Monday, January 07, 2008


OH MY GOD.... I just realised that after an astonishing 29 years I do not have a child in nappies anymore !!! HOW is that? 29 years of nappies... fuck someone give me a MEDAL.... I DESERVE one! If you add it up (on average) I have changed 56,617 nappies on 8 kids! And that number is quite conservative! I have a nasty feeling it's more ... but who's counting? lol

So what's up today? Housework, keeping myself and the kids busy, trying not to miss Stew too much. Trying not to resort to food for comfort. Trying to get a bit of exercise too. Better get going, got to make me own latte......

JULES: I have visualised us signing a contact on our house lots... and we have signed on the dotted line TWICE already, just to have those contracts fall over. I will try harder to see the words UNCONDITIONAL eh? Visualising, visualising........

Anyone under 17 ... do not read my blog!!! It is bad, bad, bad. Thanks for this one Jules.

JAXX is my hero today! Go check out what she got up to this morning, before I even had my sorry butt outta bed!

WE went out and bought some hose connections so I can put the sprinklers on the lawn and gardens... they are turning brown! And we also picked up Steve... maybe he can do the vacuming? I live in hope!

My latte this morning didn't happen, too busy.... so I had DIET COKE for breakfast..... oh yum.

Lunch was 'healthier'... an egg and cheese sandwich on grainy bread (and Diet Coke). Steve did the vacuming, what a darling. I've done 4 huge loads of washing and hung them out... what next?

I asked Steve to come around and move the trailer for me, since he did that he's also done the vacuming, moved a big garden pot and now....

I volunteered him to help the neighbour paint the driveway fence!!! He loves me, really he does!

HA! Mike got home from work and thought he would watch for a while....


And I said "Do not get any paint on the kids", so.... Steve painted him. Typical.

I spent 5 hours rotating the sprinklers around all the gardens and lawns today... and now... it's raining.

End of Day: it's been nice having Steve over for the day... company is good.

NSV: Well... I have been a busy girl most of the day... this is good! nite nite


  1. u have a great day thinking of ya

  2. Unconditional unconditional unconditional unconditional unconditional unconditional

    I am a celeb today - mentioned twice, although along with thousands of shitty nappies!!

  3. Ha ha ha Jules...
    Will be thinking unconditional for you Chris...
    Have a ge8 start to the week.. think of me sooking all day...
    Back at work.. i know I will be fine when I get there.. just hope I havent forgotten anything!!!
    Hope you keep busy enough not to miss Stew too much...

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Wow! All those nappies! Now I KNOW why I prefer dogs, LOL.

    Seriously though, I wish you all the best for a good week ahead.

    I realise that you are going to be missing Stew, but God willing, you will both be reunited soon enough!

    Loadsa hugs...

    LL x

  5. Happy new year mate.

    Still catching up with what you've been up to the last couple of weeks but I agree with Jules. Unconditional, unconditional.

    Sucks that Stew's in Auckland. Hang in there - I'm sure things will happen soon.

  6. LOL - thanks :)

    My friend has put a photo up of her house with a sold sign on it as well and planted it by the computer.

  7. Wow. You do deserve a medal. THAT's a ton of nappies!! Hang in there, girlie. Hope your week is kind to you! xo.

  8. Keep those positive thoughts going. Now Christmas is over the property market will pick up.

    Diet Coke for breakfast???

  9. The thought of all those nappies.....whoa! lol

    Hope your week is good! :)

  10. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Thats a lot of nappies!

    Arent u lucky with a son who does all the household tasks for you. Is that Griffen supervising the painting?

  11. Now thats a lot of nappies!!!!! I can't wait til Cam is out of them either!!!

  12. Thanks for checking in on me! Wow! That's a lot of dirty diapers!

  13. Oh what a gorgeous kid Griffin is. Saw first photo - he looked so cute. Haha. I know him too well!
    AS for the nappies. You two are amazing. 29 years.. hmmm I feel so selfish!
    One day gone Chris. Crank up the real estate agent! I'm sure it will happen soon. If only I could win lotto!

  14. Holy Cow!!! That is a LOT of nappies... lol... You don't deserve a medal; you deserve a LIFETIME achievement award!

    I remember on the happiest days of my life was when my third (and final one) didn't need them any more. I threw a party!

  15. Twenty nine years of nappies, unbelievable. I had many years, but don't even come close enough to brag about it lol. Hope you are okay with Stew away, I can imagine that would not be easy. Hope your house sells quickly.......positive thoughts and vibes to you.

  16. Yes you do deserve a medal!!

  17. Hi Chris! Thanks for all your comments on my blog. To answer your questions: yes, I absolutely waver on my Daily Menu. What you see on there is the "best case scenario" and what I really eat is sometimes, very, very different!

    The main thing that makes me go overboard is P bloody M bloody S. But mostly I have a handle on my eating and if I factor in some treats, I'm usually pretty good.

    I really recommend keeping a food journal for weight loss. It's just interesting to see what-all you consume each day and it certainly makes it easier to make changes when you see the bad habits that could be appearing...

  18. Now that's a lot of poo! Eeek!

  19. Anonymous3:17 AM

    I have a diet coke for breakfast each and every day - bad but oh so good!

  20. Congrats on the lose. Hope you're not too lonely without stew. Looks like another fun filled weekend for you.

  21. I bow down to the mighty nappy changer. Think I could only manage about 7 yrs.

    And now I know who to blame for the wet weather. Don't you know you're not to wash your windows or sprinkle your lawns. It's bad luck.

  22. If you want to move to Australia i'd gladly share some nappies with you ;-) Just in case you start to miss them!


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