Monday, April 09, 2007


Plan for today: Gym at 8am, Weight Class at 9am, home Stew build fence to make run for Izzy.... fold the bloody washing ... and whatever else comes along.
Had planned on going to Wellington but there's too much to be done around here... maybe next weekend. later...

Just back from gym, had an awesome workout, Rob - personal trainer - upped my weights again... eeewww that was hard! He also weighed me (87.5) that will serve me right for eating friggin Easter Eggs! Am now home and getting ready to go and get some wood to build fence etc....

WOW, havn't I been quiet today? Been busy helping the man... we are enclosing our deck, and putting a new fence out the back so Izzy in confined to a smaller grassed area and the deck only, this is so we have SOME lawn that is "clean" for the kids to play on.... and there are no more friggin holes everywhere! She doesn't dig many .... yet!
The far end of the deck used to be our BBQ area, but now it's Izzy's too... and we are going to cut a hole in the wall so she can go out to her own backyard area for piddles etc. And it will be only "her" grassed area, so the rest of the grassed area is nice and clean for everyone else. Cool !
I have eaten another 2 little eggs..... why am I confessing? Derrrr.... and my arms and legs are rather sore now.... I will be going on the exercycle tonight to work off the eggs don't worry. onward...
6.30 pm, and we have had to call it quits for the day... it's too dark and the mozzies have eaten our legs something rotten! Almost got it all done, probably another hour or so's work over the next couple of nights will see it done... yipee! Then I can start filling in the holes in the lawn, re-grass, fix me gardens.... it's all good.
Dinner tonight is left over Nachos, then I shall be getting some exercise...or maybe not! Feeling stuffed actually and I think I shall be going to bed!
Wanted to watch Legally Blonde 2, but it is just silly! nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hey gym bunny!!

    im really struggling with my weight at the moment i wish there was something in a bottle that kept you going!! i managed to get through easter eggless i didnt eat one!!

    have fun building your fence :)


  2. Yay for a great workout! And yay for upping the weights. I know your muscles aren't going "yay" at the moment, but you're gettin' stronger!

  3. Off to work out too. Good plan, I like it.

  4. Wow havent you been a busy woman then?

    I hate folding washing too! One of those jobs I never seem to get on top of.

  5. Good to see you in the weekend! Reading over your last coupel of entries - I don't think you are rude - just straight from the heart!

    No fish either:-(

  6. You wouldn't have wanted to be driving to Wellington today - 50,000 other people were doing it!

  7. Well you would be so proud of me.... I the last 24 hrs.. managed to devour a 200gm Red tulip Elegant Rabbit!!!
    Oh yum...I loved it...
    But its friggin well gone now and I am over it... Mind you the kids come back tomorrow night and I have a shit load of eggs to hide for them.. so they are still going to be in the house... grrrr have to be strong.. have to be strong..
    Well done on getting so much work done today. I am sure you have burnt it all off..

  8. A very productive day I'd say...the fence getting done, going to the gym, washing sorted...all good stuff.

    Keep off those eggs! Although it's fine if counted AND they wont be around for much longer now that easter is over.Have a good day


  9. My trainer's name is Rob too. He had me running on the treadmill today and then walking at a 12% incline. I think he thought we all needed to work off Easter dinner.

  10. your deck is going to look awesome when it's finished, and i'm sure izzy will love you for it... how cute here own little piddling zone!!!! love it..

    and i just have to say that you got pinky eggs... i used to live pinkys... but they stopped seeling them in aus, now being over here in the uk, there no where to be found either...


    enjoy what's left of the weekend..


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