Sunday, April 08, 2007


FIRST AND FOREMOST ... Thank you a million trillion times for all your lovely kind comments in answer to my question! I am now reassured 100% that I am ok!

As for who made the comment I was "a bit rude", she is actually a really really LOVELY girl, a fantastic inspirational blogger, and I would never ever think of naming her, as I am sure she had no idea how much her comment would hurt my feelings...she just does not "get" my sense of humour/personality obviously. And that is ok, cos it takes all sorts to make this world go round, it would be bloody boring if we were all the same!

I am,at the moment, sitting up in bed with my laptop, a hot latte, and me piddle pills....which my darling Stew got for me...... after I "ordered" him otta bed to do my bidding! hee hee - how spoilt am I ? After I can drag me butt otta bed I'm going to make a concentrated effort today to get the attic sorted out AGAIN. Whenever something new is put in there it just gets thrown in from the door, hence it ends up a bloody mess again.
Today I am going to catalogue what is in there, cos I have no idea! What else? *Shrugging shoulders*, no idea yet!

Tomorrow we are going on a wee road trip, Palmerston North - Masterton - Carterton?- down to Wellington - back up via Levin... should be fun. later...

Just when you think your teenagers really are bloody shits... they turn up with the biggest bag of Easter Eggs for everyone, and they have even gone to the trouble to find Mummy ones that are low in fat.... awwww! What was I supposed to do, throw 'em back at them? Noooooo, I ate them! I worked it out that they were worth 12 points, so shall be doing my best to work them off today... I PROMISE!

NEWS FLASH : seems my body does not like chocolate! It has had an amazing LAXATIVE effect..... heee heee he. oOOO ERRRRR, was that too much information? *BIG SMILE*

Well, the attic tidy up didn't take as much time as we expected, so have been having a rather lazy day.. Stew is out mowing the lawns right now, and I've been doing nothing! Have to pull finger soon and start preparing dinner, My Niece has requested Nachos for dinner, seems her sister in Aussy just does not make it like me! I don't follow any recipe, I just chuck all the ingredients together, a shake of this, shake of that kinda....if anyone asked me to write it down I'd be lost! How much is a shake? lol

Change of plans for tomorrow, we have decided to do yard work instead... mutual that should fun eh? LOL

Been a quiet day, everyone must be having a wonderful day..cos It's been quiet here in blogland!

Here is a picture of Steve and Lisa's cat, it hates me..... the feeling is mutual! I am not a cat lover at all .... sorry to all you cat lovers out there. His name is Napoleon, and he's giving me the bum's rush me thinks! In truth, he's trying to get away from me, Lisa is holding him too close to me and he knows it!

Made my "famous" nachos for dinner, and one thing I have noticed... I can only eat about half what I used to! This is good! Did a very fast 40 minutes on the exercycle this afternoon, so havn't been totally lazy..... just watched "Legally Blonde" on tv, loved it! That's me for the day... nite nite.


  1. *smacking your hands*....GET OFF THOSE EASTER EGGS!! Says the Cadbury's Creme Egg fiend.

    Get your butt UP and like the Megane advert says shake that a$$ and get the attic done.

    There consider yourself told off.

    Hug for being told off...teehee

  2. I bet my last comment gliffed ya....teehee I'm usually quiet but don't judge a blogger by their blog...teehee

    I will get CD sent asap.

  3. The low fat eggs will probably have had a saccharin in them which is a laxative when eaten in larger amount....ooops! Well I did say shake your a$$.....but I didn't mean like that....sorry but I had to say it....teehee

  4. Good Morning, Your like the energizer bunny, no matter what time I check out your blog, theres always a morning post started. (but I'm not a morning person, so I guess I'm not exactly checking early. lol)
    Just sitting here with my morning cup of coffee wondering what I'm going to do today. Now that bb season has ended I feel like I have time to do whatever the heck I feel like. Its a GREAT feeling.
    Have an awesome day.

  5. I know I have to really watch it with sugar free products and dairy products. I'll spare you the details there.

  6. Anonymous5:44 PM

    yeh low fat choc has that affect on me too!!

    mmm latte!! love them!!


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