Wednesday, April 18, 2007


With only 1 hours notice that I was accompanying Stew to a "business dinner", I did pretty well! I even found a babysitter cos all our teenagers were otherwise engaged... we have NEVER had to get a babysitter for the littlies before ! The lovely wee girl next door came over, Brylee and Griffin loved her and told us this morning that they want her to come live with us... how cute.

Now, the dinner.... turned out to be a HUGE affair, it was the 2007 Business Awards Presentation Dinner..... everyone was dressed to the "nines", long evening skirts/dresses and friggin suits... and I had on a cute wee SHORT dress ... and I laughed my head off! Once upon a time I would have curled up and died of embarassment,but not last night, I just had a ball ! I even had a man (very yummy) hit on me, he even kissed my hand....ok , ok he was pissed as a chook, but it was funny. The meal itself was superb and I partook of everything cos it was not greasy and awful, and I had very respectable portions I can assure you.

Ummm, alcohol.... I had bubbly wine, I had probably 5? glasses.... and I was pleasantly tiddly by the end of the evening... it was FUN... and I don't have a headache now! Tooo cool!
Now it's time to get my butt outta here and go to RPM class at the gym... feel like it too. later...

I went to the gym, fuck it's cold on me scooter!.. and I did the full weight session, followed by the RPM class, followed by another weight session..... I'm ON FIRE !!! I havn't felt this good in weeks!

I'm a bit cold now, cooled down and might just have a sauna... hee hee... I'm a lucky tart! Loving life, loving my attitude, loving all you girls out there who give me so much support...

AND.. I've found a name for me trusty wee scooter ... "Abie"... WHY? COS it gets me from "A" to "B" derrrrrr. If you can come up with a better one, bring it on.

Had the sauna... bliss... sent Mike and the kids off to the school for a play .... went and bought some plants for some empty pots in the back yard.... and then.... for the first time in months I had a horrible moment when my blood sugars dropped too low and I came over all hot, sweaty and faint feeling..... not enough food in the belly!

So, I'm now eating a bowl of my yummy vege soup, but it might not help cos it's got no carbs in it... I will wait 20 minutes and see how I feel, ain't feeling too bloody good right now that's for sure!

Poor Stew got home from work... and I immediately had him outside in the freezing cold potting plants! Done now though, and I'm happy with that!
He's upstairs now having a run on the treadmill before dinner... tonight we are having pizza, cos I'm a lazy tart! I shall try to have just a couple of pieces! I've had VERY low points today so won't feel too bad about that!

Nice dinner again! Freezing again... heading off to my bed, got the electric blanket on.... watching ER in bed... yee haa. nite nite.


  1. My god woman, you are so totally motivated, you deserve the bubbly!! By the way, I love your new photo, it shows us how pretty you are!!

  2. Woooohoooooo trust yuo to have the shortest dress of the night... ya tart!! rofl..
    Glad you had a top night.. should be more of it hey!!

  3. Good on ya for letting your hair down last night! And as for getting hit on!!..... GO YOU!! Tart!! lol

    Glad you had fun .....

  4. Funny lady - sounds as if you had fun!!

  5. I haven't forgotten about the award thingie, Chris, I'm just a bit flat out, and I'm off to Sydney tomorrow. I'll get to it next week when I get home, promise.

    Good for you for having a great time last night, in spite of not being an identical clone of all the other women. That's confidence for you! I'd probably have felt like crap and hidden in a corner... :(

  6. Trust you to come up with a name liek that for your scooter!!!

  7. It's a great feeling when we feel on top of our game - isn't it.

    Glad you had a good time at the dinner, it's always good to cut loose once in a while.

  8. love abie hahahaha is it a motor one or a foot one?? i want a little motor foot one know the ones with an engine but its a foot one. i use to have a pink motor one it was the best thing in the world!!!

    OK so when i said i had my mojo i meant I was eating my gosh. is the energiser bunny your mojo????

  9. I know I'm a bit late off the mark but just checking to make sure Stew is ok, I heard a nasty rumour that some moral-less woman was going to do something evil to him. Hope he's ok. Gosh some woman are so darn brazen, poor guy, I don't imagine he would have stood a chance.
    Signed: Concerned Citizen.

  10. Oh I hate that feeling when you get low sugars...... I have that sometimes after I have done the lawns and not eaten.

    You are so motivated


  11. Go girl! Sounds like you had a blast!

  12. *giggles* I love the fact you call yourself a tart. It cracks me up. =0)

    Sounds like you had an awesome time at the party. WTG getting dolled up that quick. I'm such a mess with makeup that it would have taken me almost that whole hour just to get that finished up.

  13. Anonymous7:18 PM

    you rock at exercise at the moment!! congrats!!

    sounds like you had a good night out!! you deserved it!!

    mmm pizza!!

  14. Woohoo you sure are on fire hun! And yay for having such a ball at the dinner!
    You are looking fantastic hun!

  15. Glad you liked th INDIA Video....wild wasn't it?....teehee

    I have asked folk before if I have offended them and I get feeble answers and excuses from them. (more indepth on my blog today) but like you say Chris, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!! So I aint gonna stress about it ANY LONGER!!

    No I'm not getting the violins out but to be honest as far as my family are concerned, I have always been the black sheep, the ole square peg that tried so very hard - but square pegs just do not fit into round holes eh? AND SO BLOODY WHAT!! As long as me kids are all ok and life is running right apart from the plonkers who I am just ignoring from now on then I'm happy.

    Have you noticed I barely ever mention my family in my blog?? Well I have nothing to say about them I barely see them.

    WOW! that was a bit much eh? Sorry hun.

    Okay back to your blog.
    The plants look gorgeous and I'm so pleased you enjoyed your night out....AHEM Mrs.....5 glasses of wine is that over a bottle....yes OVER A FULL BOTTLE of wine??...I think it might be...AH WELL, as long as you had fun.

    Hey! Your CD shouldn't be much longer in arriving.

    Righto that me for now so speak again tomorrow.....BYYYYEEEEE for now

  16. Busy women! Glad you had a nice time. Great photo. Keep the good times rolling.

  17. Posh dinner, getting hit on, a few glasses of fizz and then a killer workout and pizza - I hate you - I'm so jealous!!!

  18. Nice to see you at the top of your game!!

  19. Glad to hear you had fun at the party. Good for you for not feeling uncomfortable as people were more dressed up than you.

    Way to go on making the veggie soup and being on track again.
    Have a good week!


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