Saturday, April 07, 2007


My mind is kinda in a fuzz.... it has been said (by a fellow blogger), that my comments on other's blogs can be "a bit rude", oh hell ! REALLY???

So, I know it's always quiet over the weekend, but if you are out there, and I have ever put a comment on your blog.... can you please, please tell me...... have I offended you? Cos if I have I NEVER intended to! Honestly, I am a very straight shooting, to the point, black and white kinda person.... I tend to tell it like it is... no sugar coating......if that is offensive, I will TRY to change!

THEN AGAIN..... NAHHHH....I JUST CAN'T DO IT !!! I am who I am, and if I offend you, don't read my blog, tell me if you don't want me to comment on your blog, ....I can take offence and wipe you off my Favourites list !!! I am a woman, who can take offence at the slightest thing.... just like everyone else !

Ok, for today.... I'm walking into town to meet up with WW buddies for morning tea, think I'll have......something nice! later..

10.30 am.... and I had something Niiiiiiice ! It was my breakfast/lunch combined, so I DID NOT feel guilty! I even ate the *3* ! little marshmellows that came with the drink.... ha ha.

It was lovely walking into town, cloudy and not too hot, but on the way home it was sooo hot I rang Stew and he picked me up half way home.. so in all I walked for around 60 minutes.... so that was good.

If you have commented on my question, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am feeling decidely better about this already!

Talk about a lazy day.... we watched the rugby, Yaaa the Chiefs won! Now we are watching "The Sixth Sense"... just love this movie..... had frankfurters on buns with cheese for dinner... yummmmm.

Am getting a real kick out of how many of you have taken the time to reassure me I'm not NASTY or RUDE... thank god for that! It is a good day!

What a neat way to end the day.... Brylee's FIRST tooth came out, it had been just hanging in there for days... so I gave it a good pull and HEY PRESTO... one tooth waiting for the Tooth Fairy..... soooo cute! nite nite.


  1. I'm being too lazy today and on the computer on and off. But, we will get off our buns and go to the circus soon with my 5 yr old.

    No, you haven't ever offended me with anything you've written.
    Yeah, you are fine, must the way you are. Some people can be sensistive to comments on blogs as it's easy to misinterpret on these things, I think.

  2. Hey, you are you and we love ya.

    If you have offended anyone then they are entitled to their opinion and it is good that they voice it.

    You have never left rude comments on my blog and if you did I know that is just who you are.

    If you did ever offend me then I will tell you so that any problems can be put right and then all is well again and then I wouldn't lose your friendship.

    Just stay exactly how you are.


  3. You've never offended me. And please don't stop being you!

  4. Well Chris - I find your commenting style to be direct and to the point when that's what seems to be called for, other times incredibly sympathetic and and lots of times downright hilarious. So I don't want you to change at all. But I guess there are some people (and I don't mean this at all nastily) who perhaps can't cope with honesty and/or humour in an unvarnished state and I also think the trouble with the written word is that it's so open to interpertation, you don't have the benefit of a quick grin or wink or a sympathetic smile to give context. Anyway I think you're great just the way you are and hope you and the family have a wonderful Eater. (And leave those Esater eggs alone!!!)

  5. Chris, I have never been offended by any of your comments on my blog. The only person I've been offended by lately was some chick yesterday who accused me of being a self-loathing worshiper of the body mass index who needed to stop living this healthy lifestyle already. I'm guessing that wasn't you though :)

  6. Hi ya,
    This question is so easy for me to answer but I guess just saying a straight "no you have certainly never offended me" would go against my grain to want to say a whole lot more, lol, so here it is.
    I guess there are probably some people who only want to ever hear all the peaches n cream (nice) stuff. If they trip up they want someone to tell them they are still wonderful and don't worry because they are really doing great.
    It all comes down to the intention behind what is said. I don't have a problem with people who chose to tell me I'm doing ok (when I know I'm not) if their intention behind their comments come directly from them wanting to see the best for me. Likewise, I have no problem being told to sort myself out if I know they have my best interest at heart. I guess the secret is being able to discern what someones true intention is and that can sometimes be hard over the internet as its often difficult to convey much real feeling through this type of medium.
    Chris I have been reading your blog for long enough to know that your heart is sooooooooo in the right place and saying it like it is is who you are. I would never want you to smile and say a whole bunch of fluffy duck comments (just to make me feel good) because I rely on you to tell me exactly what you really think. And if you dished up a pile of compliments when I didn't deserve them then I know you would feel like a fake. Your intentions are already in the right place so there is no need to change. If people feel offended then I would imagine that they either don't know you very well, or are unable to see that you truely have their best interests at heart. I think William Shakespeare said it best with those famous words ' TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE'.

  7. WOW! I am really suprised that someone finds you offensive!!I find you to be a straightshoter and pretty honest, but I like it!! Definately havent offended me!!!
    Hope you have a great day!

