Sunday, April 29, 2007


I still feel like a cripple, but I'm going to RPM anyway (8.30am), I didn't get up at 5.30am (to book in) for nothing!!

It looks like a nice day out there today, so hopefully our lawns will dry out enough to be mown.... don't know what else is on today, I have another session at the gym with the Personal Trainer at 4pm.... if my legs are still working by then!

Our trip to Australia is only a week away now.... getting excitied! Went and bought another soft sided suitcase yesterday, it has wheels and a handle that pulls out.. quite cool.

WOW, I've been quiet today eh? !! Did the RPM class, my legs will never forgive me I think. Then we went into town for a yummy lunch, and then we spent an hour and a half in the shop with the new computer, getting it to accept it's printer.... what a mission! The salesman had a fun time I can tell you! But it's done now, so all's good.

BELOW : Stew saw an old photo of himself while I loading all the photo CD's onto my computer and he said : "shit, I look fat, I can't see any difference now either", so I took a photo of him today, and showed him the difference 10 kilos has made to his body.... judge for yourself !

All I can say is "What a hunk", but then, I AM biased! ha ha ha. Before you ask... left photo (126kgs), right photo (115 kgs), and all he's done is drop his portion sizes, have less carbohydrates and start doing his exercise again (jogging, cycling and weights). Simple stuff!
Believe it or not.... I went to the gym again at 4pm fully intending to tell my trainer that I was too sore to do another workout today, but instead...... I did the workout! 45 minutes spin class, then 20 minute abs session..... and my legs don't feel as bad as they did this morning.... thank god for that! I am a MACHINE .... ha ha ha!!!!
AND... I think I'm getting my first head cold in 4 years.... I have the sniffles.... not bad, just irritating. I don't feel ill or anything, so this is good. I have been so lucky with my health in relation to catching colds etc, nothing in years! And I have NEVER had the flu.
Well, I definitely have a cold.... not nice are they? boo hooo. Just had a sauna followed by a neat chat with Jadey over in Aussy, been called a rude tart from Celtic Girl in Sydney... think I shall say my day is now complete! nite nite !


  1. I clicked on the HTML where I type my post and then I pasted my codes for the flower etc and then clicked save or whatever it is then view blog.

    Oh I my Beauty Therapist trolley which my OH bought for me for when I start my mobile has wheels and the pully out and saves space, I love my trolley.
    it's really fab!

    Have a good day and hugs to ya

  2. Forgot to say also that if I had done away with my OH I would be out on good behaviour by now...TEEEHEEE.....seriously I wouldn't be without him infact, no-one else would be mad enough to put with his bad habits or not for long thats for sure and they would be pleading with me to have him back and if I wouldn't they would leave him on the door step or they would do away with him...HOHOHO

    I have learnt to live with all his bad habits, it's only took me 25 years.....HEEHEE actually I'm sure he comes up with a new bad habit every day. I do love him.....well, somebody has to....heehee serioulsy, "I do"...oh I said that 25 years ago.

    Hope you enjoy your day


  3. One week to go hey... I will miss our chats while you are gone... i know you are going to have an absolute ball... Aus is an amazing place with amazing people..
    I have been to all but 2 states (WA and NT) and have loved them all.

    But Tasmania is the best!

  4. Stew looks gr8.... Happy and healthy... Amazing what 10 kilos can do!!

  5. Yep can definately see the difference in Stew's pics! Give him a good slap on the back from me and say 'well done!'

    Bugger it pissed down with rain here this afternoon didn't get anything done, well the house work but no walk.

    Man you are going for it at the gym at the moment ... you freak!!

  6. Wow only 1 week to go! How exciting for you all.
    Oh Stew is looking fantastic and there is definitely a real noticeable difference in those two photos!

  7. you are a machine!!!!!!!!! NOT LONG TO GO NOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tell Stew I can definately see a difference and I knew which photo was the after photo (before you told me). Men are lucky buggers, they only have to change a couple of things and they drop the weight.

    Only a week before you leave, I better pull my finger out as I was going to send you some info on what to do in Sydney before you left.Look after that cold as you don't want to be sick on your holiday.

    And no I don't live in England - rude tart!!!!! rofl

  9. oh os they all they called you... didnt anyone say you were a potty mouth scrubba???

  10. Yeah for your hubby, losing 10k. I can see it in the face but can't see the other cause not a full body shot.
    Way to go on getting in your are a machine, the fat terminator.

  11. Oh, yeah! Have a great time on your trip! It's always exciting waiting for a big trip....I've got a strong urge for Hawaii, but I have to quell that!

  12. Your hubby is looking great! Tell him some strange girl from California in the good ole US of A says that she can see the difference!

  13. Men have it easy. Dan took up the gym and stopped eating crisps and lost 2 stone.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly..


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