Monday, April 16, 2007


Left Mike in charge of the dog yesterday... she didn't get fed, no fresh water, no walk... piles of shit everywhere... I am pissed as with him! We are going to Australia for over 2 weeks shortly and I was hoping I could leave him to look after my dog... looks like I'm going to have to put her in a kennel, something I hate doing... GRRRRR !

I was stewing about it all night, that's how riled up I am, and on top of the other stresses right now, I DON'T NEED THIS ! Izzy is very important to me, and his not looking after her has made me sooo mad! Teenagers, I could shoot everyone of them!

OK hissy over.... I'm off to the gym again this morning, Mike WILL HAVE TO GET HIS ARSE OUTTA BED and watch the kids for me! Weight programme this morning, then some cardio.

Feeling great about my motivation and attitude at the moment, don't feel like I am going to slip up today! I've already taken Izzy for a lovely long walk this morning, so I'm off to a great start.

Jules, no I am not doing C25K, just trying to add a bit of jogging into my day... I'm hoping it will help whittle me thighs down!

I got to the gym for my weight session, and today I managed to leg press 150kgs!!! When I started the weights (not that long ago) I could only do 90 kgs, so I'm wrapt with that! All the other machines have gone up in weights too, I'm a machine I tell ya! Felt a million dollars till I got home... and found Mike asleep on the couch in the lounge with Brylee and Griffin playing on the playstation in the kitchen! I was so mad I cried!

The I rang Stew and made him feel awful too.... got to share the misery around eh? My way of thinking , if he is pissed off enough at Mike he might sort him out! And Stew hates it when I cry.... I hardly EVER do, so when I do it's a big deal. I'm still feeling super upset... but I will get over it....

I just rang the specialist... who hadn't even got the letter of referral from my doctor yet.... and I have an appointment already! MAY 3rd, 12 noon.... and I had a lovely chat to his nurse too ... what a neat lady, and I'm feeling not so nervous about it all.. they may not even need to gas me (I was thinking they would have to ... to help relax me) ! So that is sorted...

Before I forget.. weight today: 86.7, up .200grms over 2 weeks (Easter), so am happy with that! I am gunna have a LOSS next week you just wait and see!

Brylee looked bored... so gave her a job, which she loved! Won't hold my breath expecting her to continue loving it!

I'm feeling ever so virtuous, I'm making vege soup! Havn't made soup since last winter.... and I have a roast of beef in the oven too! Gawd, I'm on a roll.

Wanna.b.slim and Aaron'skiwigirl, thanks for the "yak" today, it was neat!

Lynise: thanks for the offer of caring for my Izzy, if you wern't so far away I would consider it mate! You are too far away though me thinks!

Steve came home this afternoon and he has offered to make sure Izzy is cared for.... by doing it himself.... there is hope for him yet! Awwww. He's had a bad day, blacked out at work, then hit his head and knocked himself unconscious! He's off to see them at the hospital again soon, thank goodness.

Life is not dull around here... which is good I think!

I'm now off upstairs for a bit of exercise, then a sauna, then bed. nite nite.


  1. Shit, can you trust Mike with the kids if he can't do the bloody basics for poor old Izzy. Tell the lazy little twatt that he won't be allowed to stay in your house while you are gone either considering he has not a responsible bone in his body. Kick his arse Chris!!!

  2. Hey hun

    They have a running program in the new Weight Watchers magazine and I thought of you last night when reading it... it slowly gets you running. Thought you might be interested.

    OMG I would be in to it if it wasn't for my back... I had a sore jaw after the gym yesterday as I was gritting my teeth as my friend was running and I just wanted to run but knew I couldn't.

    I can totally understand why you were upset about your beautiful dog not being looked after (grrr).

    Love ya hun

  3. My daughter is useless as well - soooo lazy and does the same thing re our dog. I come home from work and the poor pet has no water on a stinking hot day. I get so mad and tell her it's animal neglet. I sometimes wonder how in hell she will manage in the real world without me doing everything.

  4. Yep - take on baord what Jules said about Mike. You're strong - you can sort him out!

  5. There ... doesn't that feel better to have a good ól bitch about it and get it out? I tell ya somedays a cry is as good as a coffee (where the hell did that come from?? lol, thinking as I type here or maybe that's typing as I think)

    Everyone around me seems to be really inspired with exercise at the moment and it so rubs off ... thanks chickey!!!

  6. Oh bloody hell... Mike is a typical lazy arse isnt he...
    I think you and Stew need to sit down and work out a strategy to sort the lazy little bugger out...
    I would start with scaring the shite out of him an sitting him down and start with .. Stew and i have been thinking we have had enough of your lazyness..if it doesnt change you are say 3 months... or by his next birthday... would be fun to see his reaction..but then again i am a bitch and enjoy making arseholes squirm..haha

  7. What are your plans for your trip to Aussie???
    I guess tasmania isnt on the agenda????

  8. Well done on the 200gm loss for two weeks..thats awesome....
    And well if you were preppared to come to tassie..I would be there to pick you up!!

