Tuesday, January 08, 2008


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I pinched this off Pissy, it was easy and fun.

Now onto today... First off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING STEW, I miss you so much, and hope you have a nice day. I have no plans today, but whatever I do, it will involve the kids... might go to town and have a look around, the kids love going to town! Even Griffin, weird boy.

We now have 4 nights in a row DRY... what a relief, I was dreading wet beds for months!

I bought these pretty flowers for you Darling, I love them! LOL

- what a day to go to town with kids, it's pissing down!

- dropped Stew's old ties off to Karen, I'm sure she will find a way to use them.

- dropped my wee gold fish off at the jewellers to be fixed, it's about to break at the loopy part, don't want to lose it!

- kids and I had morning tea in town to 'celebrate' Stew's birthday.

- we are now home, I have a headache... havn't been sleeping that well.... hmmm no guessing why I suppose.

It's been a quiet afternoon, the rain has not let up at all, our back lawn is now a lake.... should have never got the sprinklers out yesterday, it was tempting fate.

I've had a quick trip to the supermarket for fruit and veges... not something I recommend in the pouring rain. Thank god the kids love TV, and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS ..... he is my lifesaver ...that yellow square piece of nonsense!

I don't know what's gotten into the kids this afternoon but they are driving me nuts! They can't sit still, keep quiet or nothing... so this means... early to bed for them. It's that or I throttle them. I don't like noisy annoying kids, particularly my own.

End of Day: what can I say? It was L O N G and lonely. Stew has had a lovely evening swim with his siter and they are now having dinner at some nice place in Mission Bay. Glad he's not alone.

NSV: I had sweet corn for dinner, it was LOVELY. nite nite.


  1. You look gorgeous Chris! You don't even need airbrushing ;-)

    Happy Birthday Stew! I bet he wishes he was home with you.


    Enjoy your day Chris and Stew

    Hugs xx

  3. 6 nites dry that is great well done Griffin..and with the stress of Dad going away too. EXCELLENT

    Happy Birthday Stew

  4. Happy Birthday Stew!!!
    Love the vogue cover...
    Might have a go at that when I get home from work...
    Take care and have a top day... well dont to Griff too... he's on a roll...

  5. Feel a bit sorry for Stew stuck away from you all! Hope he manages to have a Happy Birthday!

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Awww, I loved the pic - what a fun idea :-)

    Enjoy your shopping trip hun...

    Chin up chuck!

    LL x

  7. Love the mag cover :o) it is great fun.

    Happy Birthday Stew. :o)

  8. Happy Birthday to Stew! Hope you are doing good on your own without him for a while. Hope you get more interest in your house soon!!!

  9. Wow, look out Martha Stewart.

    Happy birthday Stew. Hope you gave him his pressie before he left.

  10. Love the Mag!!! You look awesome:)
    Its those eyes!!!

    4 days in a row!! thats great

    Enjoy your day:)

  11. Ohh love the mag cover!

    Happy Birthday Stew!

  12. I have a mate who made the coolest skirt out of ties. She unpicked them ironed them and sewed them together, it was so groovy. Then she got married and went all conservative and wears nothing but bloody cardies now. What a shame that some woman turn into nancies when they get married.

    Way to go Griffin!!

  13. ~~Happy Birthday Stew!!!~~

    Love the flowers you bought for Stew that Stew won't get.... *giggle*

    I have everything crossed for you to sell the house.... I hope it happens soon so you two love sick people can be together soon!!!

    I wish I lived closer so you had someone to 'spoon'!!! Lmfao!!!!

  14. Oh I just knew I'd seen you somewhere before, I just hadn't realised it was on the cover of Vogue :-)

    Good on you for going out for morning tea to celebrate Stew's birthday - hope you allowed yourself to have a little treat too.

  15. Hope Stew had a lovely birthday..is hard when you are not together.....well done to Griffin ... mag looks like a fun idea ...enjoy the rest of your week

  16. Lovely flowers!
    It's pouring here too...but we did need it-but now I'm over it...ready for it to stop-at least it's a bit cooler.
    Hope you are able to sleep tonight!

  17. "strike a pose" you deserve to be on the cover of vogue darlink!

  18. Great magazine cover!!!!

  19. Love the magazine cover hun! you look fab as always!
    Happy birthday Stew! Love the flowers you bought for him...
    And yay to Griffin for 4 dry nights!

  20. THAT COVER IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!

    happy birthday stew.....

  21. I love, love, love your magazine pic.

    Happy Birthday Stew. If I weren't on a dang diet, I'd eat some cake for you.

  22. Anonymous6:25 PM


    you are such a vogue girl.. you have the look perfected!


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