Thursday, April 12, 2007


Okky dokkey, I am feeling a teeny bit better today, at least I don't feel like ripping someone's head off and shoving it up their B*M! I have woken with a friggin headache, but can work around that! My tummy is feeling much better, so that's great.

My littlies must know me so well, I swear yesterday they hardly came near me! AND I didn't even threaten to throttle them! I didn't !

Today, it's raining ... so perfect for a walk.... but maybe not right now... I'm gunna wait for the headache to go first. Might just do some housework this morning instead.. don't ya just envy me??? Well, all you buggers who go to work anyway!

Ahhhh, quiet children... gotta love em! Not that they are very good at building with Lego yet, but they do enjoy it and it keeps them QUIET.... and that has got to be worth it. I think, when I think of kids and why they drive me nuts, it's got to be the darn noise they make! I do love my kids (and others too), but find I am getting less and less tolerant of the constant noise they make! Is that an age thing??? DON'T ANSWER THAT unless you are gunna be NICE ! ha ha ha.

We went for a walk along the river with Izzy, it was bloody cold! so when we got home again we jumped into the sauna! Both of these pictures were cute, so they both got put up!

These two kids are complete opposites....he's a little budda and she's just tiny.... I don't know who to worry about the most... him who eats too much and isn't very fit or her.... who we have literally had to force feed for years, but who is quite fit.
I try not to say anthing about their weights cos it can lead to so many problems later on in life.... for now they are OK.

Look what happens with too much time on your hands... ya end up writing a novel.... better go get lunch sorted out and get off this darn computer!

4.45pm... I can hardly think.... my doctor just rang with my Smear Results... not good... have to have a coloscopy(sp?) and biopsy... FUCK FUCK FUCK.... serve me right for having me head in the sand for 17 friggin years....I'm now officially SCARED SHITLESS....

I think I shall go now.... nite nite.


  1. listen to high school musical - (i am lol) "TOGETHER...TOGETHER FOREVER...COME ON HAVE SOME FUN...TOGETHER COME LETS DO THIS RIGHT..."

    i'm going to crank it up and do my housework today!!! cheesey..but i love it...makes me cheesey happy hahaha...

    glad you're feeling better today - heres to a fun successful day for us both!!!

    take care...!!

  2. Glad you're feeling better today, except for the headache.

  3. Chris
    How could I possibly be offended, you are just wonderful!

    Thankyou so much for being there and how lovely to imagine we are just yakking across the kitchen table.

    Good point about not asking how the baby is....oh my! That would be terrible for them and myself.....absolutely awful.

    My OH and myself have tried so hard and on so many occasions to be like 2nd parents and freinds to Kaylie and on so many occasions we have put things down to the fact she is a teenager but I have to say, her actions/attitude is a lot to do with the family she comes from....not a good family at all.

    We really have been good to Kaylie on many occasions but even if they did split then we feel Kaylie would still try and prevent us seeing the kids - again a lot to do with her family, her mother is a strange one thats for sure and her mother would just stop us seeing our grand children and Kaylie would do as her mother says.
    I hope we would be wrong if ever they did split up.

    I am taking on board what you have said and when things have calmed down then I will think of you the next time we see her and I will try to put things aside again and hopefully in years to come she will mature and see us as the caring, helpful (common law) in laws that we really have been and want to be but I feel at the moment things need to settle.

    I totally agree with you about that it isn't good that she kept out of our way, I feel that she is maybe feeling embarrassed because not so long ago she sent my OH a nasty txt which was due to her thinking my OH was telling Michael things she had said but he hadn't said nothing.

    I did start to feel sorry for Kaylie when she didn't want to come out of the room but things need to settle and Kaylie to maybe not feel embarrassed, if she does feel embarrassed.

    Right I might go up the wooden hill now and see if I can nod off.

    (((HUGE HUGS)))

    Thanks again.

    Have a good day!!

  4. Glad your feeling better then yesterday and the kids are quiet for your headache.

    I'm feeling better after my rant, gotta try and stay postive and thanks I'm glad your watching me - makes me more accountable.

  5. Mate -it definitely aint an age thing as I go insane with the noise. I have my niece and nephew at the moment (3 and 5) and add that to my 2, 6 and 8 year olds, as well as bubs, and there is enough noise for a small school!! If kids had a mute button I would be a much more tolerant person.

    Glad you are feeling better, I too am into the frickin housework.

  6. Kids - I love them when they are talking but it's when they get a bit hyper and louder and louder it's hard going! Your two look quite content:-)

  7. The noise gets me too - having only had one myself, I'm not really used to it. You should be though, having already raised a Brady Bunch and starting on another one!

  8. Ahhhh...the housework, don't ya love it. I can't wait to tackle mine today, I already did most of what I needed to do.
    Do you really like walking in the rain? You are not kidding? I prefer sunny or cloudy but it's just that I'm sick of washington spring showers! It brings me down sometimes. From winter doldrums to rainy spring. Maybe I need to move south.
    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. I have two..but some days you would swear there were 6 here!
    they aregue and drive me insane..
    My son (10) used to be stick thin... I used to worry about him... but he has bulked out big time in the last 12 months... borderline chunky now! my daughter has always been built like me...poor thing...
    But hopefully she will trim down...
    She isnt overweight..just not as slim as most of her friends! So hoping it doesnt start problems.

  10. My two girls are like your littlies .... Talija is built like a brick shithouse and Ayisha is a petite little thing!! The only thing is she eats the same as her sister!! I am sure it will catch up to her ..... although she moves more than Talija, that could be the factor.
    I am glad you woke up better this morning... I am not so scared to make a comment .... lol

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  12. What a gorgeous pair your littlies are and both so different. Know what you mean about the noise - I think you just get over it!!! Glad the headache's gone.

  13. Anonymous5:49 PM

    awww - hun, thinking of you. I know it's tough, but it will most likely be just fine.

    Glad you removed your head from your butt and had it done though :)

  14. Hun... I am sorry about your smear results... as I said on my text I am ALWAYS HERE if you need to chat... I wish you weren't so far away hun... I would have been around in a shot to give ya a hug and to support you as much as possible.

    The tests are good hun because it is better that they found it now... just imagine if you hadn't gone for the test then they wouldn't be doing the colposcopy to make sure they can sort it out for you...

    I am praying for good results hun and I am always here!! You know that aye!!

    Love ya

  15. Hi ya,
    Just got home from Tarawera and have come into the office (with a coffee) to relax and catch up with a few blogs. So shocked to hear that you need further tests, I can imagine you must be freaking out but try (if you can) not to let it scare you too much. Just get what you need to do done without delay. (which I'm sure you will) Also I'm only a 5 hour drive away if you want extra support. (you know I would drive down at the drop of a hat if you want me to)
    Stay strong my friend.

  16. Thinking of you Chris - shocked to hear. Easy for me to say and hard for you to do - but be strong. Sometimes the alarm bells go and then when taken further all can be ok. If you want to talk, need anything at all, just me a call. Also hope you can get on to the tests ASAP.

    Big hugs and positive thoughts.

  17. hello

    sorry to hear about smear test, i am thinking of you and hope everything goes ok.
    my last smear was abnormal and i have to have another one 6 months later (which was today) and i have been stessing about it big time! my doctor told me today that it should be ok, but have to wait for results. so i kind of know how you feel.
    enjoy the school holiday!

  18. Hey Chris, good luck at the Dr's tomorrow. Ring me if you just want to chat or go out for a coffee or anything! *hugs*


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