Friday, January 11, 2008


It is going to be a l....o....n....g day today. Stew is due home around 8pm, so what can I get up to today to make it go faster?

Shopping? Housework? Dunno, might even take the kids to the park if it's a nice day, they will like that.

One thing for sure, I will be 'on track' I promise, cos tomorrow night Stew and I are going on a date... dinner and the movies.. I can't wait! I will have a nice dinner and too bad if it's evil. So there! I can always 'work off' some of those calories eh?

It's a splendid day out there! We are off shortly to visit a girlfriend, then into town to buy a present for my nephew, he's 30 this weekend! What the hell do you buy a 30 year old guy??? TOYS???? LOL

Wow, havn't I been quiet today? Been out visiting, home, made sandwiches for lunch then had an unexpected visitor arrive... so we gas bagged for a couple of hours! It's still a gorgeous day out there, but I'm cold.... so I'm going to have a suana! BLISS.

The most exciting thing to happen so far today.... I straightened my hair. That is, I did after I spent 30 minutes looking for my bloody hair straighteners... fuck I looked EVERYWHERE and got so mad..... and where do you think I found them? In my 18 year old SON"S bedroom! Fucked if he hasn't been straightening his hair..... what a DORK. What am I raising????

6.35 pm and Stew is safely home... took him 6.25 hours straight driving.. not bad!

End of Day: it WAS long and kinda dragged, but it's lovely to have Stew home for the weekend.

NSV: totally on track but not getting any exercise with 2 little kids home all day. bummer. nite nite.


  1. See absence does make the heart grow fonder.. or more excited. Just don't push the blood pressure haha.

  2. Have fun working off the extra food.

  3. Bet you will have a rosy glow tomorrow when we catch up....LOL

  4. I hope the shopping went well. What did you end up buying???

    Tell Stew we are all happy he's on his way back to his special lady!!!

  5. Anonymous4:16 PM

    ooh - no toys in sight tonight babe? noice!

    It is sooooo hot here! I am jealous re: the sauna!

  6. I had a sauna too...just waited till about 8am and wham-it hits ya!
    your hair looks nice!
    have fun this weekend!

  7. Anonymous9:38 PM

    God your hair looks gorgeous!

  8. Hope the date goes well!!!

  9. Had to laugh at the hair straightener in your son's room. That's a worry!!

    And don't worry about not doing any exercise today. I'm sure you'll make up for that tonight.

  10. LMAO @ not getting any exercise with 2 little kids around, I guess you'll just have to make up for that tonight! Have a great weekend and enjoy your date.

  11. Hey Chris
    I've got so many blogs to catch up on after being away from them since middle of November that I don't know where anyone is up to in their lives.

    I will attempt to read your blog soon but am wondering if you can brief me (briefly) on whether you sold the house and have moved yet.

    I hope to be back in the world of blogging soon.

  12. Hope you have a splendid weekend with Stew. Enjoy your date night. Love the hair.

  13. Hope your date was FUN and I'm lovin the straight look!!

  14. Your eyes are sooo BLUE, I hate you....haha


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