Saturday, April 28, 2007


Looking at Cara's blog last night, and she has just got a new laptop too.... and can take photos and post them on her blog, so I gave it a try.... woo hoo, I'm not so computer illiterate afterall! I could even do a wee video and post it! Maybe another day...

Sombre Me:
Oh so intelligent looking me:

My tattoo:

So, that works then!

Steve and Lisa had a party last night, we didn't get to sleep till 2.30am, I'm thinking... I wish they had stayed away!

And.... I am aching all over after yesterday's new gym routine... I can hardly move without pain !

Today: Walk into town (4kms) and have morning tea with WW girls... then home to do some serious housework... something I have been letting slip lately, boo hoo. It used to be my number 1 priority every day, but now going to the gym is! Too weird. later...

Walk to town was ok, light drizzle most of the way, had a neat morning tea with the girls.... and am now home contemplating the housework.... *BIG SIGH*.... SO enthusiastic !

It's pissing down outside, Mike's playing rugby and Stew is out there (somewhere outta town) cheering him on no doubt. More fool him. Better go do something...

It's been a long hard day, my legs are so sore I can hardly move without pain! Not good.... and my new printer will not connect to the new laptop, even though they were sold as a combo package... sooooo annoying! Shall have to go back to the shop tomorrow and get them to sort it out I suppose.

Below is a picture of the dumbell lunges I had to do, and what killed me legs! Awful awful exercise....

Not much else is happening around here, too wet to go outside, and there is only so much housework I want to do... so will bugger off now. nite nite.


  1. Love the tat!!!, I hate housework and have been very slack too lately!!

  2. hehehe fun aye??? I did a nother picture today....just because!!!

    enjoy your saturday!!! FYI going to the gym being a priority is good....housework will always be there remember!!! And it sucks, why do something when you could be at the gym cranking it!!?!?! I should take my own advise!

  3. Ohh how exciting!!! Thank for the pics chick...
    Love the tatt that must have hurt like a bitch!!
    Just about to go walkies myself.. into town.. meet ya there!!!
    Would have a gr8 time coffeeing in the city!! prob get locked up...
    I have a tatt voucher from when I hit the 80's... but havent even been in to pick one out yet.
    Have to do that...

  4. mmmm..... Nice tattoo .... I have one a little lower.... a dragonfly with the libra sign in the middle..... Quite a tender place for a tatt!! lol
    Thanks for your comment....
    Have a great day ..... try for a nanna nap to get over the party!! lol.....

  5. Thanks for the pics. It's always fun to see everyone we are all talking to on the blogs.
    Party, eh? That would be tough when you want to sleep.
    Way to go on going to the gym all the time. I am now too, 3 days, woohoo. And I am sore from the wt lifting, ahhhhh.

  6. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! What a fun site you have, girl!! I'm adding you to my blogroll. It's what reminds me to check in on you again!!

    I love your blog name, too! =)

  7. I get a thrill as well when I find out I can do something "new" on the computer.

    I've always wanted to get a tatoo, but am too chicken, I dont like pain!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  8. HEY!! Guess who's back hunny? How long for is anyone's guess...teehee
    I couldn't update the last time we were off line back in February as our Michael just got his computer a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks for your comments and concern...hugs

    Oh I have been catching up on your posts and I read about when you call folk a tart...teehee I knew that when you say tart to anyone it is just your way of being freindly and it isn't meant in a nasty way but as long as I am a nice tart...heehee

    I love the metal letter box, we have the letter box in out front doors so we dont need to leave the house to collect our post, can have it's benefits but not so sometimes when a slightly larger package needs to be delivered and the postie will just bend it any which way to ram it through the letterbox...heehee ah well as long as it gets delivered....ummm

    You have a good day!!



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