Saturday, January 26, 2008


- Morning tea with the girls, taking the kids too out of necessity.

- Izzy goes home with Anne and Peter.

- Stew is due home.

- Potential buyers due today for 2nd viewing.

Lots to do before we go out for morning tea...must have this house perfect in case the viewers arrive while I'm out! I did lots last night actually, vacuming, dusting, washed the floors etc.

All I really have to do is get the bread baking! woo hoo.

Right, lets get on with it...

-Morning tea was lovely, nice to catch up with most of the girls.
- Izzy has gone to her new home, I hear she's still smiling!
- Stew is safely home.
- The darn potential buyers havn't turned up today.... I could scream.

Apart from that... all is going well, I'm watering the lawns, have planted new herbs down the side of the house.... it's all looking spic and span. Another Open Home tomorrow.

Stew bought the kids home a new towel each....

WE won't be loosing them in a hurry eh?

Two fingers up ya nose is way better than one eh? lol

End of Day: lovely to have Stew home again. Bummed out that the viewers didn't come today after I spent ages vacuming AGAIN!

NSV: I did not weigh in cos I didn't want to get depressed, so this is good. nite nite.


  1. Good luck and fingers crossed for you :)

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Phew! Where do you find the time to stop and take a breath?

    Seriously, I do hope that Izzy settles in well to her new home. I am sure that she will be fine, but won't you and the kids miss her so much?

    Also, good luck with your latest batch of viewers. Fingers crossed!

    Have a great weekend hun...

    LL x

  3. Awww how sad about Izzy leaving!! But we all know she has some special caring people to look after her!

  4. Wow lots happening today!!


    Good luck with the Open House!

  5. I really hope these people come thruogh for you! Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

  6. I hope all gies well witht he house today... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

    And no more Izzy Hey? I bet you'll miss her... but at least she'll be off somewhere with a good mate, and great new owners.

    Have a good one!!


  7. Your house must be the cleanest house in NZ!!!! Omg... Mine is disgusting at the moment... Phew..thank goodness for the long weekend... Its Austraaaaaaaalia day Mate!!!
    Hopped straight outta bed and into damage control on the house!! Just dont have time thru the week at the moment... Eating my brekkie while typing this.. then showering and heading into town before it rains! then I can continue in getting the rooms into shape!!
    Thank goodness the kids are with thier dad this weekend!

  8. Izzy is still smiling:-)

  9. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I went to two open inspections today and neither of them had cleaned at all - they were smelly and dirty! what are poeple thinking?? I wish your house was here!!!

  10. I think I would go crazy trying to keep the house clean in order to sell it. Yikes!

  11. Well pooh on the no-shows!

    Love those towels!

  12. No pressure Miss C
    I know you are a busy busy person and have your house to sell.
    Let's just play it by ear and catch up if we can work it out otherwise it's all good xxx

  13. Definetly 2 fingers!

  14. How rude to not turn up. Hope they get an attack of the guilts and buy the place for huge $$$.

  15. Oh dear, I am soooo sorry to hear that the prospective viewers let you down. That really is on! What a bunch of time wasters. Grrrr....

    Better luck next time, eh?

    Have a lovely weekend, Chris :-D


  16. Fingers crossed that they will come tomorrow when you have the open house on! Hope Izzy continues to settle in well, the house must seem strange without her already. Good luck tomorrow.


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