Thursday, April 19, 2007


Warning..... warning.... it's getting cold here, so my mood is bound to change! I HATE BEING COLD, and I have virtually NOTHING to wear! All the clothes in me wardrobe are too bloody small.... who's fault is this? MY own I know, I better bloody well keep up this positive attitude and lose a few more kilos FAST.....

Today: now let me think.... GYM !!! then housework..... and who knows what? Ya just never know in this bloody house... GOT TO LOVE IT !

Hee hee, just back from the gym.... I have been given *4* free personal training sessions over the next 2 weeks as a "thank you" from the personal trainers for giving the "Weight Loss" speech to their clients... HOW LUCKY AM I !!!! WOOOO HOOOOO.

I AM A LUCKY LUCKY TART... FOR SURE ! Now , where was I... oh yeah, gunna go clean the 3 friggin toilets in this house.... yep, I'm really lucky ! lol

Grrrrr, I've been trying to put another photo on, but it just won't work! So anyway, I GOT MAIL .... I was sent a CD from a lovely lady in England ( and it's the latest Weight Watchers cd, with trackers, tips etc etc.... I have already put it on my computer... so cool ! THANK YOU Linda.. now I have your address..... watch out! I got a little thrill when it arrived... I was holding something sent to me from a fellow Blogger..... all the way from England no less ! How neat is that?

Mike has taken the kids to the school for a play again, it's so quiet! I'm still cold... struggling to drink my water and (shush) diet coke..... hopeless in winter to drink enough.

6pm, been a quiet afternoon, Mike had the kids out for 2 and a half hours! Wow, they are tired. Great! Lamb chops and veges for dinner, cooked in thick mint sauce, soooo yummmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Then might have a sauna to warm up before watching some evening telly snuggled up with me blankie.... awww I'm such a sook! Blogger has been "eating up" me photos .... the shitty thing. Hope it's better tomorrow!

Nite nite.


  1. Love the name Abie!

    Potted plants look excellent (good boy Stew).

    Hope the gym warms you up chicken.

  2. I feel like it's never going to warm up here. It's supposed to actually reach 70 on Sunday. I'll believe it when I see it!

    Hope you've had a good day!

  3. Re-comment
    Ah! Right you are racing me then eh? Okay thats all good.

    Are you ready?
    Are you steady?
    THEN GO!!!!!!

    Yep a bit of healthy competition would be good! Bloody fantastic actually!

    Thanks for wanting to send a reward...thats so lovely of ya hun

    I will be back in the morning to read how your day has gone.

    Have a fab day!!


  4. run on the spot DO IT NOW!! lol that will warm you up...probably not as good as going to the gym though hahahah...good on ya girl!!

  5. Ohhh Pizza for tea...
    umahhhhhhhhh I hope you were good and stuck to your couple of pieces... always bloodyhard I know..
    Hope your day warms up a bit...
    but get used to it as winter is closing in fast!!!

  6. You know the weather is changing when you find yourself heading out to the pool with togs on under my polar fleece! I'm mad. Hate the cold weather too.

  7. I can't remember posing for that pic !!!!
    (hope knowone recognises me, I don't think its my best look. May have to reconsider the purple thong I'm wearing for my workouts)

  8. I love the cold..... I'd rather be cold than sweat!! And my makeup stays on longer!! lol.....
    What I son't like about it is the sickness..... especially the babies!
    The plants look great .... nicely presented!!
    And yes you are a lucky woman ...... 3 toilets to clean!! Go You!! lol..........
    Actually I cleaned the work toilet here yesterday .... I nearly gagged!! It is off .... it is about 20 years old and 3 stinky men using it everyday!! .... eewewwee.....

  9. Boo!! Did I scare you? Sorry I haven't been around for a while, bloody computer at home is still dead. I hate not having a computer and don't have much time at work to check out blogs unfortunately. It's not like the old days!! Your motivation is on fire at the moment girl - you are awesome. Keep up the bloody great work. Hope all goes ok with your specialist appointment. I will try to check up on you more often.
    When are you coming to Oz?
    Take care,

  10. lucky?? dude, you worked for it!!!! in everyway!!!!

    apart from the run today, i'm disappointed in you...haha.

  11. Gotta love scrubbin toilets...
    Someones gotta do it.. and you are just the lady for the job....
    ;o) ya potty mouth thing you!!!
    Pfffftttttt two bloody awards..year right..ya gots to be kidding hey!!

  12. Bring it on ...I'ma waitin..... rofl...
    Potty mouth tart... haha

  13. Was cold here today as well, nice and warm now the sun is streaming in the house....

    Cheers Jaxx

  14. I love Winter!! I don't fear what I am wearing as much and I hate never being able to get cool... but I can understand that you LOVE summer... I love being snuggly in bed and reading a book... etc he he he

    Woohoo for getting something free for talking hun... that is fantastic that they appreciate you!!

    Love Chubbymum

  15. I am going through the same dilemma with no clothes today and it was bitter. So I pulled on Blair's trackies and two of the kids had a go at me about it. Ben said, you can't wear those - your tummy hangs over too far in them. I replied - "that's because of you bloody kids". Phoebe pranced up and said "you not wear those, those are Daddy's, you get dem off now!". So I pulled on an old pair of jeans and suffered the cold. Need new clothes.

  16. diet coke is addictive!! i've been drinking it out of a wine glass today...GO POSH ME!!

    winter rocks...hide under all the clothes!!

  17. Ohh I love winter - but maybe I am odd, lots of vege soup and milo!!

  18. I hate winter. I think there is nothing worse than hiding under clothes - the more layers the bigger I look I reckon. I have to admit though, I bought a gorgeous trench coat with some birthday cash and the tags are still on because its yet to be coat weather.

    Enjoy the freebies from the gym - very generous.

  19. Oh Great! you got it alright, I was beginning to think it had got lost but having said that it was only last Friday I sent it off to you so that's less than a week for it to get to the other side of the world....pretty damn good actually!

    I had wanted to send some pink n whites and bits and pieces but I just never got round to getting it sorted ah well, some time soon.

    Now, if you get stuck then email and I will scan the book guide and email it to you, actually I might do that anyway just so you can discover new features because I did when I dscovered that we can print a certificate out when we reach milestones and the maintenance button becomes active when we hit out goal weight so it doesn't just end at goal the CD rom keeps helping...fab eh?

    It will keep track of points spent and saved throughout the day & week for you and of course you have the graphs of measurements and of course weight loss graph. I'm sure there will be more features that I just have not come across yet.

    The only problem you will have is food search because our points will probably be different and putting in details to add to you food search because you guys work off kj & ummm I can't remember what else but we work off Kcals and Sat fat so I dont know if it would work if you just put in your info and checked it along side food that you know the points of to see if it will work the points out for you.

    I suspect the activity points will be the same, but anyway it has taken me quite some time to discover more things about the CD, it looks pretty basic until you get right into it and it is really fab.

    I hope you enjoy using it.


  20. Uh oh, help me out! I'm working on learning new words, what is "sook" ??

    "awww I'm such a sook!"

    I am such a diet coke fiend. I used to drink 8 cans a day, but now I'm down to a respectable 2.

    Congrats with the gym! Free stuff is great, but even more congrats for being able to inspire people. hehe. Come over here and give me a pep talk! I can't seem to convince myself to go ever =0p

  21. Love snuggling up with the blankie when it cold. Lets not forget the flannel jammies!

    Wow so nice to get those training session. I'm envious.

    Hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet. Dinner sounds delish!

  22. I love winter too, it is getting to summer here now and I'm gutted. How nice are us English sending you stuff!!?!?!?!

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