Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Well, it would be nice! A couple of million and some new cars.... ahhh dreams eh?

Nothing planned for today, Steve is going to come around again... will try to find a few jobs for him.... yipee.

I'm hoping it's not wet today, the kids really did drive me nuts yesterday... and the poor little buggers got sent to bed at 7.30 last night! And then I had nothing to do but read ... I could have gone upstairs and done some exercise....BUT I DIDN'T. Useless me.
I will try not to be so boring today.... just to amuse myself if no one else!

I just read Leenie's last post, I am sad. She has done an amazing job of turning her life and body around and I am going to miss her posts something shocking. I can sorta understand why she's stopping.... I just wish she wasn't!
Sometimes I think of stopping too, cos really I am not doing very well on the weight loss front, and that is what my blog is supposed to be about .... I am sure I do not inspire anyone out there with their efforts to lose weight, so maybe I will stop.... only trouble is I am addicted! So don't go worrying .... I suppose I will continue to bore the shit outta all of you!
The Days of Our Lives will continue...... yeah, it's still raining, oh joy.

Are you sick of my face yet?

I am... I'm grumpy today..... picked up Steve, he's going to take the kids to the movies at 12.30... in the meantime they are playing Wii and arguing like mad. Janene, bless her, is coming around for a coffee.... hope I don't bore her to death! I don't know what is is about today.... feel so sad/lonely/bored/pissed off/fat and ugly... all rolled into one.
- Kids and Steve at movies
- Janene and Jorga been and gone
- Corn cooking for lunch
- have strict instructions from Janene NOT to do any cleaning while kids out.. must put feet up and read a book. YES MAM!
- feeling a bit better, marginal.

The girls playing... me thinks Janene is off to buy Polly Pocket for Jorga now.... cute.

Been piddling up a storm! Had run out of piddle pills, got more today... been about 10 times since 11 am. NICE.

- had my corn for lunch.

- felt like something sweet, so got me a HUGE bowl of ice cream. Sat down and .... put it back in the freezer! Don't want to be all crabby with myself later.

- Feel really good now.

End of Day: another of those "started out shitty, ended up OK" types of days. I've even fed everyone (including Steve and Lisa) AND bathed the kids without drowning them! Yee ha. Stew will be proud of me I'm sure.

NSV: I did not eat the ice cream, even though I NEARLY did! nite nite.


  1. Don't even think about stopping. Its not only about the weight lose. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures, etc.

    Hope you can get the kids out of your hair for awhile. Patience is wearing thin with everyone these days. Must be the post holiday blues.

    Do have a fun day.

  2. No way- I don't know what I would do without your 'refreshing' posts first thing in the morning. you always make me smile!

  3. Don't you DARE stop ... lol ... personally I think you do inspire people, I know you inspire me but that aside if you stopped blogging where on earth would we get our daily dose of humour from? Hope the weather improves for you, have a great day.

  4. Your blog is about your life not your weight loss. So just shut up.

    And sorry, you can't win big wenerai cos I am

  5. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I agree with, Teresa, don't even think about stopping YOUR blog! It's not all about weight loss. I know that I for one enjoy reading what you get up to in your day to day life! As do MANY others....

    Have a great week!

    LL x

  6. It's not just about the weight loss and we're all real people - no one can be 100% on with weight loss all the time. I reckon it's better to show your real self than just the successes.

  7. You know damn well we don't read your blog for weight loss... we love the days of our lives!! Oh and just so you don't get complacent we will start to nag if you gain weight though!

  8. Oh, I hope the day gets better for you.

    If you really believe you will win something - you WILL win ;-)

  9. You are one of my daily reads - I know you won't give up blogging though. LOL at the photo - it says exactly how you are feeling.

  10. You can't stop, your blog is so much more than weightloss!!!


  11. Can relate so much to your post today about how you are feeling. Been feeling the same the last few days. Must be the bloody weather...all low cloud & rain...yuk!!!
    On a brighter note I will be in on Saturday. Just what we all need I think...... a good get together & a laugh or two :)

  12. Excellent move with the ice cream! Good on ya'!

  13. Smooch

    Wish you weren't so far.. I would have come to visit too.

    Love Chubbymum

  14. Way to go not eating the ice cream, love the vogue pic :)
    Don't ever think f giving up the blogging I love reading your blog ;)

  15. Geez, you talk some crap Chris. Haha You can't give up blogging. You're the only five minutes chuckle I get most days now. And when you move to Auckland I wanna know whats happening for you guys. Stew said 'look on the blog' haha.
    You are your own true self. Some of us haven't got the guts to be so honest. Guess that's why so many people care about you Chris.
    You made it through another day. Say hi to Stew and tell him I miss him at work! It didnt take long.

  16. The hippo reminds me of me this morning, except I was not piddling!
    Glad you day ended up better than it started.

  17. Don't you dare stop blogging missus.

    You make us all laugh and you are you, we would mis YOU!

    Hugs to you hun xx

  18. Fancy a Latte as i feel fed up to :(

  19. Great stuff on the ice cream ya grumpy bum!!


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