Thursday, January 17, 2008


After being suitably chastised for eating "crap" for breakfast yesterday... (and maybe, just maybe I agree)... I will not do it again... I promise! As it did not set me up for the day like I had hoped, I will go back to my original 'breakfast' of a latte followed by Diet Coke. That is not healthy either ... come on.... tell me off!!!

I think my eating habits are complete and utter crap the past few months, like I could never tell you all just how bad! But, today is a new day... and I will try my darn'dest to do better.

I am hoping today is not as hot as yesterday, it was just diabolical by late afternoon, and boy could I tell I was carrying a couple of dozen 'extra' kilos! IDIOT ..... I could throttle myself.

WOOO HOOO you go for it Jules!!!! All you did was make me smile.... *HUGE SMILE* ! As for taking my own advice... I have never told a bloody soul to have breakfast, and I have never told anyone not to drink Diet Coke, I have always been totally 'FOR IT' .... nah nah na na na..... I love Diet Coke, I will always drink it.... if it rots me guts...SO BE IT.... I would die of dehydration if I didn't drink it.... and hey.... I COULD GET RUN OVER BY A FUCKEN BIG TRUCK TOMORROW..... both my brothers did. End of story.

So JULES, while I love you to death for caring about me, you can rant and rave all ya want, you can't change this stubborn old TART. Life is for living, and if that means I get enormous pleasure out of drinking Diet Coke.....*shrugging shoulders* onward....

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Just a little THANK YOU to everyone who reads this silly blog... I just recorded 100,000 HITS !

Just spent the last hour and a half scrubbing polish off the kitchen floor.. now I need a painkiller cos me back is KILLING ME! Just wanted ya all to know that. And .. I eat ICE, lots of ICE.... so that counts as WATER...

I am having a good day... Steve arrived and took the kids to the park for me, so I was able to get a couple of jobs done in town.. and Steve informed me that he got a new JOB... working in a call centre for 9 months minimum... YAAAAA HOOOO! He will actually be earning a wage!

Food has been crap, but I've decided that it's just the wrong time of the month (impending) to try and be 100% good, and I'm stressed out and crabby... so there. I am though, seriously getting back into my workout routine...

- Monday : Upper body, Core and Cardio

- Tuesday: Lower body and Cardio

- Wednesday: Upper body, Core and Cardio

- Thursday : Lower body and Cardio

- Friday : Upper body, Core and Cardio

- Saturday : REST

- Sunday : Cardio.

So, that's the plan.... what's today??? LOL

End of Day: I've been keeping myself busy tonight... titivating in the lounge/dining room again.. it's been a good day too.

NSV: I love titivating, it's good for the soul. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Breakfast isn't normally my best time of day either. Actually, that's probably because I am NEVER up in time for breakfast, LOL.

    Seriously though, I'm just never fancy eating earlier in the day. If I do happen to be up before midday, I have to force myself to eat a banana, LOL.

    As for the weather, blimmey, if you are fed-up with the heat and the sun, please feel free to send some of that glorious weather this way! It's terrible here.....

    Have a good day!


    LL xx

  2. Hey you are under a bit of stress dont be so hard on yourself. And hell yes it has been hot!!!!

  3. LMAO @ you "wanting" to be told off! I think we've all been guilty of having bad habits at times, as long as it gets us the result we want that's what's important. And lets face it what's the point of having breakfast if you don't enjoy it? You're not going to do it in the long run anyway if you don't like doing it!

    As to carrying the extra weight and feeling it, I hear you on that note! But remember that you did it once before and you WILL do it again! Have a great day.

  4. Just another suggestion - what about a smoothie for breakfast (or mid morning). Refreshing (especially in this heat) fills you up, and also yummy. I do one with a banana, about 100 grams of low fat yoghurt and some low fat milk. I know you will get your head in the right place son, stress and uncertainity has a bit to answer for.

  5. You want it so here if bloody well goes:

    apart from the fact that you need to actually EAT something for breakfast - what the hell are you having diet coke for?? I have given you info on that shit and I have bitten my tongue for ages as I see you back into it but for fucks sake woman, you are drinking way too much of the shit and you need to start drinking water.

    If you would only take some of your own advice!!

    So, get some cereal into ya and if you can't stomach actual food in the morning have a smoothie.

    crushed ice

    yummy healthy and not solid!!

    I want you to do as you are told and stop misbehaving or I will kick your arse.

  6. Every morning my darling hubby brings me a glass of diet coke..before i get out of bed...Cant live without..........

  7. rightiho ya old tart. drink away.

    as for advice, I meant that you are never shy in giving it so time to take some.

    But you are right, you are too stubborn so why bother.

    have a good day rotting in diet coke. Mwwaaah

  8. Anonymous11:38 AM

    First thing I do in the morning is fix a diet coke. Been drinking it for 25 years. Not going change now I guess.

  9. well your probably sick of hearing it but what about a plain old banana after your latte and diet coke?
    There was nothing wrong with that cereal, in moderation and with skim milk??

    Drink your diet coke, with ice and the ice will ment into water and you'll be gettin water without noticing!!!lol

  10. I totally disagree with Em saying that there was 'nothing wrong with that cereal in moderation'. If you're going to treat it the same way you do a chocolate cake, then fine. But a regular breakfast is certainly not a meal to be stuffing your body full of sugary carbs!

    While your latte and diet coke are not ideal, at least you're getting the wakeup call from the caffeine, rather than the sugar. O_O

    [and hey, you know it's because I luvs you that I tells you the truth!]

  11. I actually LOVE breakfast food. In fact...we eat "big breakfast" for dinner around here on a regular basis!

    I love me some caffeine too!

  12. Is a pleasure reading your blog Chris , makes me smile..... take care and cya when I get back xx

  13. LoL. I feel the same way about diet coke. I'm constantly being lectured by my guy --telling me it rots my bones and causes stomach ulcers--but I can't help it. I love the stuff! It is the first thing I drink when I wake up and odds are the last thing I drink before bedtime. I am trying to cut back to 3 a day though. *Shudder*

  14. Big bummer about your back! I feel for you hon! Have you gone to any physio or chiro for that...I'm so grateful that my chiro finally caught the clue of where my problem stems from-she's totally onto it now...I highly recommend it!
    looky there-I didn't say a damn think about your eating habits or diet coke! :-)

  15. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I think we must have been married in another life. I use to drink diet coke every morning. Now I've gone normal and drink coffee.

  16. 100 000 hits wow!! Congratulations!!

  17. 100,000 hits. OMG you are so popular Chris. Now, you need to eat a healthy breakfast - shall I blah blah blah how important it is?


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