  9. Awww come on..couldnt possibly be any colder than NZ????
    supposed to be a top of 20 here today..what more could you ask.....

  10. Always got Diet coke to mix with Marks scotch....
    I personally use diet dry ginger... Caffeine wires me... haha

    So where are you headed on yout trip to Aus??? any time in melb??? are you meeting up with any bloggers... oh and do you have messenger... might be easier to grill you if you do...mwahahahaha

  11. argh! i'm gonna have a loss this week too, especially after last week!!!

  12. I am so sorry to hear about Mike letting you down with the dog. :(

    Thank you for leaving the wonderful comment for me. It was just the loving kick in the butt that I needed!! :)

  13. boys suck mate!!! cant ask them to do a girls job anyday...actually ANY job!!!

    well done on the weightloss and keeping it all under control over the easter period YOU ROCK!!!

  14. The only time I'm lost for words is when I try to understand teenagers. "You'd think ...., I can't understand why ....., Don't they realise? ...., Surely they're not stupid? ....., Why? ...., How? .... and the list goes on. Feel like hitting your head against a brick wall. Hey, why don't you literally put him in the doghouse and let Izzy take his bed.

    That's good news about the specialist. Not too long to wait. Glad you're feeling a wee bit better about that.

    Hope you're surviving the rest of your day.

  15. Arg... how frustrating! I know how particular I am about people watching my dog....

    Sounds like you're a weight lifting goddess! Can't wait to read about your loss next week!

  16. Don't know about some teenagers these days. I have a great friend who is a single mum to two teenage boys. She works her butt off while they spend most of their time sleeping, eating or creating a mess. When I found out that she was paying a guy $35 a pop to mow her lawn (instead of them doing it for her), I took it upon myself to point out that my 11 year old nephew runs his own small lawn mowing business and earns himself $80 a week, I think I managed to sufficently put the two of them to shame (one 17 other 19) Hope Stew can sort Mike out for you.
    In regards to Izzy, 'pet sitter extrodinarie available here'. Send the little darling up to me, I'll love her to bits and make sure she is well fed/watered and walked.

  17. hey your specialist appointment is a day before my specialist appointment. Maybe that makes us specialist twins?? or should that be "thpeshal" twins... :p

  18. tis ok about the Yak...I enjoyed it... and I was right about the kids whinging all the way home....
    But I enjoyed the walk....

  19. I dunno, maybe a LITTLE bit of dullness would be nice sometimes...

  20. Anonymous8:50 PM

    mmm can i come to your house for dinner soup i love soup!! ive started to make some now yummo!!

    keep smiling steph :)

  21. I think with everything on your mind lately it could have been anything or anyone that was gong to upset you.
    It's probably being building up inside so much until it was released and so you got upset.
    A good ole cry is good sometimes and we all need to do it.

    Teenagers....arrrghh...I totally agree with you. My middle son, Adam is going on 12 and I'm not joking but I'm sure he must be going through puberty or something because it is SURE like having another teenager around the place again.

    WOW! You sure are on a roll, keep it going, it can and will do so much good and those veg look gorgeous and yummy and very healthy!!

    Aww Steve is a sweeties offering to look after Izzy. I had a German Shepard called Heidi and I LOVED THAT DOG!!
    I was very ill a few years ago and Heidi knew and this may sound mad BUT I truly beleive that she knew before I did because she started following me and she would just not leave my side she even waited outside the bathroom whenever I was uisng the loo and when I ended up in hospital my OH said she wouldn't eat and was fretting for me but WOW!! When I walked back into the house a month later she nearly knocked me over she was so pleased to see me. The next morning she came upstairs and put her nose under my head, flicked my head around liek mad....teehee I think she was checking on me.......awwwwww I LOVED THAT DOG but sadly she died, apparently old age and I MISS HER LIKE CRAZY!!!!

    Oh dear, I'm going now or I will start to cry next.

    Hugs to you Chris.

  22. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I gave you a Thinking Blogger Award. Stop by and check out Saturday's post!

  23. Chris you amaze what a busy life you lead, I wish for that get up and go attitude.

    Yummo the vegies look great, Once I have moved in with mum and have access to cooking I will be making a big vegie soup , let me know how yours tasted I need a reciepe. cya Jill

  24. hehe. I remember my grandma used to let me run the vaccuum when I was little and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now that I have my own carpets to vaccuum, I hate it! LoL. It is still a good memory though.


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