  8. I assume this is the question you wanted me to see? (If not, point me - I'm a rather lost individual...)

    Look, I went through this with blogs. It's worse when people come and attack what you say on your OWN blog. But the truth is that you have to realize that people are unrestrained on the internet. Social norms of holding back comments don't exist online. Some people even see it as an opportunity to vent their anger - forgetting it's a living breathing FEELING person on the other end of the keyboard.

    Consider that I found your blog through tracking a surge of traffic to my site, to a blog that posted about one of my posts where many of the commenters unceremoniously tore into not only what I said, (or what my textbook said) but WHO I am. They attacked what I said about my children as if it wasn't valid, insulted me on a personal level multiple times, and accused me of having an "ex-smoker smugness". That same post, people blasted you for having a different opinion - which triggered my curiosity about you, and lead me here.

    Normally these things would be toned down in person. People disagree all the time, but on the internet, people let loud and loose with the opinions thinking that they have a license to wound without a care. Worse yet, tone is absent from posts. It's hard to grasp what the person was saying without tone and body language, so you can only make your best guess and assumptions in that regard.

    So, the answer is simple: When you comment, express your opinion, but avoid personal comments that are negative if at all possible - because it ALWAYS comes off wrong, even if you don't intend it that way. If someone is commenting on your blog about you, and it's unkind, it's this simple: YOUR BLOG, YOUR RULES. You rule the universe here. You delete comments at will. And yes, you will still see what they have said (which can hurt) but you have the power to delete it and silence them. Now THAT is something I wish I had in real life! :)

    And if they rip into on someone else's blog - you have to ignore it. You can choose to read or not read, but that is their world, their rules.

    Blogs are personal - even when they seem that they are not. It hurts when someone attacks you, even when it's baseless, by a perfect stranger. It's the nature of the beast. Be who you are, still respect others, and ignore the people who would do you harm. Those are the basic rules of the blog-world, and frankly - you are doing JUST FINE. True, I haven't been following you very long, but I haven't seen anything to warrant whatever has been said to you.

    So... you know... Tell them to stuff it. ;) We like you just fine.

  9. Hi Chris!!
    I do read your blog and enjoy it very much!! I am thrilled that you take the time to check in on my blog, and I can tell you that you have never said anything to me that I have found rude in any way at all. :) I appreciate all of the kind words and support that you have given me. You are quite an inspiration!!

  10. Chris I have only been reading your blog for a short time and i say i have never been offended by your comments actually none have ever been ovffensive. It makes me smile when i see you have read my blog. I read your blog everyday and I can tell all ready you don't sugar coat things you tell it how it is and you are always willing to help some one with a problem with your advice. Chirs don't change you are great. Have a great easter

  11. I'm glad you had a good trip in town.

    And you have so many of us that love you just as you are.

  12. Chris - you've never offended me by any of your comments! I'm so honoured that you come and check up on me so often, and enjoy reading what you have to say. You're an incredible success story, and I'm inspired by you.

    Keep visiting me, keep commenting!

  13. You've never commented on my blog, and that's what I find offensive!

    Stop by, visit, and leave as offensive a comment as you want!

    I'm a big girl; I promise I can handle it.

  14. Zanna's comment was excellent - the way you comment is reflective of you, and you shouldn't have to justify it or compromise yourself in any way.

    None of your comments have ever offended me (though the one about Summer and being weird surprised me, rather than offended me - surprised me enough into writing that post which I've been writing to write since last year :-P)

    And I believe it is three little marshmAllows that came with your drink ;-) (Ahahahaha sorry, when it comes to Marshmallows and spelling, I am all over it like a cheap suit - if it were Saddam Hussein, I would be exactly the same!)

  15. Honest? Sure. Offensive? Nah! You can't go around all your life being afraid to say what you really think in case you offend somebody. Unless of course you're someone whose intention is to hurt other people.... yeah, those people should just shut the hell up.

    Your intentions are obviously good, Chris, so keep doing what you're doing.

  16. Damn it woman ... you're a bitch!! As on a bitch can 'bitch slap!'!!!


    But seriously folks! ... (gotcha attention by that didn't I???)

    Chris ... like you said you say it like it is and honesty is always the best policy. Sometimes people can be too scared to say the truth for fear of being rejected but I respect someone who doesn't care about that.

    And besides ... I love your humour, probably because it's very close to mine ... ya bitch! lol!

  17. You're comments have been nothing but supportive and humorous! Your blog always leaves me with a smile. Keep it up!!!

  18. Hi Chris. Yes, I read your blog, though I don't read blogs every day. Have I ever been offended by your comments? Nope. Did I pick up right away that you are a straight shooter? Definitely. I realized that with the first comment you ever left on my blog. You say what you think, and that's something I appreciate. You're also very supportive. I picked up on that early on, too. You're an interesting person. I like that about you. I've never seen a comment from you that I thought was rude or offensive (and we read a lot of similar blogs). So, keep on being the straight shooter of the gang; most of us appreciate it!

