Saturday, April 14, 2007


Take Izzy for a walk.
Meet my WW girlfriends for morning tea.... no chocolate!
Go to Feilding and have lunch with Stew and da kids, then watch Mike play is first game of rugby for the season.. he's in an under 21 local team. It's the first time he's played outside of school....ooooooo wonder how he will go with the "big boys" ? Hope he doesn't get monstered! Watch out any bugger who hurts my Baby! ( not counting Brylee and Griffin, he IS my Baby) !

Then, ahhhh, who knows, probably get on the friggin computer and catch up on who's doing what!

The above pic is NOT MY IZZY... but it's the exact pose she struck when she saw a few ducks in the river just now!!! Oh my god, where did she learn that? It was awesome to see, she's a BIRD DOG afterall !!!! I'm so proud of her.... awwwww.

Had a lovely catch up with the girls: Anne, Chris, Sandra, Janene and the gorgeous Jorja... then it was off to Feilding to watch Mike.... it was cold and windy... and Mike's team lost ... they just haven't jelled as a team yet.. plenty of time yet. Mike has a few good marks on him... he plays 1st 5/8th, so he's kinda picked on a bit...

Lunch sucked! WE couldn't find many cafe's open in Feilding, so ended up going to their local Robert Harris Coffee shop, what a disappointment that was. I had a vegetable rissole thing, it was cold in the middle and just not tasty and it cost $5.80 ! Daylight robbery! Shan't be doing that again.

Righty ho, time to check out what's happening in blogland... later...It was hard to do.... but I just deleted about 20 blogs I used to read... cos they either had not updated in over a month... or they have never bothered to return the compliment of leaving me a comment.... I try to comment on people's blogs if possible and kinda expect the favour to be returned once in a while.... so if you have never bothered.. you just got deleted! It was hard to do believe me, but necessary cos I am reading tooo many blogs!

I'm off upstairs to do some exercise and then have a sauna, I'm freezing!

I got on my treadmill and thought.."Hmmm, might try to jog" so I did! I managed 2 X 4 minute stretches... awesome for me... I simply hate jogging/running, but it was great to get my heart rate up and feel breathless... gotta be good for you! Then I did a short stint on the exercycle and had my sauna... bliss. I'm now showered and in me PJ's and dressing gown, ready for a quiet evening. BLISS. nite nite.


  1. Re- comment. Yeah I have to say, Our Michael is lucky because depsite all his wrong doings we love him unconditionally as I would say most if not all parents love their kids no matter what and I can't help wanting to help him and it is such a shame that he is doing all the work and I mean everything around that house he is doing.
    Every time we walk in he is washing, folding clothes and tidying around, just yesterday he was taking his furniture covers off and putting them through the washing machine, isn't that just a joke the he is doing everything whilst she sits on her lazy ass? She clearly doesn't believe in joining in to help afterall she lives there also, she will help to spend the money at the bingo though.

    Michael said that as soon as he has washed the covers she will let the kids on the settee to eat their food from so it will end up covered in sauce etc what is the kitchen table for eh?

    Yeah he has done loads of wrong and awful things but you know what, I really think he is changing, he seems so much better lately and he keeps saying that he is getting his act together and he will prove that he isn't the same person any more.

    Anyway I will keep checking back.


  2. I know it's impossible not to worry, Chris, but as all the girls have said, this is really common and usually no big deal.

    I remember having a lump in my breast years ago and having to wait even a few days for test results was horrible. Of course, all turned out fine.

    Hope you get everything sorted out quickly. Have a relaxing Saturday!

  3. It's wicked how their inbuilt instincts come out even when we haven't taught them it!! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. hi ya,
    Hope your feeling ok. Stressing about health is awful. Had my fair share in the past and know how distressing it is.
    I know you have an amazing amount of inner strength that you can draw from during times like this, but don't forget that you don't have to carry the whole burden yourself. Your always giving to others, but don't forget that sometimes its your turn to be on the receiving end of some support.
    I know I am a little behind here, but am getting on the computer when my body is letting me at the moment. (I'm a delightful sight of red raw nose, runny eyes and sore throat at the moment).

  5. hope you're saturday is going well!!!!

    isnt blog just fantastic for support!!!!

  6. While I was gassing away with you all, I had gone and put an empty pot on the element (still going) at home. Burnt the pot - was lucky didn't burn the house down!

  7. LOL I can just see you like the 'nutragrain' mum ... hugging her grown son, checking he's ok after a tackle.

    My 9yr old boy wanted to play rugby but with the screams he lets out when he's hurt, ummm I'm not sure he could hack it lol

  8. Now I am wracking my brain to see if I have ever commented on your blog -- or if I have been deleted -- and I can't remember!!
    I hope if I haven't that this is enough penance or am I required to do something more?
    Anyway I love your blog, and the fact that you add to it all day long. It's also great to hear about NZ because I was born there and the places you talk about are familiar [my parents live in Wanganui]
    Hope the "down below" issues get sorted out soon. I've had the old uterus cauterized due to wart virus and although it is no fun, it is no major operation. I think it is the worry about the big "C" that is the tough part.
    I hope I have redeemed myself ..

  9. hahahaha like some of the others, I just suddenly thought, "Oh god, did I comment enough? Do I fail? O_O" I read loads of peoples blogs (I can't even begin to tell you how many - must be well over 100), though since I read them in Google Reader, I don't always comment - makes me feel guilty as hell.

    Stinko about the Robert Harris experience - I tell you what, every time I've been to that place in many different locations across the country, it's been pretty crappy. Hmmm! Now that Gloria Jeans, Muffin Break, Esquires and Colombus are all over the place, its much easier to have good coffee and foodies; woohoo!

    Good on you for that running and have a great night! :-D

  10. Hello, my name is Leanne ... and I'm a lurker! ;) Hehe

    I often go threw my blogroll list and edit it as needed! I recently added you to mine because you comment on it so much!! Thanks!! :) Sorry I don't return the gesture more often but I sometimes have no clue on what to say?! I'm a better listener I suppose!? LOL

    BTW -- Your dog is super cute! I love Labs - so smart! :)

  11. Well done on running on the treadmill!
    Hope you had a good weekend


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