to stay dry.

    Wishing Stew a safe trip and hoping that your house sells real soon so you can join him :)

  11. Great about Griffin! Too bad about your honey...but at least you can take solace in the knowledge that it won't be forever and look at how great it will be when you're together again.
    You should be proud that you did not give in to your urge to pig-out-you proved to yourself you actually do have the willpower-yay!
    And just like Griffin's reward is the happiness of a dry bed-yours should be the happiness that you had control over your own actions.

  12. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Have my fingers and toes crossed that you manage to sell the house soon.

  13. Stay strong Chris. You have plenty of support in the weight loss side of your life. Sounds like there are heaps of us making a fresh start for the new year.

    Well done to Griffin. Fingers crossed for a dry bed every morning.

    Keep yourself busy. Your phone calls are going to be fun.

  14. I hope your house sells soon!

    Congrats to Griffin...that is a HUGE step! :)

  15. Hey

    Chris had to chuckle at Stews ties, looks like my hubbys ... just went and counted his 56 but he's not to keen on whittling his collection down just yet ... and some really make me cringe.


  16. there are alot of ties there!
    Sorry to hear that Stew is leaving today. I hope that your house sells at the next open home!

  17. I think you are brilliant for not rewarding him, better he enjoys the praise or he may regress in hope of better rewards.

    As for Stew, get the fucken positive "see yourself signing" vibes out there and it will happen.

    do it, stop being sad and do it!!

  18. About the boobs - I've never really had much sensation in my nipples, don't really understand that at all. I seem to be exactly the same now as before so that's good I suppose.

  19. So you are home alone (well apart from Brylee & Griffin) hope it all goes well without your man!

  20. Good for you-hope your buzz continues into Monday and you can stay focused! Glad Stew made it safely!

  21. You will get used to it Chris... and maybe the kids can start helping out with a few simple things...
    I know I find it easier to do most of it myself than let the kids help when Mark isnt around.. but sometimes...
    Hope the kids dont start to play up now Stew isnt about...
    Wont be long and something will happen and you will be able to be together again... Just think how mich more you will enjoy each others company when you are together!!

  22. How many ties?!!
    Realy hope you are all able to join him soon.

  23. hey chick, thought you would be too 'worn out' to blog today {he he}. hope all is good. glad stew got there safely. go griffin, chin up chicky. love ya . K

  24. The journey's begun Chris. Just need some nice person to buy your house now. Told Stew if I won Lotto I'd buy it, make upstairs selfcontained and I'd have heaps of room for fabric downstairs!
    55 ties...that was his reputation. I never say no to anything Chris. Ties have been used to make handbags even.
    Hey, you could take up sewing to fill in the long nights now... haha. come in and see us at work anytime.

  25. Well done for not eating.

    My heart weeps for you loading the dishwasher... not. Ha.

    Isn't about time someone bought your house? What's wrong with people? Hopefully now that Xmas is out of the way, they'll be a bit more likely to buy.

  26. Big hugs for your seperation, I know you will miss him. Things will work themselves out thoug they always do.

  27. I hope your house gets sold quickly so you can join each other soon!

    He has a lot of ties!!! I have seven, I feel deprived after seeing all of his. Hey, can I have his Marvin the Martian tie??? I mean, it's in his "rejected" pile after all. LOL!!!

    Go Griffin go!

  28. Holy smokes! Stew is like the Imelda Marcos of ties! LOL


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