Sunday, April 15, 2007


Today: we are taking a trip to Wellington.... no reason.... just are! Hopefully we shall meet up with Rachel (blogger) for lunch even.... that should be nice!

It has been weird around here lately, Steve and Lisa are housesitting for her grandparents, and we hardly see them! And I don't have to cook for them... wonder how much they are spending on takeaways? Cos I bet they havn't cooked a single thing! It is really QUIET without them... Well as quiet as it can be with "motor mouth" Griffin still home.... hell he's only 5... at least another 13 years to go...

"Are we there yet? Is it much longer? EVERY bloody 5 minutes... and what does he do 10 minutes from home... little SHIT!

We had a lovely day! Nice trip down via Levin, and on the way back we went "the other way" over the Rimutaka Hills... ewwwww not a nice drive! Too steep for chicken me!

Lunch: we met Rachel and the two of us had a lovely old yak.... it was really nice to meet her again and actually get to know each other a bit more. And I was not tempted to have my "usual" Chinese... soo fattening, I had a plate of salad... which was really nice! Then we popped over to the new Harvey Norman store in Lower Hutt and got Steve his Birthday present... can't say what cos he reads this!, and a new Playstation Game for the littlies... everything was on sale, so that was an added bonus.

I was so chuffed with myself for doing the jogging last night I am going to do it again tonight, and try to do 3 stints this time..... I am feeling really positive about myself and the weight loss/fitness at the moment.... maybe cos I'm a bit stressed and put off my food a bit.... who cares? As long as I don't turn to food and comfort eat!


Well, that didn't work.... I tried jogging after dinner... I gave it 2.5 hours after eating... and still felt like throwing up... so I should have know I can't do that sort of exercise after eating eh? How many of you out there have the same problem? I can only exercise on an empty tummy, that is why I NEVER have breakfast... I simply can't go to the gym with food in me tum.

so, I will just have a sauna instead! Oh how sad.... nite nite!


  1. Have a great day in Wellington. I should imagine your grocery bill is not as high as normal with the kids away. Just remember they'll be back.

  2. The bike shorts are pretty good!! I'd have to say it takes a bit of a confidence to wear them!! But once I had gotten over the fact that the whole world was potentiallly checking out my letgs, I even wore them into the petrol station. Anyway enough about me!! I'd recommend getting a pair, I only got cheapies for 60 bucks, but then got a big t-shirt to make sure my butt was covered. lol.

  3. Sounds like a nice day... we went to Evandale market... and thoroughly enjoyed it.. only bought a cup of coffee... but gorgeous day here...
    Now just having salad for lunch then out to do some yard work...
    or ironing.. hmm hard choice hey

  4. Hope you enjoyed your day in Wellington - great weather for a drive.

  5. Hun woohooo for the running that is fantastic.. it makes you feel alive doesn't it.

    Awww look at the photo soooo cute.

    Rachel is a darling isn't she!! She is the bees knees.

    Love Chubbymum

  6. yipee on the running. I'm finding it really good too. (and running at my weight is no easy feat, but after reading how much extra fat it burns I'm actually enjoying it) I'm only doing 4mins (then 11 mins fast walking) twice a day. Doesn't it feel great to actually find yourself enjoying something you didn't think you would. Yay,,,,, go us.

  7. Awwwwe! He looks soo cute, don't kids look cute.....when they are asleep....heehee

    Your day sounded lovely, wish I was there although I am with you on the steep hills...(((quake)))

    I know what you mean about exercise after eating but 2.5 hours would probably have been enough time for me, not nice for you that you have to wait such a long time after eating before being able to exercise.



  8. Good for you on the running, I'd like to get to that stage one day when I won't give myself a concussion with my udders!!!! rofl

  9. Stop by my blog, I've given you an award!

  10. You sound like you're doing great with the running. I can't run on a full stomach - has to be at least 3 hours - but any other exercise I'm good after one hour - strange!!

  11. Sounds like a great trip. We did a similar one a couple of years ago with Peta and Ben when they were only 6 and 4. We went from Wellington up coast, through Palmy, through the gorge to Woodville where we had mates, stayed night then drove back to Wellington over the Rimutakas. Beautiful drive although, must admit, felt a bit sick when we drove through Coral Burrows home town.

    Are you doing C25K or just jogging in general. I have to do exercise before food but need a little something to give me enough energy to exercise in morning. eg a kiwifruit.


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