Monday, April 02, 2007


Griffin.... woke up at 5.20am, and THAT WAS IT! I could throttle him, he wanted a drink, then food, then his teddy's, and on and on and on.... Now we are starting the day ratty, gawd, I don't ever want to go back to infants and night feeds, early mornings etc!

T0DAY: Kids to school, gym, walk dog, housework, all the usual stuff...oh and I might pop over and see my WW Leader too, though technically she isn't my 'Leader' anymore cos I've left eh? But she is a good friend, so I need to sort things out with her, it is on my mind....

I went to the gym and did my 30 minute weight session with the trainer... such a nice guy! He's going to be weighing me every monday morning, starting next monday (after Easter, yikes!), so that I am accountable to someone else! I better pull finger this week eh?
Then.... I rode me trusty scooter (as yet un-named) over to my WW Leader's shop, and we had a lovely chat.... seems she HAS been very busy with end of financial year stuff too... she wasn't ignoring me (Honest!).... and all is good! Phew, that is a load off my mind. I think she will even try and join us for coffee on saturday's as well, so that is so good. I really value her friendship, she's a neat lady.

Now that I have my dining table back, I fluffed around with table settings (cos I could!), and came up with two similar, left or right one? I like the one on the left.... not that we are probably ever gunna sit down to a table like this, ha ha ha. But if we wanted to.....
Don't like the placemats... gunna go look for some White ones! Mad to have white placemats... but it will look soooo pretty!

Hmmmm, this is not a blog about how to dress ya table... more about what ya shouldn't eat off ya table.... I have been good! Eating only 3 meals a day, no snacking, felt FANTASTIC last night, cos I hadn't had any naughty food after dinner, and I had so much more energy at bedtime.....heeee heee he! I do believe eating too much at night makes you lethargic and sleepier... not doing that anymore.... promise!

Took Izzy for a long walk into town, it took 45 minutes, she was exhausted! Met up with Stew and we had lunch at a nice cafe on George Street, at table outside so Izzy could sit with us! Then Stew dropped us home again, Izzy would never have made it both ways, it was so hot. Then... I had a Nana Nap, was so tired! Mike picked up the kids from school, and now I'm trying to think what to do for dinner, I got out some chicken mince.... havn't used it before, so not sure what to do....might try rissoles! later..

NOW.. for all of you out there who have tried to chop up onions without getting stinging, crying eyes.... do I have the solution for you! Now, you may look like a bloody dork, but hey, your eyes don't hurt!!! I wear swimming goggles.... it works 100% ... no shit!

My only suggestion, don't forget to take them off if you have to answer the door! Done that, the guy looked at me as if I was mad! Hmmm, wonder why?

Ok, onward, must do some spuds next....

FUCK I'M A TWIT.... Today I have popped into my blog to update, and have seen NO COMMENTS for me... and I'm thinking.... boo hooo, no one likes me today..... then (JUST NOW) I realised I had the wrong e-mail address up on my screen (like my 2nd one).... DOH. I was so wrapt when I saw I actually had 10 waiting to be read... gunna do that right now... my mood has lifted I tell ya!

Well, the chicken rissoles were lovely.... mince, eggs, onions, carrot, pototoe, herbs, stock, breadcrumbs.... all combined and pan fried. Yummm yummm.
Sent Stew out for diet coke, have had 2 litres of friggin orange today already, was hanging out for something I actually like to drink.... so there! On that note, nite nite.


  1. I've thought about it - maybe your leader has taken it personally, e.g. that she has let you down by you not getting what you want out of the meetings. She may not but I'm sure if that is the case you will soon reassure her it is nothing personal, just you feeling stale with it all.

  2. i hope all goes well with your leader chris.

    wow 5.20am yuck i am very lucky my girls rarely wake before 7am thank goodness i just wouldn't cope.

  3. You are funny!! Isn't it great how a good day control wise can make us feel so much more confident in ourselves.

  4. Pleased you finally managed to catch up with your leader and sort everything out. Things like that can play mind games with you. Pleased to see that you've made yourself accountable for weekly weigh ins, especially to someone who can really kick arse. That's real dedication.

  5. LMAO!! And just after I blogged about my wonderful boy today, yours plays up!! Like I said "kids, dontcha love em??"

    As for dressing tables, sheesh I can never see mine for the paperwork that's continually on it!!

  6. I like the one on the left as well.

  7. loving that dining table chris can't wait to start decorating my new house. great news about your ww leader. take care

  8. hey, chicken mince, thats what I'm cooking tonight. I'm making chicken chow mein with it. (minced chicken, chow mein powder stuff, broccoli, celery, carrot, onion and garlic and some noodles through it. Its quite tasty but I won't be having any :-( Mine will be a small piece of snapper with a salad :-) yum.

  9. glad you've worked things out with your leader, ex leader....FRIEND!!!

    love the goggles look, onions are banned in our's fussy!!!

  10. I don't care looking like a dork. But I care about stingy eyes. Ingenious suggestion.

  11. I wear my dads welding goggles to cut onions - works like a charm :)

  12. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I wear contacts.... just got to remember not to touch my eyes when I been chopping chilli...


  13. LOL LOVE the goggles!! thats so funny(but will definately try it when cutting onions!!)

    Great that your WW leader is not pissed at you!

  14. Let me just tell you that I love reading your blog throughout the day - you had me in stitches re goggles and answering the door!!!!!


  15. xoxoxoxo :-) yeah you look like a ding brain he he

  16. OMG you will do anything to get comments huh!!! OMG THE GLASSES SUIT YA HE HE HE YOU BLOODY IDIOT HE HE HE.

    I am glad that your leader (or ex leader) wasn't ignoring you... that is fantastic!!

    I like the one on the left too!!! Less busy or something. The table looks fantastic hun!! Can't wait to have a dinner there one day he he he

    Love ya

  17. I'm pleased about your WWers leader and there was a genuine reason as to why she hadn't been in touch and all is well...fab

    HeeHee the goggles, should I be the first to say "YOU LOOK COOL" or should I tell you the truth and tell you "you look craazzy" - you do cheer us up...teehee
    Great idea though!

  18. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Love the pic classic!!!!

    thanks for all the messages im back on track!! watch out here i come!!

  19. I LOVE the goggles idea! It's sort of like 'why didn't I think of that?'.

    I *heart* your blog by the way.

  20. I like the one on the left too. Nice office area as well! Yay for the woman letting you shop after hours.

  21. Hey the googles are a nice fashion statment. Better then going to the door in tears.

    It sure does make you feel good when you reclaim your space. Table looks lovely.

    Glad things worked out with your WW leader.

  22. Got enough commments yet?

  23. AH! Love the goggles picture! Brilliant idea - they make me cry like a baby - thanks for the tip and the laugh!


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