Saturday, April 21, 2007


It really is a lovely day! Two more sleeps till the kids go back to school.... no more endless arguments, demands, grizzling... oh yeah!

Last night I joined the 10 week challenge set up by Chubby Mum... she's in my side bar somewhere! I am going to try and lose 500 grms a week for the next 10 weeks, and I reckon I can do it, even when I'm on holiday! We will see! It would be nice to see "I'VE LOST !!!" a few times on my blog!!! Maybe I can practise it ???? I'VE LOST, I'VE LOST, I'VE LOST !!!! My bloody mind, ha ha ha.

Today, I'm walking into town again for the WW's morning tea, not that I go to WW's at the moment.... feels great too !

I have been tracking visitors for the past 2 weeks... and I have over 250 readers per day at the moment.. who the bloody hell are you !!! I have readers from about 29 different countries, as far flung as America, Canada, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates,Portugal, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, China, South Africa, India, France, England, Austria, Macau, Equador etc etc !!! Not to mention about 60 girls in Australia and 60 in New Zealand !!!! Come on now, send me a comment, say "HI" , I don't bite ! MUCH. And you Americans !!! There is about 80 of you....???

Come on you buggers, you are not coming outta the woodwork... Shy are we??? Don't worry, I forgive you...LOL

Above, Lisa's new hair colour, in the right light it is kinda red/orange/blonde .... hmmmmmm.

went shopping for my Mum's 70th Birthday present, that's the main reason we are going over to Australia... it's her birthday ...... she should love this massaging cushion..... I WANT ONE !
Had a nice catch up with the girls this morning.... tried a different coffee shop from our usual.... was ok if ya life your hot drink in a glass ? I don't.
Not much else on right now, feel a bit yuk, morning tea is repeating on me for some reason.... not nice. Acid reflux, havn't had this in years!

Whoops, I've been a bit quiet this afternoon! We went back into town and got New Pyjamas for Griffin and slippers for Brylee... Griffin hasn't taken the PJ's off since! I've felt a bit 'flat' this afternoon, not sure why.... might be gym withdrawal? lol.... dunno, just a bit blah.

Can't be upbeat all the time I suppose.... I am only human, have my ups and downs ..... just like everyone else. Just had steak and chips for dinner, it wasn't even nice... but I ate it anyway. Derrrr. Watching American Idol.... it's ok. That's about it from me, nite nite.


  1. WTH are you New Zealand people doing on my "Blogs to Check" list?!?! Oh, I mean, "Hi, I'm an American." *waves and runs off*

  2. Hey Chris, since you asked so nicely, I confess to reading your blog on a daily basis, will try to comment more, but really don't have much to comment on, so will promise to say the odd "HI"

  3. Well, you know where I am

    ENGERLAND!!! *flag of St George waving*

    Yep England, British am I as you already know.


  4. Hey Chrissy Babe,
    I have noticed you are the most popular person I visit (as well as Wanna), and I think there are a few reasons for that. 1, you are a huge success story, 2, you are honest, open and tell it like it is, 3, you are working out daily, and talking about the trials and tribulations you face.4, you have a great sense of humor (I laugh often when I read your blog!!) and 5, you are such a kind, humanitarian king of gal, just the sort we want to know all about!! Maybe people are hesitant to leave a comment if it gets moderated??? Honestly though, I was with a forum when pregnant, and our board was one of the most popular in the world, and yet for every 10 people that posted there were thousands who didn't. I think some people just like to 'watch'.

  5. wow you're like INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!!!!

    how do you track who comes??

    DONT LIKE YOUR TITLE. dont like it at all.

  6. Hey i lurk all the time ya tart....
    haha.. 2 days to go hey... oh yeah dont you love it when they go back to school!!!
    Good luck with the 10 week challenge!

  7. Good luck with your 500g a week plan.

  8. Hey Chris
    Thanks for the comment [I think!!]
    I was the same weight as you are at your age and now I'm a skinny bitch.
    You can do it too.
    My advice is pick up those damn dumbells!!
    Have a great day xxx

  9. This is going to be one of those weird one sided conversation that no-one but us understands.
    I was joking too!! :) I love it when you hate me LOL !
    I though you were in your 30s from your photos, but didn't realise you had a 28 year old child [mmmm my maths is sh!t]. I'm 42 so I am the baby.
    Honestly you look fantastic - kept up the good work ;)

  10. I have been feeling really refluxy today.

    You can do the 500 grams a week hun!! We all can we just have to want to.

    The comment on my blog hun about what is the reward... I have a new outfit for my reward... so I can get new pants shirt and shoes etc (said hubby woohoooo). It is anything that will make ya go woohooo I suppose. It is different for everyone I suppose.

    Woohoo kids are going back on Monday woohoooo.

    Love Chubbymum

  11. Hey I sometimes check your blog three times a day as you update throughout the day, theres a few hits I suppose :).

    Have a nice Sunday.


  12. Acid reflux - yuk! Hope you soon feel better. Glass of milk will help maybe?? Can hear from here telling me no way are you drinking that stuff!

  13. hey

    I do read you blog a few times a week and do not comment much, so I thought i would comment today!

    hope you had a great weekend!

    I am from wellington


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