Friday, April 06, 2007


I have put up my new Goals and Rewards..... and for the first time this year... the awful truth,I have gained 5 kilos since I started this blog..... no one's fault but my own.... I AM A PIG...It's official !
Today is another day, and I am going to be totally accountable to myself.... and those friggin numbers are going to come down if it kills me! It may take a while, it may not be easy, but it will happen.

It's a gorgeous day and we are off to Castlepoint, on the east coast, for a picnic and play, and so I can climb up to the Lighthouse again... the last time I did that (4 years ago) by the time I got to the top I collapsed and thought I was having a heart attack ! NOT a good feeling I can assure you.... so today I am going to be doing it again, only this time I am heaps lighter and heaps fitter... I can't wait!

It's Easter, I hope everyone is out and about, being busy and happy, and not sitting in front of their computer... cos I'm outta here for the day ! later...

Look at this !!! Stew got a ticket... doing 113 in a 100 zone, and the traffic officer was such a spunk! He did think it was funny when I took the photo, but gave me a huge smile! And this did not ruin our day, cos it was fair enough.... we got it on the way to Castlepoint..... the day was awesome, we had a really really fantastic time!

Below, a series of phots of Castlepoint and it's lighthouse, it is a amazingly beautiful area, with an ocean beach, the lighthouse, and an inner harbour...... we visited two lots of freinds there, one was Anne, a fellow WW and blogger, who has a really lovely home on the hill overlooking the whole spectacular view of bay, lighthouse and harbour, and another group of friends with a permanent carvavan/awning etc at the motor camp, and they were only a few steps from the beach, so we yakked for hours while the kids played on the beach.

NOW... as for the walk up to the lighthouse... I felt like I could have RUN UP THAT HILL !!! Griffin asked me to "slow down Mummy" a couple of times !!! I felt amazing, I was sooooo chuffed with myself - I couldn't stop smiling..... once we got down again, I wished I could go back up, just cos I knew I could have ..... I wanted to run up it, I really did. ONE DAY...

We got home around 5pm, Brylee got out of the car and promptly threw up all over the path.. poor kid was car sick.... and our niece, Christina, was waiting at home for us.... now we are going to have Pizza for dinner..... might have some. I have had NO more easter eggs, this is good.

Only one thing left to say about today... TOO MUCH PIZZA. nite nite.


  1. Ummm I am in bed with the laptop enjoying having no kids... Have a great weekend :)


  2. LOL yep I'm here infront of the computer... but ... I had a sleep in which only happens for me once in a blue moon. Easter weekend is work, work, work for us but have to take the money while it's there. I get other times to go out and play.

    Hope you have a great day out at Castlepoint and yay you for being slimmer and fitter this time round climbing the hill!!

  3. I'm busy but never busy enough to not check up on you! Since I got up this morning (it's 11am) I have bathed the two young ones, made breakfast for everyone, made hot x buns for everyone, made chocolate crackles, baked two cakes, made cheese rollups, done washing, sterilised and made up bottles for the day. Still have to tidy up and vacuum, decorate the cake, dye my hair, have a shower, look ravishing, dress my birthday girl and have a party!! Wish I was drinking!!

    Enjoy your walk up to the lighthouse. You'll enjoy it. I walked up the massive sand dunes at Sandfly Bay on the Otago coast a couple of years back and nearly died. Used to be able to race up there as a kid. Looking forward to going back soon and racing up again.

  4. have a great easter!
    and have fun walking up castlepoint!

  5. I hope you have a great day.

    I'll be on the computer alot over this holiday since I'll be home with my son while he recovers.

  6. Have fun climbing that hill! And cherish the moment - you're in awesome shape!

  7. What a gorgeous looking day!

  8. I Love that walk up to the lighthouse, we did it at 6am the other weekend, and it was amazing! Next time you have to do the castle rock walk. Even more spectacular!!

  9. Have a lovely Easter!

  10. Great photos! You WILL run up that hill one of these days. Congrats on your new goals and fresh outlook - always hard to 'start over' but we know you can do it!

  11. So envious of your adventures today. Too bad about the ticket. The scenery looks amazing.

    The weather for the Easter weekend in Montreal leaves alot to be desired. It is an amazing minus 11 celcius this morning. Going to be cold all weekend with snow showers.

    Hope you enjoy the long weekend. Happy Easter.

  12. Well done on all the walking up to the lighthouse, were you not allowed to go inside the lighthouse?

    MMMMmmmmm is all I can say about that police officer, what a dish eh?


  13. I bet you will run up to that lighthouse soon! Looked like an awesome day with friends and the nice beach.
    Have a good week.


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