Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I told the kids about our plans for Izzy and Griffin was kinda upset... so I am hoping to take them out to Anne's today to show them just how much Izzy loves it out there!

What else.... nothing yet, but you know how it goes, things unfold as the day progresses eh?

Stew took a drive around the area we want to buy in last night, he really liked it! Thank Goodness for that! It is going to make it so much easier buying up there if we can (and have) narrowed down the "search area" Auckland is so big! Well, compared to here it is! later...

I have decided.... to try eating breakfast !!! Maybe this will stop me overeating at lunchtime/dinnertime???? And as I'm not going to the gym in the mornings anymore I don't have to worry about feeling ill after having it! So... while shopping yesterday I saw this cereal:

It IS rather high in points for a serving (5), but it's bloody delicious! And If I'm going to eat friggin cereal it better taste good! P.S..... I am terrified that eating breakfast will just add calories to my day and I will put on weight! That's also why I never usually have breakfast! Fingers crossed that does not happen.

Woo HOO... Steve has taken the kids to the park for a swim and play... a couple of hours free!!!! Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

Well since having my decadant breakfast (which was crap according to Raina !)... I have had my lunch and some fruit salad.... and I'm still craving food..... so maybe it WASN'T such a good idea!!! I swear if I gain any more weight my boobs are gunna need a friggin E cup! Or maybe the boobs are just reacting to 'impending TOM' ? Dunno, am sick of them right now!

4PM: OFF to visit Anne and her boy Toby... met her daughter and two of her grandsons too.... when we got there Anne presented us with this gorgeous Painting of Palmerston North... I was surprised and thrilled to bits... I did not expect her to do that!

The bottom right-hand Gold coloured building is the building Stew worked in, how cool is that !

Above: Izzy (in the water, front) and Toby, playing together in the dam.

Below: Izzy gazing adoringly at Toby... they seem to really love each other already! Izzy followed Toby everywhere, and she even had her first ever deep water swim.... she has never been out of her depth before. SHE CAN SWIM ! So proud I am.

End of Day: it's been friggin HOT, and I've decided breakfast is NOT FOR ME afterall! I felt like crap for ages and ages.

NSV: I learnt not to eat before 12 noon, it just isn't me. Everyone is different, I must accept that. nite nite.


  1. taps foot madly, I have been sitting here waiting for this morning's update from my two favourite NZ early birds and FINALLy you both have posted.. gee.. making us wait :)

    Hope your day goes really well Chris :) hehehehe sorry, I'm being a real pain today hehehehehe :)

  2. I was wondering when you were going to post, had a sleep in did ya??

    Or were you playing with those "toys"?

  3. I hope you find your dream area and get the best for your money.

    Start posting some pics when you get more info....

  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I wouldn't dare keep a box of cereal like that in the house. I would probably end up scoffing the lot in one day, greedy pig that I am!!!

  5. Mmmm that sounds delicious! :) Enjoy your breakfast Chris.

  6. That cereal can't be good for you, it sounds too yummy!

  7. Once you start eating breakfast for a while you will wonder how you ever did without it!

  8. That cereal sounds like CANDY. Haha, that will certainly get you in the breakfast groove if you have that to look forward to! ;)

    Congrats on narrowing down the neighborhoods in Auckland. How exciting!

    As for Izzy, I would be sad too, I get *SO* attached to pets, but it sounds like the sensible thing to do.

  9. Must admit am not a big cereal fan...prefer a poached egg on a slice of toast....have a great day

  10. caramel crunch cereal...hmmmmmm-to each her own!
    I don't eat cereal at all-they all are either too sweet or taste like cardboard-I prefer eggwhites w/salsa or a protein drink-Hell I'd eat sushi over cereal-but I'm weird like that LOL!

  11. See you later:-)

    I never used to have breakfast but do now and find it keep me going. Meant to kick start your metabolism for the day as well.

  12. it's all about metabolism hun! Breakfast is good for your body!

  13. I wouldnt let hubby buy that cereal -mean aye! It just doesnt constitute breakfast for me! Hope you enjoy it though1

  14. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Breakie is definately a good idea. It will probably help you keep lunch and dinner portion sizes spot on so do not fear about the calorie thing.

  15. What?? you never ate breaky???
    Well its good your starting it now!
    That cereal looks delish:)

  16. Is that five points before or after the milk? I didn't know you did points too.

    I do well with three cups of coffee and a boiled egg for breaky. Tides me over better. Cereal just makes me hungry for more.

  17. Crapulicious, caramel crunch muesli??? I think you'd be better off eating a bar of chocolate and calling THAT your breakfast than eating that sugar laden nonsense! Heck, even Cocoa Pops is better than any of the Hubbards rubbish.

    And by the way, you can order Shauna's book from - the only NZ stockist of the book that I could find that has it right now, before the official NZ release date of 1st February.

  18. I haven't read everyones comments but maybe the reason your weight loss has been like it has is because you aren't eating enough? Breakfast is soooo important hun and it sets you up so that you don't eat the wrong things during the day.

    Well done.

    Love Chubbymum

  19. Breakfast is a good idea. It revs up your metabolism for the day .... apparently!

    I'm sending you positive vibes for the quick sale of your house. We had the same problem here about 12 months ago. Bloody thing wouldn't sell! We ended up having to keep the joint and rent it out to tenants. Not good in the short term, but I guess it will set us up OK in the future etc...

  20. Now I wonder how many times you've been told how important breakfast is??? lol ... cereal sounds divine, haven't seen anything like it over here - perhaps I should just settle for the cashews.

  21. I think it's great Anne's taking Izzy. It's just the perfect solution.

    I'm with you on the brekky front to. It's hard for me to eat no matter how everyone says it's good to get your metabolism going, I feel it has the opposite effect on me and once I start eating I feel hungry all day and I'm craving food

  22. Yum love that cereal.....cashews and caramel what could taste better hmmmm if only there was a bit of chocolate in there somewhere owww how bad am I ...I dont know how people cant eat breakfast it feels like my throat has been cut if I dont have breakfast between 6-7am after that the mood starts to go down hill big time.......

  23. First of all your cravings were probably enhanced by eating caramel crap for brekki...cut that-it needs to be protein with a complex carb-not sugar-I'm curious as to how far down sugar is on the ingredient list (or one of the other things they call sugar...maltodextrin etc.)...second of all-you need to eat something in between breakfast and lunch-another small bit of protein and complex carb.
    That is my advice for the day-because I know you were dieing to read it! :)

  24. Awwww gorgeous photos of the pair of them! Yuk Toby stunk after the session in the water.
    Can you email the photos to me?

  25. I'm with Raechelle on the sugar laden cereal resulting in carb induced cravings. Even All Bran has sugar in it, so goodness knows how much is in the cereal that you bought! O_O

  26. That cereal looks yummy!!

  27. Anonymous10:53 PM

    that looks so bloody yummy! and of course you are hungry babe - you have fired up your metabolism!

  28. The dogs are sooo gorgeous!

    Nice pic also

    Hugs xx

  29. Guess you've had enough comments about breakfast etc. Glad to see you managed to get some down time. Always nice to take a break from the kids. Izzy looks pleased as punch at her home to be. Hope the cravings subside soon. Have a wonderful day.

  30. Anonymous5:45 PM

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I skip it too. Not a breakfast person.


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