Friday, April 27, 2007

5.35am, AND MIKE IS UP !

For the first time in his life, Mike was up and in the shower at 5.30am today, he started his job at 6.30am!!! And I was up at the same time ringing the gym to make sure I had a place in Sunday morning's RPM... yipee, I got in!

I have come to the conclusion lately that my "lightbulb" has gone off... I just can't get into the dieting mode... can someone come and hit me over the bloody head? I just keep eating... maybe it's stress, maybe boredom, maybe I'm just a pig?

Oooo, talking of pigs, Steve and Lisa move back in today... so we shall have Pigilitis Virus in da house again... you know, where the upstairs turns into a pigsty again... I have missed them ... weird.

Today: kids to school, gym for weight session and cardio, then... I have a personal training session at the gym, just remembered! Better shave the legs then! eeewwww

Anne suggested I post what I eat every day on me blog, to make me more accountable.... but I don't know about that! My daily ramblings are fairly long already, and I find it boring reading what someone else has eaten every day... so maybe NOT. Good try Anne! *LOL*

Just had a fantastic Personal Training session, Cat (trainer) has worked out a neat routine for me... pushing my boundaries, and getting my body into "lose" mode again...

Now: - ThickChick, I have taken a break from Weight Watchers, I needed it.
- Natalie c, Thanks for the compliment, ignore Wanna_B, she's nasty! LOL
- Lyn, yes I will check out your weekly evaluation idea, and yes, I do so much exercise then overeat, thinking I can get away with it, obviously I can't though!
- Lee-Anne, NO you smart tart, I did not get Mike up or get his breakfast, or have his clothes ready ...stuff that!
- Wanna_B, Yep, I am a BEAUTIFUL SLACK TART, don't ya just love me!

*HA HA HA*...If I have ever called you a TART, don't please be offended, I mean it in a totally different way to what you might be thinking, I use it as a term on "endearment".... kinda like calling you chick...or sweetie..... well something like that anyway. It's just ME being me....

See my adorable letterbox ? and a really cool cog thingee by the front door.... I just love my bits of metal...
End of another nice day, my muscles are bound to be screaming at me tomorrow, hee hee. I made a yummy meatloaf for dinner, and 2 extra ones to put in the freezer for the big kids to eat while we are away on holiday... anyway, enough yakkity yak from me, nite nite.


  1. Maybe don't think the 'diet word', just aim for healthy, balanced food, and to keep you honest you could track it down here for us to read so we can whack you around the head if needed!!

  2. I was just thinking today that I've been dieting for about 14 years now (1/2 my age!) and I always seem to have renewed vigor after a break... so maybe you should take a break, not a crazy one, but maybe try not to focus on food/weight so much (I KNOW, scary thought for people like us!) It sounds like you have fabulously healthy habits - always walking Izzy, RPM-ing, and lifting weights, so why not keep that up and refocus on WW (or whatever your chosen method is) when you're ready.

  3. Chris- As you know, I have just posted some food journaling :) (thanks for your comment), I know what you mean that it's boring. But it was a tad bit more fun than journaling it by myself for no one else to read. And even though I sounded unrepentant, I did learn a couple of things I could do better by seeing it from a "bird's eye view," rather than just from moment to moment. By the way, you look great. You're such a beautiful woman!

  4. What a bugger aobut Steve's condition, luckily it wasn't his heart but at least they new how to treat it - Now who know's???
    I bet he's feeling flat, poor bugger.

    Loved your metal thingie, can't believe you carried it 4 km's though.....hahaha

  5. I love the "ooo talking bout pigs" comment ... you're too funny!!

    I agree with putting your food on your blog, we don't have to read it... hmmm that actually sounded stupid! duh

    Whatabout doing a week evaluation like I did on my blog today. This has made me accountable without blogging all my food. And made me realise where I'm going wrong. Scary to do tho, but good in the long run.

    One thought, maybe in the very back of your brain you are telling yourself "I'm doing so much gym work and exercise that I can eat what I like" Not sure how to fix that but was just a thought.

    I always find tracking keeps me focused on what I'm eating. And if youre like me and don't enjoy tracking the ww online programe has a fantastic little tracking program makes it so much easier and more fun.

