Sunday, April 22, 2007


6.30 am, Sunday morning...WHEN OH WHEN are these two kids gunna sleep in?????????
I'm up, Stew's in bed having a sleep in, don't expect to see him till at least 10.30.... hope I don't kill the little buggers! Honestly, I am so sick of not getting a sleep in ever....

And I'm feeling FAT again... I feel like I've gained masses this week... better go take my piddle pills, that might help.

Plans for today? NONE ! Except I have a session at the gym at 4pm, spin and abs workout, might do the weight session too, that should perk me up. later...

Well, it's much later... and I got INSPIRED by Chubby Mum, she who just got a new laptop....and decided to go get a new one too!!!! When we go to Australia I can take it with me.. wooo hoooo. I use one of Steve's laptops, but it can't be folded down, got broken so has to stay "open" all the I have me own !!!
There's nothing like retail therapy to lift the spirits eh? Heeee heeee he.

Once Steve has it all set up I shall take another photo.... it's too cool, it has it's own homebase set up, printer, built in webcam, remote control ... don't know what else! But I think I love it!!
Steve is standing like a dork cos he's got a sore knee... there's a tear in me eye..... truly !

Isn't it pretty? shame it's not PINK .... *BIG SMILE...LITTLE CHUCKLE*

Righty ho, I'm going to get ready to go to the gym... Personal Training Session, spin class, ab class, weight class... will be back later....

Had an awesome session, did all my weighs, then moved on to the spin class, 45 minutes of pedalling like crazy.. then a 20 minute abs session... which I find very hard due to having had 6 friggin kids (self inflicted I know, I know).... now I'm home playing on me new computer... heee heee he.

Stew is cooking meatballs and spagetti for dinner, smells yummmmm. What's on the telly tonight? Cos I'm gunna curl up and watch some soon... unless anything really exciting happens, that's me for the day... nite nite.


  1. oo i did the american idol thing last night too...haha..

    sleep ins are overrated!! get more done awake than asleep!!!!

    are you feeling FAT?
    F - FABULOUS!!
    A - AWESOME!!

    there is a blog person who has some WONDERFUL NEWS...AND THEY REALLY NEED TO UPDATE SOON..this person will HOPEFULLY me a text last i'm waiting waiting waiting for this person to share the news!!! lol. THATS ALL I CAN SAY.

  2. Teach those kids how to use the remote!! That's how I get my sleep ins on the weekends. The kids know how to get their own brekkie and turn the tellie (on low volume!!)

    I taught them that right after they could walk. Priorities I tell ya!

  3. could be...LOL

    (i hope this person updates this person should...i'll text to double check!! lol)

  4. I agree with Lyn... We are now able to sleep in because our kids get their own cereal. It is lovely.

    But we are up by 9am though boo hoo as I could sleep in longer. They say that you needs lots of sleep to help with weight loss... hmmmmm well I am happy about that one now I just need to work out how I can get more he he he.

    I am a lucky tart aren't I he he he I LOVE my new lap top. I have an advantage because hubby is a computer consultant hun.

    It isn't an expensive one but good enough for me.

    Love ya my friend
    Love Chubbymum

  5. Chris,
    No, you don't upset me, yes you do tell it like it is. I have not ever been offended by your posts, but I do respond to them to let you know what I think! Maybe publishing that post isn't such a great idea, as they do say that we shouldn't air our dirty laundry. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful husband....

  6. I'm with you on the sleep ins... but I think I have a LONG time to go before Rachel knows the meaning of weekend sleep ins! LOL Will just do a Lyn trick and teach her how to use the remote for the telly! LOL
    Have a great Sunday.

  7. I hope you ring their parents every Sunday morning at 6.30am to say hi just to make sure they aren't having a sleep in either!!

  8. You know last night was the first outing just us siblings have been on since Steven died. I had tears in my eyes a few times thinking about him .... he should have been there with us!
    I couldn't imagine losing 2 brothers ..... It would kill a big part of me!!
    Have a good day .... I'm sure one day you will sleep in .... when they are about ... ummm 18??

  9. AHHH I want a new laptop too......

    Sleepins, even when I get a chance i can't sleep in the joys of being a morning person.

  10. OMG you can't blame me for spending money he he he. I couldn't reply to your text as I didn't have any money left on it he he he....

    GEESH hun Well done for getting a laptop.

    Love Chubbymum

  11. Yep laptops are brilliant - especially if you have wireless internet - you can surf and watch TV at the same time!! Is Brisbane the furthest north you're going in Queensland. Would love to have been able to catch up but we're about 600km north of Brisvegas so can't exactly pop down for a coffee! And I'm wondering if we're going to be in HK around the time you're over here.

  12. Sleep in? I don't know what you mean! Love the new 'pooter' - it's awesome.

  13. Have fun with the computer!!

    Do I hear you dancing with joy at the school holidays being over!!

  14. Just in case you are wondering, Jules means "bitch" in the nicest way... I assure you!

  15. WOOOHOOO on the laptop.

  16. Jules?? ..... Nah she doesn't!! lol

  17. Well well...arent we a spoilt "tart"... damn woman... you get all the good toys...
    I wanna new concooter... I will get back to you re question you left for me on my blog....

  18. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I love your blogging style! You look great, too!


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