Monday, January 21, 2008


See what happens when you spend so much time cleaning bloody toilets/bathrooms/floors ? Ya get a nasty SORE rash under your beautiful sapphire ring.... now I can't wear if for a while!

I'm a sookie-la-la I know....

Stew flew back to Auckland first thing this morning... and we have another Open Home this afternoon... I'm not phased though, it's getting to be a piece of piss getting this house ship shape! I'm a legend, really I am! ha ha ha.

And Wanna... I am going to try and not be CRABBY today! onward.... need me Diet Coke for breakfast.

It's been a very quiet morning! We are very lucky with the weather, it was supposed to be raining heavily today... not good with our Open Home... but it's another gorgeous day.. YIPEE! Don't have much to do in readiness either, it was all done yesterday, all I have to do now is re-vacum the lounge before leaving the house. Oh and get rid of the kids! Mike is taking them out...

It was a good Open Home, 3 groups through, of which one seemed quite interested, one LOVED it but I doubt she had the money.... dunno about the other lot. It is soooo hot and humid today, I don't know what to do with myself! If I move I sweat.... I would kill for a pool!

Now that should keep them happy for a while!....

And here's Mike drinking MY Diet Ginger Beer... so yum!

Abby thinks he's a monumental DORK, she ain't wrong!

End of Day ... what a stinker of a day... so so hot and humid! Unbearable.... and to make matters worse I cooked a roast of lamb for dinner! Steve and Lisa had dinner here so it wasn't wasted on just me! Mike was SUPPOSED to have it too, but the little shit went and had BURGER KING burgers just before dinner!

NSV: On track today, this is good. nite nite.


  1. Ha ha ha...glad you arent going to be crabby today...
    I have fkn well slept in...but stil have time to check your blog and see how you are... see I do looooove you Chris.. hahahahaha
    be good and be nice to those children... haha

  2. Ow!! That finger looks absolutely painful.

    Maybe if you take it off before you scrub the terlets? LOL

    Keeping my fingers crossed on the house.


  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    YAY for good weather

    Someone has to see how beautiful your home is soon and buy it. I have fingers and toes crossed for your open house today.

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Is Mike not extra warm with the beanie on today as its so hot?

  5. Sending lots of positive vibes across The Tasman for a quick sale on your lovely home! xxx

  6. Good luck with the open house thing, I bet the kids love the sprinkler!! We use to as

    Is that like dermatitis on your finger?? I get that heaps to in summer..I wear gloves now, helps a bit.

  7. yeah-that ring finger looks painful! So, sapphire (my favorite)...are you a virgo? That is the virgo stone (I only know because I'm a virgo!)
    still crossing fingers for you to sell soon!

  8. Your finger does look sore. :(
    Hope you get somewhere with the open never know!

  9. I hope you get a bite from the Open House! Good luck!

    It is FINALLY cold here....I have been whining for cold weather...and now I don't really like it! There's just no pleasing me!

  10. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Ouch - your poor finger looks painful! I am glad you had another open house and hopE there are some prospects from thie round...your kids look adorable!

  11. Dear me, hope you didn't catch the crankies from me. That finger looks sore! Done that myself, to lazy to wear rubber gloves. Good for you keeping on track. Hoping and wishing your house sells soon.

  12. I had that happen to my ring too. Yup, too much cleaning....need to hire hosekeeper.
    Good luck with the open house...I hate doing those.

  13. I see the beanie is still stuck to his head. Does he know it's summer?


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