Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Wow, I slept like a log, didn't even wake when Stew and the kids got!

Looking forward to the RPM class this morning, blow away the cobwebs for sure..... then I'm going to drive Izzy into town and walk her around lots of people and places while she's not exhausted.... and hope like hell she doesn't go nuts. The last two days by the time we've gotten into town she's been too tired to worry about jumping on people or trying to lick them to death. Should be fun.

I've decided to go back to the Dr, my fluid retention is getting worse... I know all my blood tests came back "fine", so the Dr said I would "just have to live with it" .... well according to a few in the know, fluid retention can be a symptom of heart failure (FUCK that's LOVELY)... and I should have an ecocardiogram and heart function tests to rule that cause out too. So, I'm rather pissed that I have to go and pay again to ask him to do his job properly! More later....

The RPM class was awesome, I put in 110% and felt knackered at the end. Followed it up with a sauna, so that's at least a kilo of water gone.
TOM has arrived again, only 20 days since last one, such a pain.. but at least now I have those pills to stop me flooding.... yaaaa.
And... that explains the need/desire for chocolate yesterday eh!
Thanks for the comment JULES, I shall be bringing up your points with my Dr, though the blood tests I had a few weeks ago ruled out kidney failure, adrenal glands, insulin levels, liver function... so I don't know what else ... maybe the thyroid or heart? Oh well, I can only hope it's a food intolerance then!

OLD AGE !!! YOU CHEEKY LITTLE TROLLOPE MELLISA.... ha ha ha. I've had this problem since I was 30, 18 years now... I'll give you old age Mellisa, HUMPH! You are soooo lucky I can't just pop over the ditch and give you a cheeky slap, is all I can say. Thanks for that, it did make me laugh though.

Been to town with Mike (no dog, too wet) and we had a kebab for lunch, gawd that was soooo filling and yummy, no idea how many points, but it can't have been too bad.

I'm still laughing... I threaten to bitch slap people and they invite me over for a cuppa !! Mellisa, make it Diet Coke.....

I won the battle tonight, I have not had anything after Dinner, and now I'm going to have a sauna and go to bed.... nite nite!


  1. Yeah I agree that the dr should do more thorough checks, just to be on the safe side but I'm sure all will be well especially as you have SOOO much energy, enough for all of us.

    Oh piglet wasn't the word for me eating the 18 eggs and nope I have to say I wasn't sick but I probably felt quite ill....ummm can't remember now (24 years ago) but did that stop me eating all those eggs at the time...NOOooo way, certainly couldn't do it now though.....age...teehee

    I will be back later to catch up on the rest of your day so have a good one, enjoy your RPM class.


  2. Wow, I hope the doctor truly listens to your concerns. I also hope it's not anything serious.

  3. Fluid retention can be a symptom of heart failure but it can also be a symptom that your kidneys aren't funtioning at 100%, that you have a food intolerance, that you have insulin issues (kidneys hang on to sodium as excess insulin in system and this in turn causes the body to hold on to fluid to balance the sodium levels), and it can also be because of low thyroid function. Get that doctor to sort his shit out.

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I sure do love the way Jules expresses herself.... Jules, were we separated at birth do you think???

  5. I'd be seeing about it too... My mum has a fluid retention problem, she swells up badly .... all tests were ok .... her doctor says to deal with it too!! She did have her heart checked...all was ok! Could be an 'old age' thing!!! ((pisses myself laughing!!))

  6. Go Jules!!

    Get your doctor to sort out his shit is soooo what I wanted to say!!

    He should be doing more this is your life that he is stuffing around with.


  7. I think all those girls gave you and your doc the message! Hope you get it sorted!

  8. Don't be scared Melissa, she threatened to drive over my way and give me a 'bitch slap' the other day ... but never showed (lucky for me huh?! lol)

    Seriously tho Chris, don't be scared to get a second opinion if this doctor can't come up with something. I had a doctor a few years back who wouldn't take my gut instinct feeling seriously about my son and sent me home telling me to "feed him he's probably just hungry"... 2 days later he was in Middlemore hospital on 63% oxygen levels (should be 99 or 100%) and severe broncialitis (sp).

    Some doctors have the attitude they want to fob you off and get home for dinner. Not necesarily saying yours is like that, but don't take any chances if you don't feel right about what he/she says.

  9. LOL!!! Let me know when your coming over for that bitch slap .... I'll put the jug on!! lol

  10. Oh dear... Dont Go to Melissa's to slap her.. she will like it...

    Oh and as for me being a potty mouth..yup thats me... I just tend to try and type nice on my blog... I can let rip with the best of them... haha
    Oh well I was so mad tonight I swore while growling at my kids....
    And I never do that....
    they did look at me with big round eyes...haha

  11. After reading Jules comments, I realized that I retain a lot of fluid and I have hypothyroidism. I never knew that was another symptom. Oh well, that just fits in with losing my hair and very dry skin.

    Take care!

  12. Good luck with the doctor.. im sure you will have nothing to worry about even though you would love to find out what is causing this fluid retention.

    Happy Easter

  13. Dr's don't get me started. Getting the brush off is not right. The least they can do is the proper tests to make sure all is well.

    Medical care here leaves alot to be desired. Good luck and take care of yourself.

  14. Cute smiling pig you go there! ha!
    I hope some more tests and a visit to the doctors will get to the bottom of your fluid retention. Could be something to do with you kidneys?

  15. If you stop drinking diet coke, you will lose another 1 - 2Kg in one day. Aspartame causes fluid retention. I tried this on myself and was surprised.


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