Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have finally figured out this new computer, and last night Steve spent about an hour and a half trying to get the webcam thingee working... and couldnt.... then I had a play around and TA DAAA, it now works! Did feel very clever!

On the diet front.... I suck big time! I think I've gained this week... I havn't been THAT bad with food, but not that good either, and I am sure I am holding onto water (good excuse) and also.... building muscles.. and don't they weigh more!!! Anyway, I feel a bit yuk, so will try to do better this week... I'm NOT getting on the scales... that will just piss me off big time... usually if I see a gain I go nuts and eat even more! Weird but true.

Today: off walking with gym buddy Janet, then off into town, got a few things to get done.

TODAY STEVE IS ***20***, oh my god, that makes 5 of my kids in their 20's...... I'm old! Nah, the numbers mean nothing, you are as old as ya feel, and I FEEL 25 ! And that's where I'm staying! I have to make homemade pies for dinner, birthday boy's request... hell... I make the most delicious pies! Lots of pastry and yummy fillings... will probably post a photo once they are outta the oven ! later...
Well, had a lovely walk, cloudy here but no wind so perfect for walking without getting too hot. Had a sauna at the gym as well and now am off into town to do a few jobs... then it's into pie making!
I havn't made my pies is what feels like years.....poor deprived family...

ABOVE: Steve on the day of his birth.... friggin kid was 10 pound 12 ounces... and he hurt like hell I can assure you! I'm the one who should be getting the presents I tell ya!!! And man was he ugly!!! So big and FAT... he was covered in bruises .. all down the side of his face, head, shoulders and back..... took about 3 days for all the bruising to show up! And, I had him 100% natural, no pain relief, no stitches, NOTHING! I am built for babies man.

Now, on to making them pies... mince and cheese and steak and ham..... droooooooolllllllllll ...

NOW I remember why I havn't made pies in so long... they take ages and are a lot of work! Two and a half hours it took to prepare them... and now my back is killing me... and I've gotta go get the kids from school..... then I can put the pies in the oven....

THE PIES !!! I used a stamp to get the wee pig picture and words on the top... It says "Hogs and Kissess" and has three pigs in a row... too cute!

Well .. they were lovely, and Steve did appreciate the effort, so that's the main thing... now we gunna eat cake ...

Ok, had one piece of cake, that's all... had a nice evening and am now heading off to bed.... the big kids are in the garage having a few drinks..... god help them if they keep me awake! nite nite.


  1. Hi ya,
    I don't mean to depress you but I was thinking about your comment regarding looking after kids for 28 years (by the way, you deserve a medal) and thought my goodness I think I would be admitting myself to an asylum if I hadn't had some reprieve in that time. I LOVE me time and luckily (only have one) Evianah is often content to curl up with me on the couch reading so I get plenty of quiet time.
    Then it occured to me that Brylee and Griffin are still very young and in another 10 years you will be able to say that you've had kids for 38 years, so I suggest that you might want to start looking at babysitting options on a more regular basis as I don't think anyone should have to do 38 years without some help.
    Mmmmm,,, maybe I should consider moving to Palmy, I'm a FANTASTIC baby sitter (can obtain references from my neices and nephew). lol

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm homemade pies *drool* now I'm bloody hungry - THANKS!

    What sort of filling do you do - no, no don't tell me.....LOL

    How'd the kids go on their first day back at school? Is Griffin OK now when you drop him off?

    Reece's class got a couple extra's from the 'new entrant' room so things got moved around (which he usually doesn't like) but he has a mate at his table now so is OK with it.

  3. I have a webcam on mine too... sooo much fun and it takes little movies he he new toys aye.

    I am the same way this week. This challenge is still keeping me from going overboard so I suppose that is one consolation aye... he he he But my weigh in is tonight and I am not too sure how I have been he he he.

    Love ya my friend (big hugs) because even though it is their birthday... it was a big day for you too.

    Love Chubbymum

  4. He was not ugly!! Big baby though - LOL ours were like that at about 3 months - all small babies.

    Pies - haven't had a pie for ages but that is one food that could still tempt me! Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  5. OMG 10pound babies! You definately deserve a medal!

    Yes muscle does weigh more than fat so if you have increased your exercise you can account for that.

    I have found weeks I didn't weigh because I thought I would gain (last time round) only meant the bad news dragged on for another week. Each time I weighed and got the bad news over and done with then I could start again with a clean slate. Of course it's totally up to you whether you weigh or not.

