Friday, April 13, 2007


Let's all be positive eh? Wadda ya bet I've got... warts!!!!
Until I've had the tests I am not going to stress out big time... yeah sure... but anyway, onward.

I am going to see my doctor first thing this morning and get the ball rolling .... and find out exactly what my smear results said....All the nurse said was it was not very good! I didn't even think to ask any questions! Derrrr.

After that I'm off to the gym, I hope to get there in time for the Weight Training session.

Oh Yeah, there is a positive in all this..... I've completely lost my appetite!

Alrighty, Doctor saw me at 8.30 this morning, nice man! He has managed to put my mind at ease a little... said that he reckons I have been "URGENTLY REFERRED" for the colposcopy and biopsy because :

1. I have some abnormal cell changes.

2. It has been sooooo long since my last smear (17 years) that they are not taking any chances.

He is referring me to a private specialist, as the waiting list at the public hospital is about 6 months long !!! Like hell am I waiting that long... I will fade away with worry!!! So, it is all in hand, now all I have to do is wait for the specialist appointment, and that shouldn't be too long.... I hope!

If I bit my nails..... but I don't! Liked the pic anyway, the dorks.

I've been to the gym, did my weight session. . . gunna be sore tomorrow! Got the kids a couple of cute kids movies and some lollies... should keep em quiet today... yaaaa.

My darling hubby just popped home with a gorgeous bunch of flowers.... awwwwww. Think I'll cry now, so many people seem to care!
Have had a lovely visit from Janene (fellow blogger/friend) which cheered me up no end - Thank You sweetie!

Ummmm, found my appetite.. had a yummy WW Meal again, Beef Hot Pot, just as delish as the other one! Gawd I could live on them!
Not a lot happening ... fed the kids all day..... kinda had to eh? Made beef thingees with veges for dinner, ate my share, and have just pigged out on Chocolate M&M's and I don't care today!
Will pop upstairs once the kids are in bed and get on the exercycle for 40 minutes or so. Feeling pretty calm about "things" right now, nothing I can do so why stress?
Walking into town tomorrow for morning tea with the WW girls.... hope it rains. Love walking in the rain!
Oh well, that's me for another day. Nite nite.


  1. Way to go Chris - try not stress - just emailed you saying the doc may be able to talk to you.

  2. Good for you feeling positive because it may well not be as bad as what you have been thinking.

    I understand that you will have lost your appetite, I certainly would have but PLEASE try to eat something, even just a small something.

    (((BIG HUGS)))

    I'm putting the CD in the post in the morning, a little something to look forward to maybe.

  3. OOh noo..take care!!! hope it goes as well as it can...!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Best of luck mate.
    Thinking of you.

    I'm up super-fucking-early to have my phone interview at 6.30am - and it's now 6.50am.


  5. You're husband is so sweet!
    I stressed about this too, because they scare the crap out of you with this stuff, but as you can see from all of the comments, this happens ALOT and NO ONE talks about it. Good for you for putting it out there!!
    Keep up your positive attitude!

  6. Hey hun... I am glad that the doctor made you feel a little more at ease... sometimes it is better to go to the horses mouth aye.

    I am glad you went to have your smear hun because it is better that they sort it out aye.

    Re the text last night... you silly moo!!! he he he..

    Love ya mate

  7. Good that the doc got you referred to a private do they think they can tell you something like that and then get you to wait for months on the public system????????

    The no appetite thing is good.......hahahaha only joking!!! REALLY!!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. No words of wisdom, just want you to know that I'm thinking of you. Take care of yourself.

  9. Good on the Doc. I'm glad you have peace of mind. Your man is a real sweetheart. Those flowers will sure brighten your day. And it's just about the weekend.

  10. Sorry to hear you need more tests! I know it's hard not to stress about it, but it's good you went to the doc and had it done.
    I'm thinking about you and hoping for the best for you.

  11. It will all be sorted and over and done with in no time..
    Try not to stress about it too much..
    ;o) we are here for you anyways if you need to vent... not that you need to be told.. Big hugs across the ocean...

  12. love the photo...and ooo flowers!!!

    do hope it all goes well, sounds like you're in good hands!!!!

  13. Hi Chris..

    sure that things will be fine.

    Chin up

  14. Hi mate, just been catching up on you this week! Crikey, you've had a big week. Try not to stress, abnormal smears is quite common, every time I go in they tell me that it doesnt always mean anything sinister, its just that sometimes they dont get enough cells or they need to have a further check. Good on you for staying positive and following things up!

  15. Anonymous12:33 AM

    You are in my thoughts *sending positive thoughts your way*

  16. kind thoughts coming your way Chris but young lady NO MORE M & M'S they will not help u hear.
    The flowers are just so pretty.
    big hugs

  17. OMG! Flowers! I remember getting flowers, a long, long, LONG time ago =0p

    Take care of yourself.

  18. Good for you. Keep up that positive attitude. Ahh so nice of your DH to get you flowers.

    Relax and enjoy the weekend. Take care.


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