Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, it's another holiday today ... ANZAC day, when we remember the good guys who died in the world wars...

I'm off to Spin class this morning... rang at 5.30 am monday morning to ensure I got a place! And I've got a darn sore back, high up between the shoulder blades... no idea why, but I'm not too happy about it, might just take a pill to help it.


Am I mad? Cos I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the RPM (spin cycle) classes !!! It is hard, don't get me wrong, very hard on the fanny too, (ha ha), but I can't get enough of it.... they have a class every week day morning at 6 am, and I'm thinking of giving it a go ..... I usually only go to a spin class on Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 9.30am, but I WANT MORE!! So, maybe I will....

Today, I've been to the gym, washed the floors, and buggered around with my new computer, caught up on the blogs I read (far too many) and now Stew and I are thinking about getting out into the yard, mow lawns, clean deck etc etc.... It's a beautiful Autumn day...

I've just finished waterblasting the deck... it was kinda yukky... Izzy is not a girl who tidies up after herself.... dirt and dust balls, blonde hair everywhere, and it wasn't mine!

Next thing today.. off for a drive to Woodville, maybe the windfarm and windmills.... anything to get outta the house for a while really.... later...

There's me foot again, under a humongous windmill... awesome things, soooooo huge! The make this noise.. WHHHHHOOP, WHHHHHOOP when the blades turn, not super loud.. just like HEAVY? It is hard to explain just how big they are, except that it would probalby take 15-20 people linking arms to surround the base! And it was friggin cold up there on the hills....

Home again.... had seafood rissoles and (chips.. shush) at Woodville for a very late lunch... so shan't be needing dinner at all.. this is good. Ok, the chips weren't , and I shall have to do some serious exercise to justify having them, but ya know I will !

Right, been super lazy for the rest of the evening, too much friggin food mid afternoon ... didn't have any dinner, just was not hungry. Just had a lovely sauna to help with the sore back, which is feeling heaps better.. and now I'm going to go read in bed.... ahhhh what a life! nite nite.

And Wanna_B, hope to catch up with you tomorrow ok. And Lisa, I don't mean you !


  1. oo enjoy!! I cant believe you have to ring up that early!!!! thats insane!!

  2. I soooo know what it is like to have a sore back! Take care of it hun.


  3. Enjoy the day! It's beautiful.

    No gym for me today - I have a pilates video I might give a go later on.

  4. OMG you are seriously turning into a gym junkie!! Sounds like you are gonna explode soon :p

    I never got into the RPM classes when I was gymming, think my butt couldn't take it and I just got too puffed. I used to love the step classes.

    You're almost making me want to join again ... hmmm ... might have to think about that one. Bill wants us to join one in Tauranga but it's just too far to travel (45mins drive one way). I could see my self just not being bothered to travel.

  5. I love RPM too! I can't wait until I get back into it, though I'll need the all clear from the physio once I do so (the body position might put a bit of strain on my upper back and shoulders for now) - though I think its a bit crappy that you have to wake up at 5:30 to ring and book. At my gym they pretty much let you book up to a week in advance of a particular class - and you don't have to phone in to book either, you can pop in and do it at the desk (so going to the gym to book RPM is another incentive to get into the gym itself!) I initially planned on doing one a week - though now I do at least 3, if I can, 4. I can understand the madness :-D

  6. I do hope you have spent some serious time on the treadmill making up for those chips. Silly tart. Not to mention those pies. lol.

    My DH and I are not in your league. To date we have 22yrs and 20 yrs of parenting. By the time our youngest leaves we will be pushing 30. Bloody long time huh.

    But we love our kids too - doesn't mean we have to like them all the time tho aye.

    I have to say you scare me sometimes. Are you living my life? Two nights ago I musta slept with too many pillows and woke up with a real bad pain in my shoulder. Hurt to buggary. DH rubbed some deepheat in and I swear it brought tears to my eyes. But today finally brought relief enough to do my gardening. Had a lovely time pottering and getting a headstart for the weekend. Love it.

    Look afta yourself chook.

  7. Hope your weigh-in was a loss. I love those windmills.

  8. 6 am is SO early to be getting on a cycle. I'm used the English way of doing exercise now. There are NO before work classes here at all. So if I go to a class it's after work or evenings and if I go before work I do my own thing.

    I used to love RPM too but have ditched it while I'm on this very low calorie diet.

  9. If you're going to be addicted to something, I think RPM has gotta be one of the smartest choices! =) I don't think ANYTHING could get me up and out of bed at 5:30am!
    Hope your back is feeling better!

  10. Looks like you had a beautiful day for a holiday.

    Hope your back is feeling better soon. You've been a busy bee. It's been onne jam packed day for you.

    Spin class sounds like a challenging good time. Keep up the good work.

  11. Wow, sounds like you've been super busy lately! Yes, I do think you're a bit mad for loving those spin classes so much, haha. I've never actually tried one, but to me they look like absolute torture. Maybe I'll give one a try... Sorry to hear that you're back is giving you grief!

    Take care,


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