  19. Well I for one haven't been offending by any of your commenting. :) In fact it is aways wonderful to hear from you! Keep up the good work.

  20. Nah you have never offended me ... you are hilarious and straight to the point but not ever offensive.
    Although you have threatened me ..... lol!!
    Ohh and as for the gray hair .... I am a natural 'strawberry blonde' so I don't go gray!! I go blonde!! sssoooooo ..... na na na na na!! lol!!!

  21. Man you are popular tonight girlfriend. Your question reminds me of a conversation we had a week or so ago, but if I remember correctly I thought I had offended YOU!!!! Hell no, love the way you talk, prefer straight up people rather than bullshit.

    Hey and by the way, I'm been slaving my guts out the last two days, come on the computer and who do I go to??????? YOU!!!!

    You're too old to change, so don't even bother trying. Besides why change the blueprint, you're alright the first time. Happy Easter. Oooohhh Easter Bunny comes tomorrow .......

    BTW thanks for reminding me of the Bruce Willis night.

  22. Nope, you definately have not offended me AND I have NEVER read any offensive or rude comments your've left on other peoples blogs.I love reading your blog BECAUSE it's to the point and you call "A spade a spade" - don't ever change Chris, we love you as you are!!

  23. There's no hiding the real Chris!
    Blogs are an open forum, so you can say whatever you want. By the same token, others have the right to get upset by that. But if they can't handle what other people say, they should think about whether or not blogland is the right place for them
    I don't find you offensive.

  24. And while I remember, where is this afore mentioned person who thinks you are rude? I would like to bop them on the head with my fist ;-)

  25. Nope you have never offended me. I have probably offended others but Im a straight talker and that's the way I like it in return too. No point in pussy footing and molly coddling.

  26. Thanks for the comment. I'd never lurked on your blog before, but I'm glad I found it based on the question that you needed Kim to answer. Glad to find you!

  27. Never been offended here and oh that breaky looks yummmmm


  28. Hey Sweetie

    I would prefer you to be honest because if your not then whats the freakin point.

    At no point have you left me a comment that I was upset with. I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions so keep them coming!!!



  29. Hmmm Pffend me...Like to see you give it ya best shot lady... haha...
    Hell nooooooo
    i love popping in here to see what funny shit you have posted for the day... and It is always nice to see you leave a message on my blog..
    I will probably need you to come and leave me a nasty one next week after my weigh in...
    It is 11.04 pm Sunday night now... and I have just eaten half a 200gm elegant Red tulip easter rabbit.. and boy do i feel sick...
    Not good.. But boy have I been looking forward to it..
    just hope i can get it finished and get over my rabbit fix and move on... ;o)
    Keep up the awesome work on your blog... I love it!!

  30. Well I have been on holiday this long weekend. OMG there is NO NO NO WAY YOU SHOULD BE ANYTHING BUT WHO YOU ARE!!!

    You are a straight forward person but that is you!

    Hun too bad on this other person it is their problem.

    How sensitive can they be to take what you say the wrong way because you aren't or haven't got a nasty bone in your body. I have even met you in person I wouldn't change a thing.

    Love ya my friend

  31. I have just caught up with your weekend posts (read your blog at work - naughty!) and I have to say I appreciate every one of your comments to me.

    I actually gave up blogging for a while because I got so despondent that people whose blogs I read and took the time to comment on never ever bothered to return the favour. I had a bit of a hissy fit and decided that it wasn't worth the effort if no one cared. I always check out the blogs of people who comment on mine so I was a bit peeved that others didn't. I've since deleted those blogs from my list as I can't be bothered reading about them if they can't be bothered reading about me...

    On the commenting thing, I have had similar things said about me in another context. I was once told by my boss that I came across as 'aggressive'. Now, I don't for a moment think that is true. BUT I am pretty straight up with what I say (in the nicest possible way though) and I don't use fillers in emails etc. So I guess I come across as abrupt which some feel is aggressive. I do try to watch it in my professional context now but I am also a bit proud of myself that I tell it as it is.

  32. Ok, I'll admit it. I'm offended. You know why? BECAUSE YOU'VE NEVER LEFT ME AN OFFENSIVE COMMENT!!! LOL!

    Ah, who cares, eh? People get the shits with my comments all the time, but I never said I was nice. No, that's not true...I'm not nasty, but like you, I'm hONEST. If people can suck it on up if they do't like it! MWHAAA-A_A_A_A_A_!!!!!

  33. Hey! This is my first stop by your blog and I'm lovin' it. You've got a great sense of humor, I've all ready laughed several times. =0)


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