  6. I know what you mean. My lightbulb can do with a bit of a boost too. Maybe it's the change of seasons after all.
    We just need to remember Winter is coming and we don't want to be fat blobs by the end of winter!!!! ;-(

  7. I think that writing down every darn thing (for example, instead of salad.... cucumber, lettuce, tomato, WW cheese.. blah, blah , blah, just write the basics.) Buy an excercise book, rule it up, and just write down the basics. Breakfast toast, Lunch, sandwhich, Dinner Stirfry. That way, you don't have to spend hours doing it, or sharing it with bloggers, just keep it for yourself, just so you can watch what you are eating!

  8. Now be honest Chris, did Mike wake up by himself - or did you wake him being the loving, caring mum you are. And did you have his clothes ready and breakfast waiting, and send him off with his lunchbox.

    Or would that be pushing it too much.

  9. OMG..natalie c I am thinking you need glasses...Chris did you post the right picture?? she says you are a beatuiful woman...
    Oh she must mean on the inside.....rofl...
    Oh yes I am back!! did ya miss me...
    Oh I am about to go into town for a Latte'
    yeas...oink oink...
    I have eart it..
    Oh and you are the only one that can get you back on track ya slack tart... come on girl... you can whip my arse in the weightloss stakes... whats keepin ya..

  10. I know what you mean by the pig talk. I have been there lately and eaten everything I wanted. But, not sure why the turn around, but I'm back at it. Tried some tough love on myself w/ the posting pics and tough talk. It is damn hard but sometimes we just need a break. Too bad it was a good size gain for me when I took the break.
    You do great on your exercise, that's for sure!
    Your talk of lazy tarts got me thinkin back to the caymans and the british people and the girls made up the name 'tank tarts' as we sometimes hauled the air tanks around! It was just a joke. My hubby told me what tart really meant and I was like so what.
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Omfg..I nearly choked when I read the bit about...dont ya love my "bits"... rofl...
    Thats what i refer to my genitalia as.... my "bits"..... pmsl...
    So no Chris..i love ya heaps.. but i dont love ya "bits"

  12. I know what you mean by the "tart" name. A friends of mine calls me "The Old Mole" roflmao. I'd be worried if she didn't.

  13. I love your bits too he he he just kidding...

    Love the letterbox it is sooo cool.

    Wow for a kid that likes to sleep a lot 5.30am is huge aye. Wohoooo

    I agree with thickchick... maybe a break is the thing. I have found in the last 2 weeks that with me just being me and not concentrating TOTALLY on the food and be totally wonderful that I have lost each week...

    Anyway better go

    Love ya my friend

  14. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I really like the letterbox.

    you're a creative tart, arencha?

    If you feel that writing down everything you eat will benefit you - then do it.

  15. Trust WannaB!! Mind in the gutter!!
    (I must admit .... I call mine 'bits' too!! lol)
    I absolutely love your letter box.... and I love your ummmm ..... garden ornaments!! lol

  16. love ya metal bits hehehehehe LETTER BOX IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sounds like you've had a busy productive/active..everything kinda day!!!!

  17. hey, cool bits.
    The letter box is really cool and I can imagine how special it must be to you since your brother made it for you.

  18. oopps, PS: Was suppose to add, sorry for not posting much of a comment. My shoulder is giving me grief again, (that old pinched nerve thing) so I have been seeing the chiropractor again. It seems to play up the worst when sitting at the computer, so best I not sit here and browse/comment for too long. (darn it)

  19. Thanks for you work and have a good weekend

  20. Yup Yup we are definitely on the same page. Congrats on all the workouts today. Also thought about posting my eats.

    Garden area looks lovely. Have a great weekend. Be strong!

  21. You always sound so happy. It makes me smile to visit.

    I lay out my hubby's clothes, underwear, socks, belt, etc...

    It's like having another kid sometimes.

    You're smart not to do it. I set the bar too high when we got together.

  22. Sometimes being a little piggy is just what the doctor ordered! And you're right; reading what other people have eaten during the day bores me and makes me hungry ;)

    You're such a fire cracker!


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