Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today: I've got some stuff selling on Trade Me.... it's so exciting watching an auction...looks like I'm going to make quite a tidy sum today!

Kinda sad too... I'm selling a lot of my pottery equipment.... I finally realised that I'm just not 'into' it anymore! A few years ago I was fanatical about my pottery, making and selling all sorts of things, and teaching at night school too. It was so much fun. But now.... the love just ain't there. So, it's all getting sold.

Might have some potential buyers coming up from Wellington today to look at the house... the Agent is ringing me this morning to let me know, so I need to get the house all tidy AGAIN...


  1. Darn teenagers, I felt the very same way of late. Do hope you did not have too much trouble getting the soda out of the carpet. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Ewwww going to keep my fingers crossed that these people turn into buyers. ((HUGS)) Hope you are feeling better soon. Have a great day!

  2. good luck with the house again today..

    it's sad when you have to let go of something that had been a vital part of your life... hope you make some decent money from it all LOL :)

    So..... no storm?....

  3. Good luck for the house. And just got to love trade me, I have sold nearly enough to buy my new walking shoes.

  4. YOu may sell the house and make money too. I am envious of the money part. I need some my January and Christmas always costs me for a month or two. YIKES

  5. Hey hun

    Your pottery work is GORGOEUS!!

    Good luck with the house sale

    Hugs xx

  6. I cant believe they didnt even try to clean up the spilt drink.... my 7 yr old would clean it up!!!!
    Good luck with the potential buyers...on everything!!

  7. Good luck with your Trademe auctions, I just love buying and selling on Trademe.

    We had the rain here yesterday but it was still recording 33 degree's on our temperature gauge here at work.

    Beautiful day today though.

    Good luck with the Wellington Buyers.

  8. Chris, maybe you should move into a caravan in your back yard and leave the house spotless so you will never have to clean up for an inspection... lol. If you like living like a sardine that is... hehehe.

    Sorry to hear about your pottery things, maybe you will find a new hobby soon that you will feel passionate about just like you did with the pottery. :)

  9. Fingers crossed for the Wellington people today! Hope they turn into buyers.

    It's warming up a bit now - so I'm of to the pool!!!

  10. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Good luck with the pottery auction

  11. I know what you mean...too hot, too cold-can't there just be a happy medium-always?-LOL! We actually had some rain last night-a good one too-it was much cooler as well-it was sooooo nice!
    woohoo on selling your stuff-but how sad about giving up your pottery!
    Good luck with the interested folks on the house!

  12. Good luck with the potential house buyers. We will all concentrate on a sale today for you xx

  13. Saturday is fine for Izzy - I will phone you. Didn't receive your email though? Some go straight to the spam folder?

  14. hehe. Too bad you live across the ocean! I'd buy your house up. All the pics of it look great!

    Ooh. I hope when I go into a house that it smells like fresh bread or cookies.

    Got any plans for the money you've made from your pottery sales?

  15. I have everything crossed here. Good vibes coming from across the ocean.

    Good on you for making so much money with your pottery. We don't have trade me but I love ebay.

  16. heck I've even got my legs crossed for ya!! Or maybe theyre crossed for something else!! hehe

    wow not cold here today ... still humid as ever!!

  17. What? Almost a thousand bucks for two items? Must be really nice stuff.

  18. I can't believe they make you burn vacation time when you're sick. They should give people x number of sick days a year.

  19. Sorry about the last comment. I was clicking from Bloglines and posted the comment on the wrong blog. I know, I'm a dork.

  20. Fingers crossed for you to get an offer on the house!!
    Way to go on making money off your pottery things.

  21. Anonymous7:55 PM

    WOOHOO they are coming back for another look, this is so exciting. I have fingers and toes crossed for you. You will be with Stew in no time.

    1 thousand bucks well done!!!

  22. Well done!!

    And no cant say i have tried to photograph goosebumps!

  23. Fingers crossed for a sale this time! What a relief that will be to get over and done with so you can start your new life up here.

  24. Hey,

    I lost 30Kg through willpower, stress and exercise.

    Everything is gone now and I started putting it back on.

    I found the "DASH" program for blood pressure control and arrested the upswing.

    I am now eating a balanced diet and feel a shite load better!!

    Best wishes for yours and very well done at the auction.

    See you,


  25. Everything's crossed! When are they coming back?

    If you can make that sort of money sitting on your bum do it more often I say ... lol


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