  6. My best friend had her first baby 6 months before mine was due. She had a 9lb 3oz boy. She said to me
    'beat that' ... I told her she can have that title!! .....
    My first, Talija was 9lb 11oz!! So I did beat her .....
    We were sitting there bragging about having such big babies, no stitches, no pain relief ....blah blah ...
    We both stopped, with straight faces we realised that ..... it was nothing to be proud of ...... lol ..... ((obviously realising that we must of had large moohaha's!!)) lol..... thought I might share ....!!

  7. Oh dear, 20 years goes bloody quick doesn't it??? Take Lynise up on the offer!!

  8. Ouch! I thought my daughter was big at 9.6 lbs. My brother was 13lb 13oz when he was born - a la natural - looked like a giant next to all the other babies in the ward!

  9. Anonymous4:09 PM

    click here

    and go to "sargents on tv"

    this is my favourite ad, like... ever

    you reminded me of it with all this talk of pies!

    *sniff* Pies... PIES!

  10. We are a bit in the back of beyond here and quite often have power cuts. I think I know the woman who will be taking the spin class, she's meant to be great!

  11. Hmm...Steve was an okay looking baby that grew up into a real looker. Gotta love those eyes!

    I'm curious about the pies. I'm kind of sheltered when it comes to food that isn't from a box or a can, but I'm trying to teach myself how to cook! Are they like fruit pies, but with meaty fillings?

    Congrats on the new computer! I'm SOOOO jealous! It sounds awesome.

  12. Eeesh!! 10lb 12oz? I had a 9lb 3oz, and thought HE was a monster. Actually, next to the two premmies in the nursery, he was...

    I think big babies seem to be a bit swollen and mis-shapen from the pressure of the birth - things can only stretch so far, ya know! Mine wasn't exactly ugly, but he was a bit squashed-looking, even his doting gandmother said so. Of course, 11 years later he's gorgeous. ;-)

    Hope yours has a happy day, and appreciates his mum more than ever. (yeah, right!)

  13. MMmm....homemade pies.....I can't wait to see them, I bet they will look delicous as well as taste delicous.

    Steve was a gorgeous baby!! And now he is a good looking young man!!

    Oh, I had my 3 boys with no pain relief also.....were we mad??.....yeah, I'm speaking for myself....heehee

    Have a good evening


  14. Anonymous6:31 PM


    pies, glorious pies!!

    (pictures please)

  15. When I read your blog, I just laugh and laugh and laugh. I can just imagine what your voice sounds like!!

  16. 10lb!!! My daughter was 7lb and that was enough for me - you're a good woman! I'm glad you told me what you do with the dog, I had visions of dirty carpets!!! Those pies look delicious.

  17. CWWWWOOOOORRRR....Those pies look really deeeeeeliisssshhh - I could very easily sit and scoff the lot...YUM!!


  18. kezzlesThose pies look so yummy - can you bring some over with you - pretty please!! lol

  19. Oink!! Pies look delish!
    My first born was 2 lb 14 oz..but still felt like a mack truck!!
    Nearly 11 weeks prem... and they thought they were gonna have to stitch me ... pfffttt i said no friggin way!! And I had all the drugs they could find too... rofl..
    Not by choice!! trying to stop the labour and relax me as blood pressure was thru the roof!!

  20. Happy birthday to your boy. The pies look delish and I'm sure the piggy stamp was appreciated.

  21. Man, 10 pounds 12 ounces, he was a big boy!

    Good for you on just having 1 piece of cake!

  22. Happy Birthday to your son. Those pies look delicious. So you are not only handy in the kitchen! Women we have a way to get everything to work. Yeah for you.

    Looks like you got the pup on lockdown. If you don't know I have been answering your comments on my comments.

    Yes the kid is a brat who has no boundaries. Definitely need to make some new friends.

    Hope you enjoyed your first day back to school. Take care.

  23. I can't believe you didn't have pain meds pushing out a 10 pound baby. My hat is off to you!!

    The pies looked drool-worthy, hope you had a lovely evening w/the family!

  24. Those pies look good! Over here, I when we think of pies, we think of fruit pies. But I bet those meat pies are good. When I lived in Cayman (british territory) I got a chance to tried some of those little meat pies, kinda like a pita shape. They were good! I'm sure your son appreciated all the baking you did. Wow, he was a big baby and I thought by 9lb., 6oz. baby was too big.
    Have a great day!


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